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Debbie Does Dallas - The Bambi Woods Interview: Prologue

Bambi Woods - one of the most famous adult movie stars of all time, and one of it's most enigmatic. She burst onto the scene in the 1978 "Debbie Does Dallas", became an international sensation, and then seemed to disappear almost as quickly as she arrived. her final whereabouts shrouded in mystery - in fact many people say she died in 1986 of a drugs overdose.

So, what really happened to Bambi Woods?

But before we get to that, a little backstory.

Growing up in England, and in the pre VHS days, my adolescent youth was spectacularly porn-free. It wasn't until the late 80s that I first watched a fuzzy 7th generation copy of Deep Throat with a friend, one bizarre speed-filled summer afternoon, in a double header with John Water's Pink Flamingo.

I came to America in 1996, in hot pursuit of an online redheaded temptress (who was soon after to become my wife) and that's when I was first introduced to Debbie Does Dallas. For those of you who haven't actually seen the movie, a brief recap, courtesy of the IMDB entry:

This all-time best-seller among adult movies is about Debbie (Bambi Woods) whose talents have earned her a coveted place as a professional football cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. However Debbie and her friends on the cheerleading squad are faced with a problem. She doesn't have any money to make it to Dallas. She and her girl friends try to figure out ways to make a little extra cash... on the side! One of them works in a library, another in a candle shop, and Debbie herself works in a clothing store for Mr. Greenfield. While doing their odd jobs they realize that they can make more money by doing sexual favours for their bosses. Debbie makes enough money when "Mr. Greenfield scores a field goal and Debbie makes a touchdown".

It's one of those movies from the pioneering days of the adult industry, when stag loops burst out of the backroom, and full length adult features made it onto cinema screens across America. It's claimed that at one point Debbie Does Dallas was making over $250,000 per week per screen. Arguably, it could well be the most profitable movie of all time, as it's continued to sell on VHS, DVD and, most recently HD-DVD.

And as if to add to the mythical status of the movie, there's also one of the greatest mysteries of the adult movie world - whatever happened to Bambi Woods, the star? Little is known about her early life, she appeared in just four movies, and then seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Even her real name is a matter of fierce debate, and her wikipedia entry is sparse (and, it turns out, wrong on almost every count) This central mystery formed the backbone of the 2005 documentary Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, and despite intense efforts, no trace of Woods could be found.

It was against this background, that I wrote one of our earliest "Where are they now" stories. It was a quickly written, hastily researched article, attempting to list the current whereabouts of the cast of the movie. I admit to no great sleuthing skills, just patience and a knack for using search engines. But somehow, the piece struck a nerve, and it's become one of our most popular stories. In fact, if you search for Debbie Does Dallas on Google, that story - as of May 2007 - comes up second, beaten only by it's IMDB entry.

And as time passed, readers sent in their own tips for expanding the story. And I edited and updated the piece. But no-one could ever shed light on the whereabouts of Debbie. And I never gave up hope that one day, we might find out.

And then....... in March of this year, an email arrived.

I came across your article on Debbie Does Dallas. It was the first porn movie I ever saw and was my introduction to sex so it's fair to say it was burned in my brain. I was recently holidaying in Melbourne at a medium level resort and my wife and I became friendly with a couple who was also staying there.

We spent quite a bit of time with them and it bugged me that I knew her from somewhere and she said that she used to do some acting in Los Angeles in b-grade movies when, after about three days of hanging out with them, it hit me exactly who she was. I didn't know any other way to bring it up but to just say it and she laughed and said she never even got recognised when the movie was out and doesn't get recognised now but, yes, it was her.

I said it to her on her own but she said her husband knew all about it and we had quite a few laughs about it over the next few days. We even got her address and email to keep in touch. She said that no-one had ever approached her about the movie and it was no big deal and if they'd asked she would talk, just not on camera because of her children. She laughed about some private investigator trying to find her and said it would have helped if he had known her name.

She did say that a couple of things in some story recently (I think it might have been E! ?) were false. Firstly, she did not go on a date with one of the actors who said he did. (Sorry, I don't know the actor's name). Secondly, someone who said they had spoken to her parents never did. (Both of her parents are now passed away). She also said she had a friend who was called Desiree? who was also a big porn star who she met when they worked at a club together in New York and their kids play together all the time.

Anyway, don't know if anyone really cares but thought some people would like to know that she is okay and well. She left to go back to America on last month after her holiday and said she really enjoyed her time here.

Hope this was of interest to you.

All the best


It's one of those moments, when the hair stands up on the back of your neck. Was it a hoax? A crank email? Or could it be the real thing?

Kevin and I exchanged emails a couple of times, and I asked him to pass on a message to "Bambi" for me. I doubted very much that I would hear from her - if she'd managed to keep her whereabouts secret for 25 years, I had no high hopes that she would break her silence for me.
And then..... another email arrived:

Hi Steve

I had your message passed onto me and I had a look at your site and I'm happy to pass on some information. I never wanted to be involved in a commercial activity about myself because when you do the press seems to think they have the right to do or say anything about you in the name of "public interest". I had no idea that they were doing the documentary on the movie until I saw it on TV and it was quite funny to see these things being said about me which were so untrue. I'm happy to set it right for you.

