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I'd like to take everyone back to early 1990. Noriega had just surrendered, Mandela was free, and a little film known as Back to the Future II had instilled in us the thought that skateboards could fly. Full of hopes and promises of an insanely awesome future, with 2015 right around the corner, the film doesn't seem to be as accurate as we'd hoped.

Where's my hoverboard? Why can't I run a car on fusion energy created by food scraps? And where are my self-Velcroing Nike hi-tops? There is an online campaign called McFly 2015 whose only purpose is to pressure Nike into producing the shoes from the movie. As an admitted BTTF fanboy, you can bet my name is already on the list.

(Thanks to Designnotes for the tip)

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google future horizons
they sell plans to make hoverboards just like in back to the future for under 500 dollars.
the tech in bttf is here, its just hiding from us lol

said jesse dewald on June 13, 2007 11:17 AM.
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