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Scenes from Union Square Green Market



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Scenes from a changing Lower East Side


Odd pairings abound as you walk through one of New York's most historic districts.

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Scenes from the Muppet Show


Went to see Ron Mueck at the Brooklyn Museum last Sunday. Many of you already know the artist...former Jim Henson protege and YesBut caption competition subject, his work speaks for itself. But actually seeing these pieces up close...the level of creative talent and technical almost think they're going to look you in the eye and say stop staring at me. I've been to realist artists' shows before (Duane Hanson comes to mind) but this guy takes it to a level off the charts (which may explain why he's described as a hyperrealist.

On a related note, there was a plaque at the show that quoted the artist saying something like "I just want to make fun pieces that people will want to put in their homes". And I thought, Jesus, how refreshing is that. Reading his responses to questions on the museum site, you come away thinking he's just doing what he likes, and letting people think what they may. I've always wondered, when art critics give these incredibly detailed, intense explanations of what artists are trying to say with their work, are they really that good at getting inside their heads, or are they seriously full or shit...I'm starting to lean towards the latter.

Photo of Ron Mueck with A Girl by felix. (Couldn't sneak in a camera.)

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Scenes of Outsider Art


Well it's outside, and it's art...and there's lots of it in NYC these days.

Start with Chuck Close's Cities in Transition in Madison Square Park.

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Scenes from an Art Parade


No better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Art or not, it was definitely pretty cool.

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Scenes from a Haunted Art Project


Went to the Creative Time exhibit STRANGE POWERS this past weekend. The show includes pieces made to have a paranormal effect on the world, including spells, talismanic objects, and apparitions...all presented in a supposedly haunted building on the lower east side. (Boo!)

A very cool theme with some pretty interesting pieces...mixed in with some not so interesting. There's even a pitch black room supposedly inhabited by the spirit of one of the exhibiting artists. (What do you mean, did I go in?) The show's around until September 17th and definitely worth a look.

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I Love Lamp.


Scenes from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Walked the ICFF show this week (I remember it being bigger). As always, really enjoyed seeing the latest in home furnishings from across the globe, with some of the inevitable same old, same old thrown in.

One trend I noticed this year was the abundance of new lighting fixtures. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention before, but this year I saw some very wild and ornate stuff, with much of it taking that "classic design/new materials" angle. The image above is from the lite brite booth (which initially had me curious for another reason).

Some more images after the jump.

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