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WWF Action Figure Quiz

Remember those WWF Superstars action figures from the mid-to-late 1980s? Unless your answer is an unequivocal YES!, you should probably just move on and forget about taking this WWF Action Figure Quiz from mental_floss.

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The Badly Named Business Hall of Fame

Over at mental_floss, readers submitted photos of their strangest local businesses. Hilarity ensued.Hilarity and dick jokes. See the whole gallery.

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The Teacher Pops A Test

Test all that Saved by the Bell knowledge you've accumulated over the years with today's mental_floss quiz.

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Super Tuesday
pub_notworking.gif In 2006, my New Jersey household was deemed important enough to warrant a robocall from Joe Piscopo. Joe hasn't called this election cycle, but I did learn something from a less-celebrated auto-dialer (some local politician): registered NJ independents can vote in either primary. Figured I'd pass it along to the large audience of YesButNoButYes-reading, NJ-living, registered independent voters unaware of this clause. There's gotta be at least one of you. By the way, the "Labour Isn't Working" ad has nothing to do with tomorrow's election. Just a good ad, that's all.
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I Had A Feeling About Chris Berman

I always had a sneaking suspicion that Chris Berman was a huge dick. Finally, proof.

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Super Bowl Quiz

With Tom Brady gimping around the West Village last week, people have been talking a lot about his backups, Matt Gutierrez and Matt Cassel. This got me thinking about the other guys who earned Super Bowl rings by holding clipboards and mastering sign language. So I pissed away a few hours putting together this quiz for mental_floss.

superbackups-small.jpg Super Backups: The Men Behind The Men Behind Center

If you remember Joe Namath's understudy, here's a chance to finally put that knowledge to good use.

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YBNBY Hall of Fame: The NFL Quarterbacks Wives' Club


Welcome to the YBNBY Hall of Fame - celebrating the some of the best stories we've posted in the three years that we've been publishing.

Just to take a break from the pornography-themed HoF inductees (don't worry, there'll be more tomorrow), here's one that touched a nerve with our male audience, and ensured we were pretty high in Google's rankings for anyone ever searching for "Ashley Manning" -


Yesterday, a friend asked me whether Colts QB Peyton Manning was married. I'm supposed to know these things. So I fired up The Google. Turns out Peyton does wear at least one ring. Ashley Manning, above, is a real estate developer and 1997 graduate of the University of Virginia.

While this information was easy to locate, I was surprised to not find one definitive source for photos of NFL players' wives. Not to mention a little let down.

Which brings me to my YesButNoButYes New Year's Resolution. In 2007, if I'm Googling something and can't find it, I must fill the void. It's time to give back. Without further intro blabber, I offer you this semi-complete (yet nonetheless definitive) list of the women behind the men behind center.

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History's Most Terrifying Sports Riots
I have never played a part in a riot. Once I watched as Carlton Fisk and Deion Sanders came to blows at Yankee Stadium in the very early 1990s, but it never occurred to me to get involved. Or that I should have brought flares. Ethan Trex of mental_floss recently wrote about seven of history's most terrifying sports riots, including this classic battle between A.C. Milan and Inter Milan's fans. The video isn't great, but getting the rioting fan's view is important.
An April 2005 Champions League quarterfinal between A.C. and Inter Milan seemed like a great place to renew their bitter intercity rivalry – or at least wreak some senseless havoc. Although A.C. won the first of two matches and had gone up 1-0 in the second, Inter thought it had scored an equalizer on a header with twenty minutes left. Much to the displeasure of Inter fans, referee Markus Merk disallowed the goal because an Inter player had fouled A.C. goalkeeper Dida while jockeying for position.

Like any reasonable mob would, Inter fans responded by pelting the field with hails of bottles and that most European of riot weapons: the lit flare. As Dida cleared away bottles from the pitch to set up a goal kick, he was struck in the shoulder with a flare and received minor burns. The match was restarted after a thirty-minute delay, but more thrown flares led to its abandonment and A.C. Milan receiving credit for a 3-0 victory.

Inter Milan was fined a record 200,000 Euros for the riot, and their fans received the sports version of being sent to their rooms: the club’s first four 2005-2006 home matches were played in empty stadiums, effectively making them the soccer equivalent of Atlanta Hawks home games.

For six more – including fans coming together to bring down an Emperor and lots of groin punching – read the complete article.

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That Lovably Crazy Eddie

I've been looking into the whereabouts of past advertising icons for mental_floss. Nothing had me more mesmerized than these classic Crazy Eddie spots, many of which I found at Must-Be TV.

Lots, lots more craziness after the jump.

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Popular Drugs, Ominous Labels

"Happy Fun Ball" is one of my favorite Saturday Night Live commercial parodies. After doing some reading of actual drug warning labels, I realized this sketch wasn't much of a stretch.

• "Gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control."

• "[In a small number of people] your skin and the whites of your eyes turn yellow."

• "Serious risks include decreased sweating."

I posted this quiz over at mental_floss: The Not-So-Fine Print: Popular Drugs, Ominous Labels. Match the drug to the safety information on its warning label. Are you taking the drug that might cause hard-to-control defecation? Better test your knowledge of possible side effects.

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I Am Ready For Some Football
Tonight the NFL season kicks off. I'll use that as an excuse to re-post our widely read series on The NFL Quarterbacks' Wives Club from earlier this year.

Part I: Ashley Manning, Brittany Brees, Jake Plummer's girlfriend, Melody Carr, Shaelyn Palmer, Kim Culpepper, Brenda Warner, Sarah Hasselbeck, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Allison Rattay, Carmella Danielle DeCesare, Heather Mitts, Deanna Favre, Nikki Johnson, Jeni Kitna, Mechelle McNair, Matt Leinart's baby's momma

Part II: Tiffany Rivers, Alison Mista (Grossman), Mary Garrard, Tisa Brooks, Julie Green, Robin Pennington, Maria Rosenfels, Maura Bledsoe, Mitzi Testeverde

Here are a couple more to start 2007.


Kelli Croyle

Brodie Croyle did not win the starting job in Kansas City. No reason to feel sorry for him.


Emily Harrington

Big offseason for her husband Joey. He gets bumped into a starting role in Atlanta after Michael Vick's dog-killing escapades, and also got hitched.

If there is an outcry for more research into the other quarterbacks' wives, there may be a more thorough update later this season.

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The Winner For Both The Cutest And The Most Horrifying YouTube Video Is...

Incredibly cute babies. Being bowled.

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Rizzuto on YouTube

Sad news about Phil Rizzuto. I was a huge fan. And I happened to be at Yankee Stadium for Phil Rizzuto Day in 1985, where Tom Seaver (of the White Sox) won his 300th game and the Yanks gave Scooter a (holy) cow. The cow stepped on Rizzuto's foot, knocking him over.

Here are a few YouTube videos featuring The Scooter.

Rizzuto promoting Yankee Gym Shorts Day.

Rizzuto and Yogi Berra plugging WABC radio.

And here's a link to his famous work for The Money Store. Sadly, none of his announcing highlights, or anything from his Hall of Fame speech. I'll be on the lookout.

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No More Flat Chests!
This is labeled as a bra ad from Argentina, but it could very well be an ad for implants. I don’t speak much Portuguese, and the subtitles aren't helpful. But they are funny!
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Just Mad

Two things I know nothing about:

1) The market
2) TV shows that cover the market

Is Jim Cramer always this nuts? Jump ahead to the 2:00 mark.

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