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Where are they now? Serial Killers


They are the men and women who've captured the worlds attention with their psycho, gruesome, mass killing ways.

But don't you want to know, where are they now?


Serial Killers. Where are they now?

Here are some updates on a few of the most notorious killers around the globe.

Eddie Gein

This is the vest made-of-human-skin dude. He also made lampshades and other items out of human skin. Much of it was exhumed from graves of old ladies that resembled his Momma.
Eddie was only convicted of killing 2, but because of his grave robbing and skin-needlepoint, he is considered by many to be a serial killer.

Currently: Dead.
Cancer killed him from the inside, in 1984.

Albert Fish

Mr. Fish, an American psychopath, has loads of lovely nicknames: the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Brooklyn Vampire, and The Boogeyman.
He looked gentle to neighbors but he loved to kill children and eat them. Yup, Fish was a cannibal. Although his wife and kids thought he was just a bad cook.

Currently: Dead. Extra crispy!
Fish became a feast for maggots after being executed by electric chair, in 1936.

Saeed Hanaei

Saeed liked to kill prostitutes and drug addicts in Iran. He claimed his was helping rid the country of the morally corrupt. But first, "The Spider Killer" lured women to his home and did the ethically questionable thing of having sex with them before strangling them. He was convicted of killing 16 women.

Currently: Expired. Done. Hung.
Hanged in Iran in 2002.

John Wayne Gacy

American nut-job convicted of 28 murders. Accused of 33 murders. In prison he became as research subject of the psychopathic mind.

Currently: In hell. Having tea with Satan.
Executed in 1994.

Ted Bundy

Bundy was a handsome, educated American psycho who murdered, raped and beat dozens of young college women. He confessed to over 30 murders but that number could as high as 100.

Currently: Very, very dead.
Died a fried death in 1989, via the electric chair.

Margie Velma Barfield

Over time this North Carolina 53-year old grandmother killed various husbands, employers, lovers and even her own mother. Some victims were burned while they slept, others she killed by arsenic or poison.

Currently: Oh, she dead.
Executed, quite appropriately, by lethal injection in 1984.

Yang Xinhai

Confessed to killing 65 people between 2000 and 2003 in China. The People's Republic didn't wait long before making sure Yang got what he deserved.

Currently: D. E. A. D.
Executed in 2004 by a gunshot to the back of the head.

Andrei Chikatilo

"The Rostov Ripper" had a face only a .44 magnum could love. Andrei killed 52 women and children throughout the Soviet Union. He was caught by accident. Then his atrocities were uncovered.

Currently: Damn right he's dead.
Executed by a single gunshot behind the right ear. (On the same day as Yang Xinhai)

Joachim Kroll

Joachim, aka The Ruhr Cannibal or the Duisburg Man-Eater, was a German serial killer and cannibal. He was convicted of eight murders but confessed to a total of 13. A hand was cooking on his stove when the arrested him.

Currently: Is he dead? Why yes, very.
His heart violently attacked and killed him in 1991.

Javed Iqbal

Javed claimed he killed 100 boys during an 18-month period in Pakistan. He deposed of his victims by chopping them up and soaking them in acid. Which is why the judge who sentenced Javed to death said he would have liked him to be strangled 100 times, cut into 100 pieces, and put him in acid.

Currently: Not living or breathing.
Found strangled, along with an accomplice, in his prison cell in October 2001.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Viciously butchered 17 men and boys, most of whom were of African or Asian descent. Convicted and sentenced for this crimes. Then made more famous by US media profiles.

Currently: Right now Jeffrey Dahmer is most certainly dead.
He was beaten to death (how à propos) by a fellow inmate and some weight room equipment, in 1994.

Sasha Spesivtsev

Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev, or Sasha, was a cannibal convicted of the murders of 19 women. Though sentenced to death, Sasha was later declared insane and put into a special psychiatric hospital in Kamyshin. (And I thought Russia was tough on crime.)

Currently: Slowly decaying.
Serving life in prison.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

"Pedrinho Matador" was convicted and sentenced to 128 years imprisonment for 70 murders in 2003. In Brazil, however, law states a person may only serve a maximum of 30 years in jail.

Currently: Not dead. Serving time in jail.
Should be an interesting day in Brazil when he gets out of jail in 2033.

Dennis Rader

Dennis is The BTK killer or Bind, Torture and Kill.
He murdered at least 10 people between 1974 and 1991. Rader is famous not just for the gruesome way he killed people (excessive torture sexually aroused him) but also for sending taunting letters to authorities afterwards. Finally caught in 2004.

