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Happy Birthday Pac-Man!
Today is the 30th birthday for the beloved yellow guy. Check out Google's homepage and click on their logo today for a complete time waster. Enjoy!
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They are everywhere!

Yes!  They are everywhere!  You know them, I know them, I'm one of them and I'm probably sure that you are one too.  I'm pointing my wet tissue at you masturbators!  That's right.  This is a serious issue facing families today...

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Best BBQ Slogan Ever

BBQLogo.jpg The Good: We went there for Mother's Day

The Sad: Their meat could be beat

The Funny: My grandma-in-law cracking highly awkward jokes about the slogan

Hope the rest of you mothers out there had a memorable Mother's Day as well!!!

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Cottontown Chorus vs. Queen

Nothing is better than starting your day off with a little Queen being sung by a bunch of old white guys in tuxedos. Enjoy as they rock out with their cocks out (thankfully figuratively and not literally).

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Another Moment Of Anger with B.D. (Doctor Edition)


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I got 3 words.....
usa_canada2.jpgSuck It Canada!  That was a hell of a game.  I personally don't care if we win gold.  As long as we stuck it to the Canucks, then I'm a happy camper.  Let's savor the moment everyone.....
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2 Guys, 1....Sled?

I know Men's Figure Skating is typically the gayest sport in the Olympics and they are loud and proud of that fact (I'm shaking my pink Bedazzled jumpsuit at you Johnny Weir) but I must say that after 1am, they are broadcasting something that'll give skating a run for it's money (and probably add to the spank bank of many gay men). Men's Double Luge....Not that there's anything wrong with it but if you're not the life partner of the guy you're going down the track with, you may not have admitted something to yourself and your family. Ambiguously Gay Duo anyone?

USA Crashes out in Doubles - The funniest home videos are here

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It's All-Star Weekend!

Looks like it's that time of the year when jewelry world converges into one venue to celebrate that which is known as NBA All-Star Weekend. In honor of this year's event, let us reflect on King James and his sense of humor. Enjoy....

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Why Craigslist is a bad idea
craigslist.jpgMy co-worker has a bad habit of using Craigslist to find his conquests for the weekend but this may be the last straw for him.  He forwarded this email response to me after trying to get a threesome going with a couple through the listings.  After reading this, it definetly makes me think twice about even using CL to try and find that someone special (unless you're looking for someone special ed).  Pure comedy gold (or an editor's nightmare)....
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30 Years!?!?!?

Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Celebration from Bad Religion on Vimeo.

Holy shit! I can't believe it's been 30 years since Bad Religion started kicking ass in the name of punk rock! Granted I've been a fan 12 of those years, but damn the time flies! If you're in Cali, GET TICKETS TO SEE THEM! Even if you're not a punk fan, just to say you were there will give you a little street cred with the rest of us. Kudos to you Mr. Gurewitz, Bentley, Graffin, Hetson, Baker and Wackerman. We'll forgive you for your album The New America but don't let it happen again and here is to many more years!

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BD's Quote Of The Day

"If I were Tiger my penis would have it's own caddy to hold the balls and keep it out of the rough and it would never sign any endorsement deals that leave it tied down."

Courtesy of I'm Cool, You're Not! (see Manwhore Breakfast Link as well on the right)

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BD's Thought Of The Day
A Wii is THE WORST gift to give someone who has Parkinson's Disease.  That is all.
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Thought of the Day

FreemanCandy.jpgRead everything on this website in Morgan Freeman's voice.

(courtesy of Highdeas)

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Star Wars Status Updates

If only Star Wars had Facebook and then we may be able to view the following status updates.












Or this little gem from Han Solo.....

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Best Movie Trailer (possibly) Ever

Bitch Slap Hotties Gone Wild - Watch more Funny Videos

If you dig chicks and if you dig bikinis, then this movie is for you. If you dig explosions and if you dig fights, then this movie is for you. If you dig children and if you dig adult movies, then this movie ISN'T for you and you need to be locked up immediately. I really think Big Picture, Big Sound should review this movie as I'm sure it'll be a glowing one.

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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

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