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Tilt Shift Video

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

When I was growing up in England, one of my favorite day trips was to a "Model Village". A staple attraction at seaside resorts around the UK, these were small (1:12 scale) villages depicting English country life, complete with train stations, cricket on the village green, newleyweds posing for photographs outside churches. I believe these villages first sprang up in the 30s, and by the late 60s when I was 6, they were already past their prime, showing an England that has already long since disappeared. I doubt that even many of the model villages still remain.

This is probably why Tilt-Shift Photography (see Flickr examples here) provides a very bittersweet, nostalgic melancholy for me. By using split focus lenses, any landscape can be turned into a faux-minature. There's also a few tutorials on how to fake the effect in Photoshop.

I happened across the above clip tonight on Vimeo while using their cool new visualization toy, Vimeoland - the first time I've seen a Tilt-Shift video that works so well. I think the "undercranking" probably adds to the effect.

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Vote Replublicrats

Sick of the 2 party system? Sean Masterson (he of obscure character actor fame) is too and he's running to change all that.

He's the candidate for the Republicrats, a website that attempts to gain attention by using the Presidential election as a backdrop.

I thought he did quite well in the debate on Friday. Although some of his comments created a few awkward moments.

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An Open Letter to All Rednecks, Re: John McCain

Dear Rednecks,

Of course you already know the many reasons you shouldn't vote for Barack Obama -- his last name is one letter off from "Osama," his middle name is Hussein, he's an Ay-Rab Muslim, and he wants to take away your guns, which means you'll be unarmed with an Al Qaeda operative in the White House, which you won't even be able to call the "White" House any more because he's, well, you know. (Don't worry, Rednecks, I know you know what I mean, even if the Liberal Jew-Run Media™ won't let me say it outright.)

But did you know that voting for the opponent of Osamabama (and his Baby Mama) won't be all that great for you, your wife/sister, or your 13 kids, either? Before you head to your polling place on Wednesday, November 5, check out these factoids the LJRM™ doesn't want you to know about Senator John McCain. ("Factoids," by the way, are similar to "facts," but less scientific, and therefore more believable. But these are all obviously true anyway, since they're on the Internet.)

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This Week's Nature Scoreboard
Lion Hunt.jpgFrom the Nature/Sports Desk...

Nature/Sports correspondent Sedro Woolley phoned in to give us a quick rundown this past week's wildlife scoreboard and highlights.

All scores final.

Lions: 171 - Zebras: 0

Lions: 201 - Water Buffaloes: 1
A Namibian water buffalo scored a lucky horn to the abdomen of a lioness for their only point this week.

Mongooses: 3 - Cobras: 3
Some tight, bitterly fought matches resulted in a draw.

Mountain Lions: 1 - Hikers: 0

Dragons: 4 - Centaurs: Nil

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Dave's Sixth Challenge
This is the sixth of a series (click here, here, here, here and here) in which we ask loyal YesButNoButYes reader and commenter "Dave" to discuss how he'd handle himself in an awkward situation. Last time, we asked him what to do when you've fallen in love with your hairstylist. This time, we ask him about fancy restaurants.
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A Dot Matrix Revolution

Here's DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION, the second pixel film by SUPERBROTHERS. A pixel filled film which began in 2006 and was completed just this year. It's s a goofy look at the world of computers and technology over the past 50 years or so.

See more films at SUPERBROTHERS

DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION* from superbrothers on Vimeo.

Thanks DJA for the bookmark

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The Candidate & The Dinosaur


Some jokes just write themselves.

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Sand Castle

Oh, what a lovely sand castle! It took 16 days to create, and less than a minute for a reporter to fall on it. The creator doesn't seem happy. Anyone want to translate the high points?

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Caption Competition


Why don't we start the week with an eye-popping Caption Competition...

(via WoW)

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Man Powered Ferris Wheel

As I watched this, my thoughts alternated from "Wheeee!" to "Someone's going to lose an arm...or something." Spotted in India.

(via Arbroath)

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