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Satan will rain down your throat with hot acid and dissolve your testicles

Remember those old "Let's all go to the snack bar" trailers at the movies? Aqua Teen Hunger Force has updated it for today's audiences.

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The Grindhouse Conspiracy - Theft or Sour Grapes?


Filmmaker Stephen Tramontana has some harsh words for Quentin Tarantino:

Quentin Tarantino is a thieving piece of shit and he knows it. He stole Grindhouse from a bunch of kids who were just asking for his help and he helped them by stealing their title and concept.

Them's fightin' words!

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The Grindhouse Returns! Viva Chiba!

Viva Chiba!

Thr Grindhouse is back, kicking ass and taking names! To celebrate our grand re-opening (yes, the floors are sticky -- you didn't think we'd actually clean the joint up while we were away, did you?), we've got a Sonny Chiba triple feature. VIVA CHIBA!

King of the 70's Grindhouse martial arts flicks, Chiba's The Street Fighter was the first film to earn an X rating for violence and turned him into a grindhouse star. Oh yes, the unnaturally red fake blood flows as the audience cheers "VIVA CHIBA! VIVA CHIBA! VIVA CHIBA!"

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The Grindhouse - Star Wars, the original 1977 theatrical trailer

Someone uploaded the original theatrical trailer to Star Wars on YouTube and I'll be damned if it doesn't look and sound EXACTLY like the kind of low-budget trash playing in grindhouses and drive-ins of the day. Check it out, it's gloriously bad:

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The War on Christmas

The War on Christmas has never been so vividly brought to life than in this 1959 K. Gordon Murray classic film, Santa Claus. Until recently, the forces of evil have worked hard to keep this cinema classic away from your innocent eyes. Well, live in ignorance no more, I say, and feast your retinas on THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD!


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We're #1!


When you Google the phrase youtube adult material, comes in at numero uno!

I'm proud to have done my part to lower the moral standards of this fine video sharing network.

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The Grindhouse Double Feature - YouTube Edition

If we're going out, we're going out with a bang, damnit!

First up, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, a 1972 soft porn comedy written and produced by exploitation legend David F. Friedman. This production is epic in both budget and scope, and you almost think you've wandered into the wrong theater, that is, until Zorro utters his first line of dialog in the trailer:

Next, I am getting laid. Forgive me Padre, but Zorro tells it like it is.

But don't leave just yet! Our second smash feature is exploitation genius Harry Novak's re-imagining of Bill Shakespeare's finest with The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet. The brilliance here is watching late-sixties soft core talent relive their high school play, only with boobs.

Check 'em out before the morality police shut us down. It's been a blast, folks!

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And the rest...

