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Grindhouse Universe DVD

The fine folks at Ban1 Productions have recently released another volume of fantastic grindhouse trailers on DVD. I just got mine today and it's a great collection of horror, sexploitation, mondo, and biker trailers.

Check out the definitely NSFW trailer and act fast if you want the DVD, as it's a limited edition release.

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Happy 50th Smurfday

I watched these little blue suckers faithfully when I was a wee-one. Started by Peyo in 1958, The Smurf's celebrated their 50th birthday today. In case you forgot or don't know The Smurfs are tiny blue things that live in little white-capped mushroom in a secret forest. It doesn't weird you out when your 7. And like McDonald's, they have their own language, adding "Smurf" to everything and interchaning nouns and verbs.

To celebrate the birthday here's my favorite Smurf story, Smuckfest. It explains why Smurf's are blue.

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Postcard Diaries

The Visual Art of Mark Mothersbaugh.

If you’re a fan of illustration, art and/or DEVO this should get you excited. DEVO founder Mark Mothersbaugh’s has made a habit of drawing postcard illustrations over the years. Now his 30 years worth of interesting creations have been compiled into a traveling exhibit.

See samples, find out how it all began and where the exhibit schedule on the jump. No word if the Whip It whip is on display.

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Save Journeyman!

I mean, can you really say no to Moon Bloodgood?

Journeyman fans - There may be still be hope to get NBC to listen to your pleas. Starting last week (I suck for not posting this last week, sorry) and continuing every Monday night at 10pm EST, Journeyman fans are going online and streaming one episode per week at the same time to try to get some attention from the Powers That Be. So don't forget to hop online tonight and watch episode 2.

If you missed out on this smart and mature show about time travelling the first time around then be sure to catch up on the whole season on NBC's website. And then click below to find out what else you can do to help save it from cancellation.

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Spanish for Your Nanny

It’s important to be able to communicate with the help. Particularly if you didn’t feel the need to pay attention in high school Spanish class.

(Thanks, Jan!)

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Innovations in Sex Toys
Technicians and entrepreneurs are hard at work to make your life more pleasurable. Let’s take a look at what’s making news in the world of what were once known as "marital aids".
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Just because.
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An awards season quiz

With all the recent talk about the awards shows, I was wondering how many celebrities had won the big four...Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony. Luckily, Wikipedia is there to answer every question in the galaxy.

But before you check, four of the people pictured here have won all four awards. Care to guess who?

- Andrew Lloyd Webber
- Rita Moreno
- Al Pacino
- Audrey hepburn
- Woody Allen
- Julie Andrews
- Elton John
- Whoopi Goldberg
- Mel Brooks

Ok, now you can look.

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Monday Morning Music: Jessica Simpson

To Dallas,

Guess she is a bad luck charm.

Much Love,
New York

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When crying jumped the shark

Terrell? Are you freaking kidding me? I pick my President based on tears, not my Super Bowl teams.


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Congratulations to Mad Men

They got it wrong on the comedy side, though. 30 Rock should've taken it.

For the complete list of Golden Globe winners, click here.

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BrewTube - Have some videos with your coffee

Today on BrewTube - Tracy Morgan

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Home Sweet Home

I've had these three stories saved for a while, so I'm posting them together because they all have something to do with unique living conditions.

- A family in South Carolina buys a new house and finds a secret room with a secret problem.

- Mark Malkoff has been living at the Jersey Ikea for the past week, and the security guys are starting to get annoyed.

- And Ari Delfer, a Berkeley native, is saving a year's worth of garbage to see how much trash that actually is.

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I'm no NY Post fan, but this is kinda funny.

The Post sent a Jessica Simpson lookalike to yesterday's game. Eight incompletions in the fourth quarter...something must've been on his mind.

And, I read some sites have started referring to the real Jessica as Yoko Romo. That's good, too.

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