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Rule out with your Brule out!

I'm going to check out Tim and Eric Awesome Tour 2009! tonight, and since I seriously doubt superstar John C. Reilly is part of the live touring act (Or is he? Scroll all the way to the bottom after the jump, superfans!), I decided to soothe my disappointment by OD'ing on Dr. Steve Brule and getting it all out of my system beforehand.

Here are but a few of my favorite clips of Channel 5's resident health expert...

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25 Things You Didn't Know About YesButNoButYes
We at YesButNoButYes pride ourselves on being leaders in pop culture. Which is why we're bringing you 25 Things You Don't Know About Us about two weeks after it exploded. For those of you unaware of what I'm talking about, the newest self-indulgent and boastful meme on Facebook is to list 25 things most people don't know about you. And because we have cared so deeply about people's six toes, hooking up with the drummer from Letters to Cleo, and enjoying the smell of their boyfriend's farts, we thought you'd enjoy learning about some of YesButNoButYes's secrets.
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Weekend Caption Competition

(In honor of the Bud Shootout in Daytona this weekend.)

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Mumps Can Make More than Your Face Swell

This public service ad from Ontario's ministry of health encourages adults to get a booster inoculation for mumps. It will probably be effective -at least for men.

(Thanks, Collin!)

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The Master Bater X Tee

The Ex-Masterbator shirt. Further proof that you can be proud of to wear anything these days.
And if you fit in this camp, then this is the perfect tee for you to rock.

But only if you've got passion for Christ but not passion for your naughty bits.


It's guaranteed to make God proud. Your wrist will thank you too.
No word yet on the "Ex-Saddlebacker" tee.

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Your Studio & You
Before Matt Stone and Trey Parker made a name for themselves with South Park and Team America, they put together this funny (and cameo filled) piece on life at Universal Studios.

(Via Evan Almighty)
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Best Job Ever (Part III)

We've written a few times about amazing jobs.

Echowood's friend Jas, the private boat captain, has a best job. Then there's the awesome job on the private Australian island that's looking to hire and received over 11,000 applications.

I'd like to add another to the list. Tuesday I met a man who qualifies for "Best Job Ever." And it's one anyone can get it!

His name is Jose and he's a security guard.
His job is similar to most building security guards. He checks IDs, walks the halls, conducts fire drills, handles deliveries and any unruliness that occurs in the building.

You're probably thinking that's a normal job, not an awesome one.
But I haven't told you where Jose works.
It's what makes his job enviable.

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