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AutoTuned the News

Take the news of the week.
Add some humor.
And that special effect that hip hop tracks seems so fond of and you get this gem.

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Best Cabbie Name Ever
It's not the buildings, or the landmarks. It's not the people or the excitement. No, New York is the greatest city in the world because we'll let people with the name of "Saif Butt" drive us around.
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Shake that baby like a Polaroid


I have a pretty high tolerance for bad taste (hence the existence of YesButNoButYes), but even I'm a bit disturbed that Apple has seen fit to approve the iPhone app "Baby Shaker":

See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!

At which point, presumably, you shake the baby until the dead-eye X's appear on it's face. Ugh. This is thinking different?
UPDATE: no sooner did I post this than Apple removed it. But it still begs the question, what were they thinking in the first place?
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A Twat on Twitter
Damn you social networking! Damn you to the vile Harvard taught minds from which you escaped! You've ruined my life! I promised myself I wouldn't do it. I was hesitant to jump into Facebook, convinced it was full of teenagers and 50 year old men with greasy mustaches and REO Speedwagon posters hanging above their beds. I came around eventually, and now click on it repeatedly to see what my friends think about the latest elimination on Dancing With the Stars, as well as their Top 5 Favorite Cartoon Dogs, Which Spice Girl They'd Be, and the 25 Things I Really Didn't Want to Know About Them. And yet, I balked at Twitter. What kind of narcissistic asshole feels like he or she needs to tell the world exactly what they're doing/thinking at every second of the day? It turns out, this asshole.

With 140 characters at my disposal, the world will know exactly what the wrap I ate for lunch tasted like. Am I in a taxi with a cabbie who smells like Honey Nut Cherrios? You'll now know. And, in an Ashton Kutcher-like race to gain "followers" (I currently have "8" and most of those are my family), I'm offering you, the YesButNoButYes reader, the chance to follow me on Twitter. Were that not enough, you can also "follow" YesButNoButYes on Twitter as well.

Consider your day made.
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From the Air X
(Click here for From the Air I,II,III,IV,V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, Appendix, or Bonus)

What better way to spend Earth Day than diving into the newest (and tenth) From the Air challenge? We've searched around the globe to bring you interesting satellite images, and it's up to you to tell us where/what they are. Good luck.
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Homeless Frank On Miss California
homeless Frank4.jpg

Editor's Note - Homeless Frank lives in front of the building where I work. I pay him food in return for blog entries. For this one he got a hot dog and a can of pork and beans. I've corrected spelling and grammar; all thoughts belong to Frank.

Today Homeless Frank shares his thoughts about Miss California and her recent answer to the question of gay marriage.

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Haterade's Idol Anal-ysis: Round of 7 (REDUX)

The Judges have decided last week that Matt Giraud (who Haterade correctly pegged as leaving) was worth saving, which means that this week, two idolists will be going home during disco week. Gordon Pepper and Jason Block reveal who they think is going to be murdered on the dance floor.
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The Alphabet in Google Maps
Thanks to Leonardo Carvalho for pointing this out to me. Like our From the Air challenges, this site put together the alphabet using images and objects from Google Maps.
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Beyonce's Ear-Shattering Caterwauling
Cazart! Kids, do I have a treat for you.

Last year Beyonce played Today Show. She did a few cuts from the latest album. One of those was "If I Was a Boy." What the crowd on the plaza and the fans at home heard was this. But what did it actually sound like?

The "sound board feed" has been leaked. Mrs. Jay Z doesn't actually sound ... human. I would describe it as a parrot being sawed in half.

This should give you plenty of ammunition when your coworker tries to tell your that Beyonce is not the product of a marketing machine and is actually a great singer. "Oh yeah, Susan, have a listen to this."

UPDATE: In the spirit of fairness: There is some question over the validity of the clip. So, we'll say we don't know if it's real and funny either way.

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Social Media Blues

The video ain't much, but the song made me laugh! Finding love in the world of social media isn't any easier than in the real world. Especially if you're a banjo player.

(via Neatorama's Upcoming Queue)

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Wednesday is New Comics Day

Every Wednesday we run down the 5 most interesting comics or graphic novels coming out for the week.

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