Currently: Dying way too slowly.
In other words, BTK is serving life in prison.

Juana Barraza

"La Mataviejitas," a former lady wrestler, is the old lady killer. She targeted and strangled elderly women in Mexico. Convicted of killing 11, but that number could be as high as 40.

Currently: Sentenced. Jailed.
Sentenced to 783 years in prison, served concurrently. Eligible for parole at age 100.

Pedro Alonso López

Saved the worst for last, folks.
The "Monster of the Andes," Pedro was a Colombian serial killer, accused of killing more than 300 women across South America. He once led police to burial sites where they uncovered 81 bodies.

Currently: Living. Yes, amazingly this monster is still alive.
Serving a life sentence in prison.

For a more exhaustive list of the world's serial killers check out the big Wikipedia list.

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Since when is cannibalism illegal? Now you tell me. Shit.

said E on June 25, 2009 2:15 PM.

It is too bad that almost all of them are dead. I'd love to see an all-star show where they are locked naked in a room filled with farm implements, an escape hatch that closes after the first person makes it out, and a slow stream of cyanide gas bubbling from the floor.

The winner gets a surprise colonoscopy with a powerdrill and advances to the next round of the tournament.

But I'm a pacifist, so I might be going to easy on them.

said Don't Swayze Bro on June 25, 2009 2:16 PM.

DSB - I think they're actually making that as a movie:


said Scaramouch on June 25, 2009 2:39 PM.

Where can I get the awesome looking knife holder thingy?

said Jonniewalker on June 25, 2009 2:48 PM.

As kids, we were afraid of the Green River Killer who murdered dozens along Pacific Highway. Right by where we lived. He was only killing hookers but we didn't understand that.

The Green River Killer confessed to 71 killings but the number is probably around 150. He wasn't caught until DNA evidence caught up to him in 1991. Sadly, he's still alive.


said Johnny Wright on June 25, 2009 3:11 PM.

JWalker, I found the image on various sites but haven't, as yet, found the direct link to purchase it. I do believe the artist is Irene van Gestel. It may have never been for sale.

said Baierman on June 25, 2009 4:08 PM.

Little crappy fact on Jeffry Dahlmer, The gentleman who brained himwith the mop handle considered himself to be Jesus and was ridding the world of Satan

said mekon12 on June 25, 2009 4:31 PM.

I've read the same thing mekon.

said Johnny Wright on June 25, 2009 5:52 PM.

Don't want to turn this into a competition, as this is still a very sensitive issue in the UK, but Dr Harold Shipman committed suicide in wakefield Jail in 2004 after being convicted of multiple murders of his patients, it is belived he killed 250+ patients, but 218 is a definite number of known victims. Unbeliveable. He killed his patents, mainly elderly, with overdoses of morphine. See Wikipedia.

said yellowbelly on June 25, 2009 6:08 PM.

You know the whole Where are they now thing doesn't work when the vast majority of the people are dead. Its really only interesting when you find out someone is working at the KFC in DesMoines or maybe a paramedic in Tampa.

said Divermatt on June 26, 2009 11:05 AM.

So true. When I saw the headline, my first thought was.. Uhhhh, they let these people out? Then what, make them promise to update the authorities when they move?

John Wayne Gacy...Prominent film star (mostly westerns)
Ted Bundy...Actor. Cameos on "Married With Children" as Al's brother.
Jeffrey Dahmer...Gay porn actor. "Dahmer and Gregg" "Dumb & Dahmer"
BTK Killer....Really just eats a lot of fast food hamburgers.

ok, back to drinkin'

said billigan on June 26, 2009 6:08 PM.

just to clarify: where it says that Andrei Chikatilo was executed on the same day as Yang Xinhai, refers to just the date not the year. Chikatilo was executed 10 years earlier.

also Russia has suspended the death penalty since mid 90s, so any convicted serial killers since then are very much alive and serving life terms.

said FAH Q on June 27, 2009 4:33 PM.

I can't believe David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) didn't make the cut. What could be better than a serial killer who got his instructions from his neighbor's dog?

For those interested, he's currently incarcerated in Sullivan Correctional Facility in NY, where he has a job as a chaplain's aide.

said Outback Jon on June 29, 2009 10:42 PM.

another true fact on Jeffry Dahlmer, sick puppy he is ..one book at library said he was havin panic attacks cause too many bodies under his feet when taking a shower --he was stock pileling

ohh an one on Charles Manson (also library ) the libraian showed me a reference book that cannot be removed from library -stricky reference and strickly ..you dont need to go there ....not after lunch anyway

said Marylou on May 29, 2011 11:51 PM.
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