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Top Ten Bacon-Flavored Gifts for Valentines

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If it's one thing we love here at YesButNoButYes - even more than free chocolate - it's bacon. MMMMMMMMM.

And as we approach Valentine's Day, we thought we'd offer up some tempting bacon-flavored treats to show that special someone in your life how much they care. I mean, you COULD always go for the easy "I Love You" option of the Bacon Of The Month club, but where's the romance in that? Take it from us, a custom gift basket of bacony goodness is the way to any man or woman's heart.

#1. Bacon Flavored Coffee


This almost sounds too good to be true - Boca Java make a coffee named Maple Bacon Morning. What a way to start the day.

#2. Bacon Scented Candles


Not just bacon - but the whole package you need for a BLT flavor - bacon, tomato and lettuce candles. And don't let the aroma stop when you leave the house - fill your car with flavor with the bacon-scented air freshener.

#3. Bacon Flavored Ice Cream

Or, if you're exceptionally lazy, you can also buy bacon ice cream premade.

#4. Bacon Salt


The description of this just about sums up everything you need to know: "Bacon Salt is a zero-calorie vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon". Image to be included in Wikipedia next to the entry describing Nirvana (the state of mind, not the band). Almost as good as Bacon-Flavored Spray.

#5. Bacon-flavored Mints


If you're out with your lover, slip one of these in your mouth after eating to retain that luscious bacon scented breath that drives them wild.

#6. Bacon Flavored Chocolate


You've probably heard about Mo's Bacon Bar - the bacon flavored chocolate which has been blogged about extensively (and having tried it myself, I can confirm that it's a wondrous miz of chocolate and bacon goodness) So for an alternative, try Zotter Bacon Bits, caramelized crispy bacon, coated with chocolate and hazlenut nougat.

#7. Bacon Scented Bubbles


Be a friend to your doggy, watch the kids go wild. all the fun you can have with a bubble maker that dispenses bacon-scented bubbles.

#8. Bacon-flavored Beer


It's not actually advertised as such, but apparently Rauchbier tastes an awful lot like our favorite food group.

#9. Bacon-flavored Water


I've searched high and low for bacon-flavored soda (seems like something Jones Soda should make, right?) but until that comes along, here's the next best thing, bacon-flavored water. So, OK, it's meant for your dog, but whatever.

#10. Bacon Flavored Toothpicks


I see no reason why, after you've eaten a plateful of bacon, washed down with bacon beer, and finished with bacon flavored ice cream and chocolate, the porky goodness should end there. So even as you leave the restaurant, dig for those last morsels of goodness with these bacon-flavored toothpicks.

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You forgot Vogues Bacon Chocolate bar!!!

said joesepi on January 29, 2008 10:57 AM.

Oh, Josepi, you really think I'm just some amateur baconologist? Mo's Bacon Bar, listed under #6, is the one made by Vosges.

Glad to see another bacon fan here though. For my next story, I think I'll do my top ten favorite Bacon recipes. :)

said Scaramouch on January 29, 2008 11:09 AM.

That would be an awsome post. Bacon Recipe Swap. You show us yours we'll show you ours.

said Ginger on January 29, 2008 2:47 PM.
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