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Postscript: #stillhere


While YBNBY may be on extended hiatus (ie pushing up the daisies), I thought I'd give any vistors an update on my latest project.

Join The Colony is a site we've just launched for the Discovery Channel to support the new season of The Colony. In The Colony, volunteers are dropped into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and told to survive the horrors that would unfold after a global pandemic. I loved Season One last year, and this years show, starting Tuesday 27th at 10pm e/p should be even better.

But before then, you can become part of the experiment yourself, with a unique online simulation that shows what your social network might look like if The Loyal 77 all contracted the virus and started to drop like flies. So check it out - you don't NEED to log in via Facebook, but it sure makes the whole thing much cooler.

Oh, and did I mention, aside from writing and shooting lots of short videos, and creating fake blog posts, and photo galleries and stuff, we also managed to convince TASHA YAR to do a fake PSA for us. Which either means nothing to you, or is very very cool, depending on your ST:TNG disposition.

Go here now and check it out.

Now, you can resume your mourning.

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The Last Post


It's late, the night before the YBNBY Deathclock will finally reach zero. I've just gone through the system revoking author permissions for all the other writers who have already bid you their final farewells. And I've opened a bottle of Chardonnay.

In other words, the place is cleared, the chairs are up on the tables, and I've locked the front door. All that's left is for me to turn out the lights, and then lock the door again behind me as I leave.

Quiet, isn't it?

But first, there's no hurry. It's our final chat, so pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass, and let's reflect...

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Caption Competition - One more for the road


For awhile, we rounded the week off nicely with a Friday Caption Competition. It's our last Friday, it's our last Caption Competition. Let's make it a good one :)

(I tried to pick an image that I thought was somewhat appropriate, but don't feel you have to hold back ;)

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The End of YBNBY - The Ten Most Commented Stories


For the last two weeks we've counted down our most read stories from each of the last six years, as counted by pageviews.

I was planning to run one final piece on our top stories of 2010, but frankly, things are still shifting about too quickly. I compiled a sample list a few days ago, and it's already changed around. Sadly, this year we just haven't had enough traffic to show any clear leaders for more than a day at a time.

So instead, let's end on a high note. Because the best thing about YesButNoButYes.com wasn't the stories we wrote. it was the comments left by our amazing community of readers, a group we termed the Loyal 77.

Over the years we've had commenters who burst onto our pages and seemed to become old friends - names that some of you may not know but once were legendary - Johnny Chicago, Jeni Gump, The Sarcastic One - and a few who made the jump from commenters to writers, including ConservaLiberCrat_08 and our beloved Miss Cellania.

All in all, we've received well over 40,000 comments on YBNBY. But - what are the most commented stories of all time? And more importantly, why? On the eve of the execution, let's look back to see our Top Ten most commented stories of all time.

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About that Lost Finale

I know, I know, we should probably just let it go and move on. But I've read so many comments on other sites from people saying it was the perfect ending to the series and that all the important questions were answered.

So maybe this will refresh your memory of those few simple ones that are still unanswered.

Carlton & Cuse, you two are dirty birds.

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The End of YesButNoButYes - The Best of 2009


2009 marked the year I dialed down my writing endeavors here to focus on work and family, but the site remained in good hands. And although by some miracle of Google I still made it onto the top ten (with a real post about a patently fictitious art installation), the rest of the gang continued to give you the nudity, boobs, sex and ...err.. nakedness... you've come to appreciate.

So, let's see what the most popular stories of 2009 turned out to be....

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The End of YesButNoButYes - The Best of 2008


2008 saw some big changes at YBNBY. We said farewell to Aquaman and Jellio, and welcomed many of the current Algonquin Table of talent, including Johnny Wright, Echowood and Baierman.

It also became apparent that some of the staples we'd pioneered had grown a little stale, so we started to mix things up with some different material, including a full redesign of the site. (Remember when it used to look like this?) We also created some special events, including what was for me personally the funnest night we ever had, the night we liveblogged the election.

So - in a year when history was being made, when Change came to America, and where we needed to distract you from a failing economy, what did you get? Slutty costumes, boobs, old TV shows and bacon.

Don't believe what they tell you - some things never Change.

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Swinging Child of Mine
Sweet Child O' Mine (Swing Version) by plamere

These are the kind of crazy little things that I'll miss sharing with you all once YBNBY is pushing up the daisies. "The Swinger" is a music hack, that has an amazing effect on music:

The Swinger is a bit of python code that takes any song and makes it swing. It does this be taking each beat and time-stretching the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half.

Enjoy more here.

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Most satisfying TV finale ever?


As the world waits for the Lost final tonight (and I hear many countries are airing it live at the same time as the West Coast broadcast), I'm filled with a mixture of excitement and disappointment, because most TV finales always leave me wanting. Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, Star Trek.TNG, Quantum Leap - none of them really captured "The End" as I wanted to see it.

In fact the only TV finale I think I ever watched that gave me a supreme sense of satisfaction was that of the BBC's version of The Office (and anyone who saw that will know what I mean).

