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The End Of YesButNoButYes - Goodbye, Baierman?


This morning, in an apparent act of Internet suicide, Baierman ceased posting on the greatest pop culture blog on the planet, yesbutnobutyes.com.

Baierman was a devoted follower of YBNBY since 2005. Contradictor since October 2007's Unibrow Nation.

Authorities believe he downed a lethal cocktail of Steak Cakes, Baconucopia, Beer History, 80s Metal Ballad's and Banana Art.
(Use our search bar to find these gems.)

There was no suicide note. Only Toilet Iconography.

Baierman's Obituary continues...

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Ice Cream Truck Dance

And I quote, "Watch Me As I Freestyle To The Ice Cream Truck Song. This is Awesome."

But for a completely different reason than you think.

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Chinese Zodiac (according to a placemat)


Translations can be fun.

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Street Art App


New York may have loads of elitist museums and modern art institutes, but if you want the real New York, you need graffiti.
The Street Art.

Same goes for all those other self-important cities around the world. Paris. London. LA, Rome. Tokyo. Screw your Mona Lisa's, grab your spray can and tag some street art.

The new All City app is your "hand-held guide to street art around the world."

GPS locates pieces nearest you and guides you around to find more.
You can even tag images and add them to the tour.

I'm going to add it to my phone now and then upload this Keith Herring-inspired-Dickchicken illustration I saw yesterday.
(image after the jump.)

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A 27-day erection is bad


Cocaine is a very nasty drug. Snorting massive amounts can kill you.
And, as one Dominican Republic man discovered, it can cause an irreversible erection.

Luis Rodriguez's cocaine addiction has cause a 27-day erection.
One day more and he may have changed his name to February.

In case you're not sure, a 27-day hard-on is very bad. Luis has been order to quit coke or risk his penis rotting off. Doctors may need to operate and amputate his manhood. (Talk about a kick in the balls.)

Well, now we all understand why those Viagra and Levitra ads are so concerned about calling a doctor when an erection lasts longer than 4 hours. 4, that's nothing.

Via Mirror

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The Desonesto Doctrine

nilesD.jpg About 2 weeks ago an envelope arrived at my door. Size A4. Inside, on a crisp sheet of Crane Ecru White correspondence paper, the following was inscribed.

Dear Wisenheimer,

It has come to my attention that you are a writer without a home. I intend to remedy this situation.
If my sources are correct, you will find my new endeavor fitting for your creative talents.

Interested? Apply at desonesto.com

The URL was branded in red. The letter was signed,
Niles Desonesto III

So I took the leap and joined up. That's when I learned Adam, Johnny Wright and a host of others received the same letter. They've accepted Mr. Desonesto's request as well.

So, if you're wonder what's next for me and some other YBNBY misfits, it's The Desonesto Doctrine.

The site is still coming together but we hope you follow us there. Hesitant parties should read the Conspectus first.

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Where the Streets have Sexual Names


These cities, streets, counties and places really exist.

And people live there.

Mostly, for our amusement.


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Weiner Makes Beck laugh, O'Reilly Mad.

A lot has been written about the insanity of Glen Beck.
He may be a nut job, but at least he's got an infantile sense of humor to match. Unlike his Fox counterpart, Bill "Why so serious" O'Reilly.

Here's what happened while Glen and Bill were discussing NY Democrat Anthony Weiner...

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The End Of YesButNoButYes - Goodbye from Bacon

Bacon has played a special, key role at YBNBY over the years.
Just about every writer has added a post or two, or twenty, about this wonderful, delicous meat.

As you can imagine, Bacon is a bit sad to be losing such a good friend. It made this video to express its feelings.

Check out our complete bacon archive here,For the Love of Bacon.

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Hey Stupid, How About A Vodka Eye Shot?


Shots of vodka in the eye. This is what the young drinkers are doing for fun these days.

Thankfully, they're also posting these videos so we can all share in their stupidity. I've posted a handful of them for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks kids!
On a related note, my eye doctor is thrilled.

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Citizen Justice - China

This could be the real thing, or just a training video for citizens on patrol. But it clearly shows that when it comes to purse snatchers, you can take justice into your own hands.

So watch the action unfold as two crooks on the motorcycle try to steal a woman's purse. Then, the entire neighborhood comes to her defense with a major beat down. The bad guys may have weapons, but that's not going to stop the angry mob.

This video has no sound, but I think you've seen enough action movies to add your own to the melee.

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Tissue Box Art


These are no ordinary tissues box covers.

Someone actually put some thought into how you will grab a Kleenex.

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Where do you go from here?


We're closing down in a few days leaving a gigantic void in your daily Internet addiction. Perhaps these fine sites can help with your rehab.
They've been good to us, they'll be good to you. We owe them this much.


Gorilla Mask
Double Viking
Don Chavez
House of Whoop Ass

Pop Culture/General Content:

The Daily What
Mental Floss
Interesting Pile
Pop Candy

Thanks to the above for all the traffic and links you've sent our way since 2005!

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Caption Competition (Neat-O Giveaway)

One more, last giveaway for you folks. This one comes courtesy of our good friends at Neatorama. Their NeatoShop is chocked full sweet stuff. See for yourself.

Well, now they've graciously offered to give 4 of you the chance to get something from that store.

All we, at YesButNoButYes, ask is that you make us laugh. (You know, like you've always done.) Caption this...


Good luck.

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Clip Art Makes Everything Shit

Pity we're closing down in a week, I have a feeling I'd be linking her videos a lot. Very funny stuff.

Here, she, Community Channel, rants on clip art and makes some insightful observations about eBay users.

Hope you enjoy that shitastic clip art.

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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

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