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Weekend Guide


- Former Assume Vivid Astro Focus member, Bec Stupak pays tribut to 1940's B movies at Deitch Projects.
- I'm guessing everyone that writes for this blog knows the final episode of Arrested Development is tonight.
- Which means you'll be missing this.
- The latest comedy to take a shot at Hollywood agents, Little Dog Laughed is in its final two weeks.
- And opening at MOMA, On Site is the first show dedicated to architecture in the country that gave us the Bilbao Guggenheim.

Posted by Jellio on February 10, 2006| Comments (0) | Permalink

Weekend Guide


- A three-day event promoting artists outside the mainstream market, the Outsider Art Fair open today.
- Remember Lisa Loeb? She used to sing, now she just dates for a living. You could be her next episode at the Canal Room.
- The Downtown Show is an in-depth look at the lower east side art scene before Jonathan Larson turned it into a musical.
- Bubble, the Stephen Soderburg simulataneous movie/dvd release experiment opens today.
- And get your cameras out. Time for New York's annual gathering of idiots and shopping carts...the Idiotorod.

Posted by Jellio on January 27, 2006| Comments (1) | Permalink

Weekend Guide


- This week, seven young art dealers opened new street-level galleries all on one block of 27th street, creating the Chelsea version of the mini-mall.
- Lucy's escaped from a mental institution, Linus is a Buddhist who smoked his blanket and Schroeder's in the closet. The peanuts characters have aged twenty years in Dog Sees God.
- Obviously, the playoffs continue this weekend. based on last weekend, my picking Washington, Indy, the Pats and Chicago means the other four teams will win.
- And finally, remember the English Beat, well they're playing the Canal Room this weekend. Tonight's sold out but tickets are available for tomorrow.

Posted by Jellio on January 13, 2006| Comments (0) | Permalink

Weekend Guide


- The Windows on the World workers opened their new place, Colors...let's all go.
- Daily Candy alerts everyone to the green way to get rid of that outdated '05 hardware.
- Although, I won't have time...go Tampa Bay, New England, NY and Cincinnati. (And welcome back, Marv.)
- But maybe I can squeeze this in between games. The Pixar exhibit at MOMA...should be a pretty cool show.

Posted by Jellio on January 06, 2006| Comments (0) | Permalink

Weekend Guide - Times Square Edition

One day left in 2005...have you made your New Year's plans yet?

- If you're in NYC, spend it with James Brown, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or Trey Anastasio & The Black Crowes.
- If you're kind of a freak, you can jog the year away.
- I'll let the name of the Rated X Panty Party speak for itself.
- If you're hangin' in, you can watch Regis duke it out with a recovering Dick Clark.
- If you can't unglue your eyes from the web, you can watch the fun on the Earthcam Times Square cam.
- If you're in Philly, Boston or Portland, you can spend it with the Stooges.
- For the rest of the country, you can see if there are any parties near you on the ClubPlanet New Year's site.
- And pray for Philly and New Orleans, so that Dallas can squeak into the playoffs.

Posted by Jellio on December 30, 2005| Comments (0) | Permalink

Weekend Guide


- Around since 2002 (who knew?), the Young Designers Market features edgy designers in a flea market environment.
- More holiday shopping? Ever been to ABC Carpet in December? It's like Santa's workshop, only Christmasier.
- Unsilent Night features ambient Christmas caroling in Washington Square Sunday night
- An ape, a hottie and New Yorks's biggest jungle gym...King Kong is playing now.
- And for those in caves in Afghanistan, it's Howard's last day. You can see it all live on Yahoo this morning.

Posted by Jellio on December 16, 2005| Comments (0) | Permalink

Weekend Guide


- The Night of 1,000 Drawings...spend $30-$50 on one of these unframed pieces and you could walk out with an a-lister.
- I don't plan to see Chronicles of Narnia or Brokeback Mountain, but maybe you do.
- Greg Giraldo, Jim Gaffigan and Dave Attell all together on the same night, and for a good cause.
- Mike Kelley has turned the cavernous Chelsea Gagosian gallery into a nightmare version of his high school.
- And something free is always good. The Holiday Train at the Citicorp building is very cool. Take the kids.

Posted by Jellio on December 09, 2005| Comments (0) | Permalink

And the rest...

