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The Wire Rewind: Season 5, episode 7

Good night moon, in Baltimore
By Detective Kima Greggs

"Goodnight moon.
Goodnight stars.

Goodnight po-po's.

Goodnight fiends.
Goodnight hoppers.
Goodnight hustlers.
Goodnight scammers.

Goodnight to everybody.
Goodnight to one and all"

Now then, the results of last weeks poll conclude that most of you believe The Wire will end with Marlo getting it- caught or killed. Congrats to the 2 people who voted that Clay David goes free. How did you know? Now onto a gripping episode 7...


The big development of the week: The trial of Clay Davis begins and ends with an acquittal. No sheeeeeit! Why? Cause Clay David is Robin Hood of the West Side. The bigger the lie, the more they believe.

Meanwhile the real Robin Hood, McNulty, is digging his hole a lot deeper. The scam he's pulling with Lester works and the Mayor's office turns on the faucet. OT, manpower, anything goes. To bad the pictures Marlo's sending are meaningless clocks. What's the code? I think it's time to page Pryzbylewski.

The Baltimore Sun is up on the serial killer story with all their manpower too. Thing is, Gus knows Templeton is lying. And he's gathering evidence to call him on it.

Bubbles is back, helping a young reporter do right.

Bunk interviews Michael but gets nowhere.

And Omar's out for blood and this week Savino is the recipient of a bullet to the head. Michael's almost his next victim.

I know these are just the broad strokes after all the major plot development and they go and end on a gem. Kima recites that Goodnight poem thereby paying homage to the world we've come to know and love throughout the 5 seasons of The Wire. For me, it was one of the top 5 moments of the entire series. Thanks so much Ed Burns, David Simon and writers.

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