So - what, in your opinion, are the better final episodes from TV history?

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The End of YesButNoButYes - The Best of 2007


2007 saw a few more writers spread their wings, including the first lady author on the team. I can't remember exactly when Miss Cellania joined us, but it was in 2008 that she met her perfect subject matter. Oh yes, now she writes for all those high-fallutin sites like Neatorama and Mental Floss, and has been featured on TV News Shows.

But for us, Miss C will always be the one who showed us how popular old porn stars could be.

Meanwhile Aquaman claimed the #3 spot with a missive on NFL Quarterback's Wives, and our comic reviewer Evil Rich struck YBNBY gold with our single most read story of all time.

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The End of YesButNoButYes - The Best of 2006


2006 was our second year of publishing and by now we were starting to get into a groove. Our writer Jellio had perfected the art of the top ten lists, and we started to fill out our roster of writers with new peeps.

We also started delving into some groundbreaking technologies that were destined to change society, like.. err.. Second Life (is that still going?). Oh, and it was the year a little site called YouTube came to prominence, meaning we could now entertain you with videos of people lighting their own farts. It was a world only Einstein could have imagined.

But what were the most popular stories of the year?

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The End of YesButNoButYes - Goodbye from Aquaman


(Note from Scaramouch: As part of our final celebrations, I reached out to past and present writers and asked them all to contribute a final story. This one's is from Aquaman. Enjoy)

If I were to publish an autobiography, nobody would read it. Whoever gave it the green light would (and should) be fired. But if you stuck with it through the self-indulgent chapters on high school jobs and dog ownership, you'd be rewarded with one surreal section--the time when my boss at the ad agency started a pop culture blog and asked us to contribute on the clock.

The year was 2005. Clients were coming to us with questions about dipping their toes in this newfangled blogosphere thing. Some of those questions were predictably terrible. "People are complaining about our ad campaign on a message board. We're upset, and we want to tell them how wrong they are. Can you help us set up a blog?" (OK, I'm paraphrasing.) Scaramouch wisely thought we should know more about blogging than that the word was derived from "web log." So he started YesButNoButYes.

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The End of YesButNoButYes - Lost for the last time

Lost and YesButNoButYes have traveled curiously parallel paths. It's first episode aired just a few weeks before YBNBY came into being, and now it's final episode airs on Sunday, a week before we too leave the Island. For all those of you who are grieving one (or the other), it's good to remember that for everything there is a season (or six).

Along the way, we've covered the ARGs, the puzzles, the webisodes, the books, the amazing British promo above (my favorite piece of Lost content of all) - I won't link them all, just do a search for "Lost" in the searchbar above and you'll find them all (including some wildly inaccurate predictions we all made in the early days about how it'd all end).

And while we've spent these final two weeks listing our most popular stories, there's one small piece of content that we haven't mentioned. It's a short video entitled "The Secret of Lost finally revealed?", posted by us back in 2006. It currently has over 160,000 views, and hundreds of very angry comments.

And here's why. But first, put down your coffee so you don't spill it on your keyboard. Oh, and turn your sound up.

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The End of YesButNoButYes - Past Failures


Some things at YesButNoButYes never seemed to catch on the way we'd hoped. As the DeathClock counts down, I thought I'd give a shout out to three of the things we tried early on and then abandoned.   

The Moblog Project was a sidebar feature, that included one original photograph per day. Starting in February 2005 and lasting nearly two years, all the images were shot with phonecams, usually by myself. I seem to remember using a Treo, and compared to todays phones, they were all pretty low resolution, but there was something cool about the immediacy of a mobile snap. Some were pretty good, some were pretty awful, but nevertheless they provided a daily look at (mostly) NYC.

The YesButNoButYes Podcast preceded Three Chords, and lasted for a total of one teaser and two episodes. Featuring a round table with myself, Miss C, Jellio and Muggler, they were a look at recent stories (which will mean very little now). Both episodes are still available to download and listen to.

PodGuide.TV was a sister blog that reviewed video podcasts. We set it up in the days shortly after the first video iPod was introduced. Eventually abandoned in apathy after a disheartening legal tussle with a potential investor (one of the founders of MySpace no less), it still produced a pilot episode featuring Geekbrief TV's Cali Lewis.

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The End of YesButNoButYes - The Best of 2005


The death clock is slow ticking down, and so before it reaches it's end, time for the start of a retrospective series, as we look back at the best stories from each year we've been publishing.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it's always hard to know when you write a piece what will be a hit or a miss. But even from the very first months, we had a pretty good idea about the stories that would live on in Google and continue to bring people back.

The Year was 2005, blogs were thin on the ground, and YesButNoButYes pioneered two very particular types of post - Top Ten Lists, and Where Are They Nows. And readers rejoiced, so much so that EVERY ONE of our top posts from 2005 is one of those two categories. Amazing. Here then, are the ten most popular YBNBY stories from 2005.

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