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The Final Countdown

There's not much to do at Syracuse University it seems. Except listen to bad 80's songs and make videos in your dorm common area.

Least we can enjoy their boredom.

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A Thank You From the YBNBY Staff
wardenclyffe_tower.jpgFrom the YesButNoButYes Head Office...

We have seen that more and more of you, the faithful reader, have linked to our little nickel and dime, dog and pony show on your personal websites and blogs. We would like to thank you for that. Sincerely. It is appreciated that you have taken the time to link to us.

Now, we would like to encourage more of you to do the same. Have your own site, blog or networking site page? Throw up a YesButNoButYes link. Please. If we have made you laugh (or I have made you angry) you can reciprocate fairly easily. You want to write, "this Johnny Wright guy is a real douchebag," then link to us, that's fine too.


Yours in love and monkeys,


Ten points to however can correctly identify what the structure is that is pictured at the head of this post. Wanna cheat? Click here.

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