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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?

As children, we are told to have a dream. In America, children are often told to dream big.

New Jersey mother Donna Simpson is a perfect example. Her goal: Become the world's fattest woman.

That's her honest-to-God mission in life. To be THE fattest on record. She's been working hard at it for years.

She only has 400 pounds to go.

When I read a few reports about her (start here or here then go here,) I was bewildered and sickened. But ranting about it doesn't do any good.

This story is what it is: A large woman with serious issues enabled by a subculture that's funding her march to half-ton status.

You don't have to troll the Internet for content to realize this story is not unusual. Ever watch Jerry Springer?

Then I realized there's a lesson to be learned from Treasure Bombshell.

Donna Simpson will get plenty of scorn and trouble over the next few weeks. If her story goes mainstream a shit storm will follow.

That's a good thing because I think extreme cases like this encompass so many key issues going on in the USA today.

This is not just an obsessed Mom seemingly hell bent on eating herself to death and orphaning her family.

This involves issues like health care reform, government intervention vs. personal liberty, child safety, the group vs. the individual, responsible parenting and Internet censorship. To name a few.

If there's one discussion to have ad nauseum, why not this one? Call Oprah, Colbert, Glen Beck and Mario Lopez. Talk it up on Facebook, over drinks with your friends and definitely while at the dinner table.
(How's Thanksgiving?)

A di about a woman eating her way to 1000 pounds would be a healthy discussion for us all to have. Mainly because I think you'd have to talk about how she's able to accomplish her goal.

In today's world, it's so easy to make money from whatever strange, crazy, weird obsession you have.

Donna decided she liked being obese. She does not think she has an eating disorder. She thinks she was born to be 1000 pounds.

It's Gods plan for her, if you will.

On a plus-size website, she found confidence and a lover who likes her more the bigger she gets. As proof of that love, they have a 3-year-old daughter. She also has a Guinness World Record as the world's fattest mom.

Yeah praise and accomplishment!

But could she capitalize on it?
Surely Donna realized this recognition wasn't going to cut it. Eating that much and retaining your weight costs money. Big is beautiful, but enormous is expensive. So if she was going to continue to expand, she needed someone to pay for it.

Like any good salesman, she got her self a gimmick: 1000 pounds. Become "The World's Fattest!!!!!"
Or bust.

Then she named her alter ego, Treasure Bombshell. As TB, Donna started and runs a website where people pay to watch at her eat and show off her flab.

This is a subscription service and it must be doing well because she's able to afford a $3000+ monthly food bill.

It's food porn. And her subscribers pay good money to enjoy it.

Of course, Donna is on all the expected social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. She's probably got even more of a presence on the adult sites.
(I'm not going to give you hints on how to find her. You have Google too.)

Those sites and feeds all funnel into her Net celebrity and help put food on her plate.

Another victory for the Internet. Especially for web 2.0.

We can all learn from Donna Simpson if we choose to. Maybe "How" is obvious.

Just search your soul.

What's the one thing you don't want anyone to know about you? Your deepest, sickest, craziest, darkest desire. Or obsession. Or hobby. Or interest. Or fetish.

Got it?

Now, swallow your fears and tell the world about it.

No matter what it is, you'll find people willing to pay to see it.

Once you find that audience, market the shit out of your particular brand of oddity. Use every tool you can find.

Be shameless!

You'll probably make money.

Donna Simpson is proof of that. A sad as that sounds.

Lesson over.

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I saw her on television one afternoon (don't ask, but I was watching Tyra Banks' show...go figure), and she really angered the audience because she said that she loved being big and didn't care because she was going to die anyway, and probably from cancer she said. Well, turns out a cancer survivor was in the audience and this woman pissed off Tyra as well as the entire audience because of her flippant "I don't care" attitude about the whole thing.

I could never imagine wanting to be any heavier than what I'm supposed to be. I mean, it causes physical pain to be that big, it's embarrassing, people stare. This woman is going to anger a wide range of people. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for body image acceptance and things like that, but this is ridiculous.

said Lia on March 15, 2010 11:35 PM.

Ugh. She's got a schtick. Just like the Octomom. Maybe we can hook them up. She can be the OctoMom's lesbian lover. That I might watch.

said E on March 15, 2010 11:52 PM.

I'll just leave this right here: (https://supersizedbombshells.com/Treasure/index.html)

said strathmeyer on March 16, 2010 12:45 AM.
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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

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