Weekend Guide
- 23 Days to go. Time to get out there and shop, and the Union Square Holiday Fair is a great place to do it. - The barber slices 'em up, and the butcher cooks 'em. I've never seen...
Weekend Guide
- Nothing more holiday than the Christmas store windows. Now art gallery Exit Art takes a turn. - Speaking of Christmas, The Grand Central Laser Light Show and Holiday Fair is back. - I'll bet you the Seaport has...
Weekend Guide
- Attention chocophiles...The Chocolate Show is here, the Chocolate Show is here - PS1's new installation, The Palace at 4 AM is an interactive experience referencing politics, war, and advertising. - Brooklyn gallery, Supreme Trading opens Club 27, an...
Weekend Guide - Carb Loader Edition
- George Carlin this weekend at the Beacon Theatre. You can see him live tomorrow night on HBO. - Contemporary artist extraordinaire Ryan McGinness has two shows in town, at Jeffrey Deitch and Danziger Projects. - Santiago Calatrava, prince...
Weekend Guide - Spooky Edition
Happy Halloween Everybody...Lots of ways to get dressed up and messed up. - Have an olde english Halloween at Billy Shakes Haunted Pier. - For Scara...Happy Pornoween, tomorrow night at Spirit. - How 'bout Howloween? Dress your dog up...
Weekend Guide
- Creativity Now, is a two day conference on...well...creativity, with artists in every medium sharing their views. - Oh man, not another true-life story of a model-turned-bounty hunter...Domino opens this weekend. - Take Two is an excellent primer on...
Weekend Guide - Fall Edition
- Tickets are still available for the White Stripes show at Coney Island. - What does it look like when a coffee company opens an art gallery? Illy has the answer. - HBO offers me my first chance to...
Weekend Guide
- If there's any weekend to hear some great new music, CMJ Music Marathon weekend is it. - Or, you can see some great music and do your part for Katrina Relief. - Broadway fans, satisfy your theatre jones...
Weekend Guide
- Fashion Week may be off limits to the general public, but GenArt's Fresh Faces in Fashion still has tickets to sell. - Pair of great semis tomorrow at the US Open...Federer vs Hewitt and American legend Agassi vs...
Weekend Guide - Labor Day Edition
- It's gonna be a beautiful weekend for tennis. You can still get tix on eBay. - If you can't make it out to Flushing, Amex is hosting US Open Live at Madison Square Park and the World Financial...
Weekend Guide
See Snoop Dog, the Chilli Peppers, 311 and Garbage mix it up on Randall's Island. Time to fill out the fall wardrobe. The Barney's Warehouse Sale is back in town. At Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Drunk vs. Stoned takes a...
Weekend Guide
- Chapelle show may be gone, but you can still catch Charley Murphy at Carolines. - Annual celebration of off-broadway fun, the Fringe Festval kicks off tonight. - This looks good. The Great Raid opens this weekend. - The...
Weekend Guide
- PS1's Warm-Up has been going strong for four weeks now. No better way to spend a Saturday. - Street artist SWOON is trying to take them back one block at a time. You can see her paper and...
Weekend Guide
- Kids can check out the opening of a new bear store. - Their parents can check out a new artist-designed products store. - Johnny Depp fans can get more of him they could possibly want. - Art Fans...
Weekend Guide - Independence Edition
- Sure, 4th of July means fireworks, but also shoving as many pork products into your mouth as possible. - And down on Mulberry Street the Italians take a shot too, but with pasta. - Tomorrow, tune to nbc...
Weekend Guide
- Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9:00am for the White Stripes with guests, The Shins. Sounds like a great show. - The Renegade Craft Fair comes to Brooklyn. There's a lot of talent out there, and this annual...
Weekend Guide
- Central Park SummerStage kicked off earlier this month. Saturday John Legend brings his mix of soul, R&B and hip-hop to this classic outdoor venue. - I've posted several stories on Soho contemporary design store Moss. This weekend they...
Memorial Day Weekend Guide
Looks like we're gonna luck out. No rain, sunny and 70's Fleet Week in New York. Check out the ships and say thanks to the troops. Calling all deadheads...,Dark Star Orchestra is at Irving Plaza Saturday and Sunday Anyone...
Weekend Guide - Southern Edition
Strap your vegan feedbag on and celebrate Earth Day today, but watch out because Mother Nature is going to wash away some of that damn pollen with some severe thunderstorms tonight. Don't sleep late tomorrow, U2 tickets will go...
Weekend Guide
First of all, Happy Earth Day. Take part in some of the fun today and tomorrow at the Earth Day Fair on Vanderbilt Avenue outside Grand Central. The Tribeca Film Fest is in full swing, and tonight the Tribeca...
Weekend Guide - Southern Edition
Jellio seems to forget that the world wide web does not revolve around NYC. Here's what's happening this weekend in Charlotte, NC: Get a closeup look at Chuck Close: Process and Collaboration which opens Saturday at the Mint Museum....
Weekend Guide
See the darkest comedy to hit Broadway in years...Pillowman. Catch the barbeque resurgence wave at R.U.B. Check out the Murakami curated show Littleboy at Japan Society View 300 photographs of prison inmates at the Chelsea New Museum in Correction....
Weekend Guide
Couldn't help myself. Too much good stuff out there. Have a laugh. See a Christopher Guest retrospective at MOMA. Feel good about yourself. See a play about a bunch of self-destructive, coked-up losers...HurlyBurly Rock out. (do the kids still...
Weekend Guide
No listings of entertainment, sports or cultural events this week...something much more important to promote. Anyone heard of Wisconsin Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner Jr? No, well Congressman Sensenbrenner (also the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) believes violators of...
Weekend Guide
First of all, remember to set your clocks ahead on Sunday. Check out a couple noteworthy shows at the Whitney...Ellen Gallagher explores race, identity and historical traditions, and Tim Hawkinson, who gave us UberOrgan, basically dissects his own body....
Weekend Guide
Face it, you didn't have Louisville over Washington. It's gonna be fifty and sunny for Easter weekend...go outside. The auto show is back at the Javits Center, the eggs are back in Central Park, and for dessert, you can...
Weekend Guide
You can spend 48 hours watching your NCAA office pool picks go down one by one, or you can put down the nachos and do something. Opening weekend at Coney. Free ride on the Cyclone for the first 200...
WeekEnd Guide
Football���s been over for a month now, get out and do something. See the first solo show for Chinatsu Ban, the latest phenom to come from the Japanese Neo-Pop school of art, at Marianne Boesky. Take in a photography...
Weekend Guide
So what if it's twelve degrees outside. This is New York�Ķdo something. Check out some free art. UberOrgan by Tim Hawkinson bellows out a tune every hour on the hour at the sculpture garden at 590 Madison. Walk through...