The Grindhouse shut down by morality police
When Disney bought up Times Square, the death bell for the grindhouse cinemas of 42nd Street rang loud and clear. Today, as NBC and other major media outlets get in bed with YouTube, our little videos of pop culture...
The Grindhouse - Werewolves on Wheels
Man, I can't believe Stunt Rock didn't get any response. That was the funniest trailer I'd seen in a long time. Y'all are getting spoiled, so I might have to retire the Grindhouse for a spell... Anyhow, this week...
The Grindhouse - Stunt Rock
I'm talking about 70's heavy metal band Sorcery! I'm talking about crazy stunts! I'm talking about Merlin the wizard fuckin' you up! Here's how the good folks at the Alamo Drafthouse describe it: It probably sounds like the cheesiest...
The Grindhouse - She Freak
In 1967, David F. Friedman shat out a highly inferior update on Todd Browning's classic horror film Freaks. If it were released today, they would call it a "re-imagining." Fantastic footage of a real carnival and some nice shots...
The Grindhouse - The Girl, the Body and the Pill
While known primarily for gore splattered quickies like Blood Feast and The Gore Gore Girls, Herschel Gordon Lewis made a great number of films outside the splatter genre, including The Girl, the Body and the Pill, which played on...
The Grindhouse - The Violent Years
The Violent Years has everything you'd expect from a movie written by Ed Wood Jr. -- stilted dialog, tight sweaters, bad staging, tight sweaters, obvious moralizing, poor acting, and tight sweaters. The actors look 10 years older then the...
The Grindhouse - Wild in the Streets
Described by Variety as "An often chilling political science fiction drama, with comedy," Wild in the Streets (1968) exploited America's unease over youth protests to depict the takeover of the government by teenagers. After doping Congress' water supply with...
The Grindhouse - The Rape of the Sabines
This 1961 cheesy sword and sandals flick is notable only for the appearance of a pre-Bond Roger Moore. The trailer, on the other hand, is a definite Grindhouse classic. As evidence I present: The hilarious reaction of the Roman...
The Grindhouse - Spider Baby
Jack Hill's Spider Baby is in a class all it's own. This strange movie about an inbred family afflicted with a genetic disorder that causes them to mentally regress to a savage state is half-horror/half-comedy and completely off the...
The Grindhouse - The Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy in 3D - BANNED BY YOUTUBE!
Grindhouse Friday already? Okay, I've been posting a lot of trailers that have been appearing on YouTube lately, so I'll lay off a bit and just stick to my Friday Grindhouse schedule for a while. Man does not live...
The Grindhouse Bonus Feature - Mary Jane
Fabian's love... jeopardized by Mary Jane!...
You Cannot Fart Around With Love
#2 with a bullet on PopMatters' list of The Best Grindhouse Musical Moments!...
The Grindhouse Bonus Feature - The Italian Stallion
Before Rambo, before Rocky, before Cobra, Sylvester Stallone starred in the hardcore porn flick Party at Kitty and Studs. After the success of Rocky, the producers cut out the hardcore bits and released it in soft-core form as The...
The Grindhouse - Pagan Island
Pagan Island is the touching story of a sailor stranded on a tropical island inhabited only by a giant Tiki God and 30 beautiful native women. Despite their Polynesian sounding names, these women are as white as Wonder Bread,...
The Grindhouse - Bad Girls Go To Hell
YOU! YOU! YOU! Do you know that BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL? Doris Wishman's Bad Girls Go To Hell is one of her best roughies, loaded with nudity, peeping toms, and plenty of those famous non-sequiter Doris Wishman cutaways....
The Grindhouse Bonus Feature - Another Day, Another Man
Another classic Doris Wishman trailer, posted to YouTube by "ibtrav." Thanks to MrBaliHai for finding this one!...
The Grindhouse Bonus Feature - Teenage Mother
Major props to "lamp2ave" for posting the trailer for the classic 1967 teenspolitation drama Teenage Mother on YouTube. This fantastic trailer has the greatest New Yawk accented voice over ever: "teenage muthah means nine months of trouble!"...
The Grindhouse - The Pink Angels
Brokeback Mountain ain't got nuthin' on the 1971 gay-biker flick The Pink Angels. The Pink Angels are just trying to get to the big drag ball but ignorant cops, hetero-biker gangs, and some of the most incompetent improvisational "acting"...
The Grindhouse - Invasion of the Bee Girls
Following in the tradition of the great "mad scientist messes with sex" movies, here is Invasion of the Bee Girls, written by Nicholas Meyer, who would later go on to write and direct the best Star Trek movie ever....
The Pig Keeper's Daughter BANNED by YouTube!
I just received the following email from YouTube: From: YouTube Service <> To: TheMuggler Date: Mar 27, 2006 9:43 PM Subject: Your video has been rejected due to its inappropriate nature Your video The Pig Keeper's Daughter 1972 movie...
The Grindhouse - Nude on the Moon
In 1961, local film censors were still protecting Americans from the evils of movie sex, which forced filmmakers like Doris Wishman to get, err, creative with their "adults-only" flicks. Wishman's Nude on the Moon, a "nudie-cutie" classic shot almost...
The Grindhouse - Hitch Hike to Hell
From Harry Novak, the demented genius behind The Pig Keeper's Daughter comes Hitch Hike to Hell, an ultra low-budget shocker about a mild-mannered delivery man who picks up nubile young runaways in order to rape and murder them. As...
The Grindhouse - I Dismember Mama & The Blood Spattered Bride
This week's trailer is for a typical grindhouse horror double feature, I Dismember Mama and The Blood Spattered Bride, both released in 1974. I love this trailer because it takes the piss out of those "interview audience members outside...
The Grindhouse - The Pig Keeper's Daughter
This week's Grindhouse feature is one of producer Harry Novak's many Southern-themed sexploitation flicks, The Pig Keeper's Daughter. I can hear the pitch now -- "Pigs and nekkid chicks, it can't miss!" Essentially "Hee Haw" with boobs, The Pig...
The Grindhouse - The Swinging Cheerleaders
This week we pile into the trunk of the car and head out to the drive-in for catch Jack Hill's The Swinging Cheerleaders. Jack Hill had already established himself as one of the more interesting sexploitation filmmakers with classics...
The Grindhouse - The Curious Dr. Humpp
Wow, last week's Grindhouse feature was a huge success! The Deadly Weapons trailer has been viewed over 111,000 times as of this writing. This week we head down to Argentina for a peek at La Venganza del Sexo, or...
The Grindhouse - Deadly Weapons
Welcome to the first edition of The Grindhouse! Once a week, starting today, we'll watch trailers from grindhouse cinema classics, discuss their meaning, debate their subtext, and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something about ourselves in the process. It's...