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David Carradine: 1936 - 2009

You've probably all heard the very sad news about David Carradine; found dead yesterday in a hotel room in Bangkok, from an apparent suicide. He will definitely be missed.

In honor of Mr. Carradine, I'm posting this scene from one of his greatest films. In the final shootout of the Walter Hill directed The Long Riders, things go horribly wrong when Frank and Jesse James (James & Stacy Keach) attempt a bank robbery, with Cole, Jim and Bob Younger (David, Keith & Robert Carradine) waiting outside, Every detail of the shootout, from the editing to the sound effects, combine to make this one of the greatest shootouts in the history of Westerns

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My video game is selling through the riznoof.


A 30 Rock fan recently took it upon himself to write down every Tracy Jordan line from every episode of the third season. The result is surprisingy hilarious.

Here's just a taste...

"You're going to sue me? Who do you think you are, the San Diego zoo?"

"Is there nothing sacred? Have we lost our moral center? It just makes me want to pee on someone."

There's nothing to be freaked out about. That's just a Japanese sex doll in daddy's bed.

Witness the hilarity for yourself, here.

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Rebranding America


Via AdFreak, recently Paper Magazine asked 15 well-known "visual communicators" to rebrand America, in the form of a one page print ad.

The brief asked..."How would you make people love us again? How would you change our brand image? Our perception abroad? How could you project our future to our citizens? If America had a new ad campaign."

Some of the submisions are really interesting. I think the clay is my favorite, followed by the US made up of different countries (no us and them...a very nice thought), but the Statue of Liberty giving birth is just plain creepy. You can check them all out here.

On a side note, I like how the editor let everyone see who else was being asked in his initial communcation, so that none of them would want to be left out. We should try that sometime.

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Sgt Pepper Parodies, Please.
SPparodies.jpg Found this while writing the Costume Rock thing...how many Sgt Pepper album cover art parodies do you think there are? This site has 62 of them.
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10 Bands that like to play Dress Up

XylopholksFinal.jpg The caption competition I posted a couple weeks ago featured a photo of The Xylopholks, a band appearing in subway stations across the city, The band includes, among other creatures, a pink gorilla, Cookie Monster and a big, yellow chicken. This made me think of other costumed bands I've known, and that made me want to put together another fairly useless list...bands that like to play dress up.

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We understand...he'll try harder

Funny little excert from President Obama's commencement speech at Arizona State University, the school that thought the cumulative achievements of being elected President of the Harvard Law Review, Illinois State Senator, US Senator and first African American President of the United States were not enough to warrant an honorary degree from their school.

This is a school, by the way, that is ranked 121st in the nation by US News & World Report, accepts 95% of its applicants (that's right...95%), and is making headlines these days mostly because its cheerleaders like posing naked.

Go Sun Devils!

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And now...sleeping piggies.

Surprisingly enough, I'm told Scara's ears also do this when he's asleep.

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Will we get any answers?


This season of Lost flew by didn't it? Seems like only yesterday that Jack was trying to convince the Oceanic Six to go back to the island. Who would've guessed he'd end up in 1977, trying to blow up an atomic bomb. We did get plenty of answers along the way...where the numbers came from, how Locke died, who Faraday's parent's are, and what was attached to the four toes. But there are plenty of questions left. And you can see them all in this list of unaswered questions on Lostpedia.

So, after tomorrow's season finale, will we have any more answers? If Jack does detonate Jughead, will that change everything. Or is it the detonation, itself that causes everything? And can somebody tell me where Rose and Bernard are? For the Lost fans in the crowd, what do you think? What will the big reveal be?

PS: awesome Lost finale artwork by tasty shops.

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Useless skill #482 - Dice Stacking

I was trying to think if I have any useless skills (other than annoying Dave with my political views). Only thing I came up with is being able to list all 44 Presidents in a row (I know...weak). Oh, and knowing several ways to light a zippo.

Anyone out there with other useless skillz?

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Top Ten Naked Sporting Events


Well, another holiday has come and gone, and now we can turn our attention to the next big weekend event. But I'm not talking about Memorial Day weekend. No, I'm focused on June 20th, because that's the day the World Naked Bike Ride comes to Central Park.

What's the Naked Bike Ride, you ask? Well, I first read about it back in March. The ride started in Australia, and will make it's way through Manhattan a little more than a month from now. Apparently, its purpose is to "expose the naked consequences we face due to dependence on oil". But if the city actually lets this thing happen, you can count on a world record being set for the number of cameras in Central Park in one afternoon. And I have to think YesButNo will deploy the entire staff for the occasion.

So, since learning of the ride, I've come to realize there must be other naked sporting events held around the world, some in support of worthwhile causes, and some held simply as an excuse to get naked. And wouldn't you know it...I found ten. (obviously, some links NSFW)

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Happy Mother's Day!

From last night's SNL, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson demonstrate the best way to show mom you care, in Motherlover.

After the jump, two Mother's Day gift ideas from SNL.

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Lunch Hour Veg


Today on the veg - Spock's Greatest Hits

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In the year 20 BT (before Tivo)


Ok, so this will show you how big a dweeb I am. When I was really young, there were two pieces of mail I loved getting more than anything else. One was the Sears Christmas Wishbook. I can remember sitting on the couch with my mom and going through the whole thing, cover to cover, picking out what I wanted for Christmas. That's actually a cool memory. The other was the Fall Preview edition of TV Guide. I used to go through every day, picking out what I thought would be the hits and misses. (See...dweeb)

So when I find a site that has images of every TV Guide ever published...well, I know what I'm doing for the next hour. And If you're anywhere close to this level of dweebiness, you may get a kick out of this, as well.

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Pirates are very in these days

Sure, Star Trek is getting amazing reviews, but this is the summer movie I'm looking forward to. The Boat that Rocked stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords and Nick Frost from Sean of the Dead, as DJ's broadcasting from a pirate radio ship called Radio Rock. Really funny, and a kick-ass soundtrack, too.

(I also can't wait for Inglorious Basterds...Should be a good August)

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"Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy."


Did you see Lost last week? If you did, were you laughing out loud when Sawyer welcomed Faraday into his home. I nearly fell off the couch,

With that line of dialogue, Sawyer added to the very elite list of my favorite pop culture quotes of all time. I'm not talking about your basic "Frankly Scarlet..." or " "Say hello to my little friend" quotes. I'm talking about the obscure ones...the hilarious ones. The ones that put an instant smile on your face as soon as you remember them. Gems like "What the hell is an aluminum falcon" or "The snozberries taste like snozberry".

So, as a fun little exercise, can you list some of your favorite obscure quotes? Could be from movies, tv, cartoons, anything. I'll give you some of mine as examples.

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