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Super Bowl XL: Notes from the Blogosphere

Did he make it?

Man, I would've paid serious pay-per-view money to see Stevie Wonder, Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin and Mick Jagger blown up at halftime. Can we work that out for next year?

Oh, more football now.

Man, neither one of these teams really wants to win too badly. Looks like the refs are gonna' help the Steelers out a bit. That's nice. Speeds things up.

South of Sanity

The Steelers won the Superbowl!! One for the thumb!! I have a 6 ft inflatable penis in my room!! too bad I have tons of homework.
omg...on sunday me n kenz went to a superbowl party at a church! Well i dont go to church(tho i shuld)...and so i didnt know wat was appropriate to say or not like after evry word i said, id b like r u allowed to say that in God's house, n stuff like that! it was so flippin funny!...n i kept sayin OMFG! n we all kno wat that means lol...AHH...i couldnt help it..
Found somewhere with the game and was able to watch the second half with a few other North Americans. We had international commentary or something. Some jackass colour-man who kept trying to explain the rules of American Football to the international audience.
Travelogue 2006

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James Frey: Notes from the Blogosphere

I cannot tell a lie

Frey's book is the literary equivalent of that drunk stranger at the party who grabs you by the shoulder and insists on telling you all about his divorce and his Chapter 11 and that time he banged those two cocktail waitresses in Macon, never noticing you're ready to chew off limbs to escape him.
Chase's Cavalcade of Whimsy
Bryn said something to me about me being like James Frey and don't know what the fuck she was talki
I am just hoping that all this criticism is not going to push him back into addiction after being sober for thirteen years!
My Life

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The Canadian Election: Reactions from Around the Blogosphere

Oh Canada

Watching the live coverage of Canadian elections, I got almost fainted from the feeling how cool democracy is. I strongly believe that we, Ukrainians, deserve to live in democracy as well. So still so many things are to be done the way ahead. I want to live in free and democractic country and I want so much Ukraine to become so.
Messages from Canada
Because I love the country so damn much, I can't help but feel dread now that the Canada election is over and they've put conservatives in power. It's too soon to see what will happen, but I'm guessing that Canada will become more like the US in the coming months/years... and the thought of it makes me want to cry.
I have felt sick since last night when they started getting the polling results from the OTHER parts of Canada who have their heads shoved up their asses too far to see Harper's Horns. This man is the Antichrist, I swear, but all the churcheys love him. Don't get me wrong, I'm a churchey, but I can see the devil's horns! Gah.
From the comments on SuperMegaTomato

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We're Angry and We Blog


I'm starting to feel crowded on this little fragile blue rock. Nowhere to go. Governments everywhere taxing, killing, kidnapping, imprisoning, brainwashing, and controlling everyone. If we don't find a way off soon, the human race may never know freedom again.

Where's my gawd-darn rocket!!?!? It's ten years too late and I'm not getting any younger!!!

heliosphere's Journal

Honestly, I wish people weren't so fucking retarded. So many people are so caught up in stupid bullshit that they forget they have a life to live. I am sick and fucking tired of people bitching about this or that. Jesus fucking christ, shut the fuck up.

Personaly, I am taking the next three months to become as proficient as possible at killing and healing people. I am also trying to get into damn good shape. I run 5 to 10 miles a day. I am starving myself. I am busting my ass, spending a shit load of money on ammunition, and putting myself through all the stress i can. Do you know why? Because if I don't, people could die. I could die. That is what I wanted though.

My Life as a Rock Star!

Everytime I see someone in a wheel chair, I get pissed right the fuck off! Why? Cuz you can walk and you know it! Hell, I've seen dudes without legs walk on their hands, they're fucking troopers and deserve hand jobs of only the finest. Only lazy bastards go around on wheel chairs and have a chair or someone else do their movement for them. Lazy fuckers. Go into any store and you'll see an obsesse woman going around on one of those motorized carts, they all say the same thing too. "I can't walk, I'm obesse." Bull shit! Maybe you wouldn't be obesse if you'd get off your ass once in a while and walked a bit, dumb ass. Ya ever think about that?
Jake's Journal

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Resolutions from the Blogosphere


this year i just have one big blanket-style resolution - a complete attitude adjustment.

No suicide attempts under any circumstances at all.

try and be less argumentative and confrontational (especially when drunk)

drink pepsi instead of coke

Stay awake during the sermon in Church

Prepare Arizona for the arrival of the PIG (mailing in advance sex offender registration forms to Washington, etc.)

chill to my fullest potential. (hahha)

no resolutions this year. life goes on.

help out when needed alot more

Gracefully enter my 30's and adulthood. That means no crying.

I suppose one of my resolutions should be to "be less petty and hateful and territorial" but... meh. I accept who I am.

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Xmas Traditions from Around the Blogosphere

c'mon santa

Im suppossed to be doing dishes but brenda is upstairs giving luke head and well they wont come down stairs yet. so Im going to get in trouble because she desided to be an easy sleeze for her boyfriend.
Only a Sneak Peak at My Life
I went off the meds because I don't need them. Unfortunately really creepy dreams followed, mostly to do with dismemberment and anatomy collection. In one I was dremeling someone's head to display it and in another I was talking in a warlords council with a pickled penis in a jar.
MeKabRe's SG Journal
Tomorrow. Christmas Eve. I'll spend all day on the subway tomorrow and see how many lines I can ride. I'll get a map and sharpie off where I've visited. I'll pack my discman, my sketchbook, sharpie+map, and a snack. And some money (because, inevitably, there'll be stops where I'll want to get out of the station and head above ground and walk around for a bit).
dont ever tell anybody anything. if you do, you'd start missing everybody

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How To: Hook Up with a Stripper

strip club

Vanessa Sue and Mikael Drache are strippers who share some of the secrets of getting into their pants in Part I of A Guy’s Technique with a Stripper’s Critique:

Think of each of those twenty dollar chats as an interview, but instead of seeking a new employee, but you are seeking your next “interest” someone you might find fun to be with, in all senses of the word!

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Kat Does NoLa
lady lamia building next door collapsed. this may go soon wall missing big cracks. fun trip love you raven on a writing desk As a courtesy to women fleeing Hurricane Katrina, we will offer one free cycle (one month)...
No one has told the Big Brother housemates, have they?
Photo from the flickr London Bomb Blasts pool Odds and Sods from Today nontrivial solutions to the terrorist cunts who tried to kill me today: Fuck you. You missed me. Better luck next time. Cultural Pickings Relieved to see...