I don't know how much help I can be to you because, for obvious reasons, I don't wish any photos of me to be published and I am not prepared to give out personal details as I would then be easy to contact. I wish no disruption to the lives of those around me but I will answer your questions. I find the interest in the movie quite amusing because at the time none of us thought anything of it. It was just a way to make money and no-one had any idea how big it was going to be and continues to be.

It amazes me that people are so interested in that movie. To me there was nothing great about it and to think that someone would make a documentary about it is just amazing.

If you have any questions you want to ask feel free to send them through and I will answer them as honestly as I can. Hopefully through your site you can put to rest these rumours that people like to spread around.


And so, I immersed myself back in the world of Debbie Does Dallas. I read everything I could find online, i rewatched the documentary, I bought the new version of the movie to listen to the commentary tracks, to glean whatever information I could. I compiled a list of over 40 questions, and sent them off.

And over a series of emails, Bambi answered them all.

Starting tomorrow, we're proud to present the true story of one of the most famous adult movie actresses of all time - Bambi Woods, in her own words.

Previously on YBNBY
Where are they now: Debbie Does Dallas

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You're 100% convinced that it is her?

said Dee on May 21, 2007 11:34 AM.

I would say I'm 85% convinced that it's her. I'll be addressing that in more detail at the end of the interview.

said Scaramouch on May 21, 2007 11:53 AM.

This "Desiree" that she mentioned...that sounds like Desiree Cousteau. Did you happen to find out if it was or not?

said jre on May 21, 2007 1:03 PM.

Hey jre

It is indeed Desiree Cousteau, as Bambi says in tomorrow's interview.

(Man, you guys are good).

said Scaramouch on May 21, 2007 1:11 PM.

So where's the exclusive interview????

said andrew Hankin on May 27, 2007 7:49 PM.

So where's the exclusive interview????

said andrew Hankin on May 27, 2007 7:49 PM.

desiree is dead...for sometime.almost 20 years.

said lou on June 6, 2007 12:16 PM.

Andrew, how do you know Desiree is dead? The previous story tells that Bambi's kids play with Desiree's. Is this just a typo or what? And When did she die. She was one of the many that helped me through times of no dates!!!!!!!!

said jcburton13 on June 10, 2007 7:23 PM.

I grew up in Minneapolis working for the guy who had all the adult theaters and boookstores. I saw first hand how big the movie was. I got out of that job when i finished college. I saw the documentary and had no idea that "Debbie" had so mysteriously vanished.
Very interesting, and all the work you put into it.
I guess the wuestion is... is the interview up somewhere?
Thanks K

said K on October 9, 2007 3:43 AM.

Hey K, I added the link to the interview at the bottom of the story. Enjoy!

said Scaramouch on October 9, 2007 7:38 AM.

Debbie is now married to a software developer? How do I know you didn't make all of this up or compile it and never interviewed anybody at all?

said Phil on December 28, 2007 2:49 AM.

Phil, you are just going to have to trust me.

said Scaramouch on December 28, 2007 7:49 AM.

Debbie, where ever you are, you can come over and do me anytime! (just kidding)

said Phil on January 16, 2008 12:29 PM.

Scaramouch, why don't you try and have "Debbie" put you in touch with Desiree??? Would love to see an interview with her. She can remain anonymous just like Debbie! Thanks, great interview

said Jim on January 17, 2008 3:07 PM.

i just want to know that from which movie is the second photo of bambi, on this page. I never saw bambi in such dress in any of her movie.

said magig on March 11, 2008 2:20 PM.

It's been so long since I wrote this, I forget exactly, although all those images were screengrabbed from DVDs I own, so the answer has to be DDD 1, 2 or 3.

said Scaramouch on March 11, 2008 3:13 PM.

The last time I visted with Debbie, who I will call Catelyn, though it is not her real name, was 1987. So if she ever died, it was after that year. I hope not. I really cared for her, but being so young myself, I was reluctant to ask her to be my wife some day. She was a very nice young lady, very generous,sweet and kind, but very mixed up at the time. More than myself. She said she was married. I met her husband. I'll call him Bob. He seemed arrogant and self serving.I think she was miserable with him at that time when we first met. I really think she loved me and wanted to make a life with this country guy,as she called me. When we met, she was involved in making another porn film in upper N.Y. Alot of people knew who she was. It was not a complete secret. We became very good friends,skiing,hiking,getting stoned and going to bars playing pool together. We kept in touch between 1982-1987. When her movie,Debbie D.D. played in a local movie theater, my friends wanted me to come with them to see the movie. I did. It was not a good porno,as far as pornos are concerned. Even Catelyn couldn't imagine why it was so popular.For some reason, I did not continue to contact her after our last visit. I did not want to complicate her life more than it was. It is my belief that she is still alive and hopefully with a man who treats her kind. I do know that she did have one child the last time that we met. She worked in a large store in a popular city. I do still consider myself very lucky to be her lover and friend. She was a beautiful girl who was manipulated by creepy film bastards. I believe that If she was raised by a more loving family, I seriously think that she would not have gotten into hard drugs and porn. If anyone here knows Catelyn, tell her that her country boy still deeply loves her, and only wishes the best for her.I'm still in the area.So it wouldn't be hard to contact me. I would love to see her again. Dennis

said Den on July 9, 2008 3:24 AM.

Just happened to run into Bambi Woods in Australia and recognized her after 30 years. And while she doesn't want anyone to know where she is, she has no problem getting all chatty about it with people she just met on vacation, and giving an e-mail interview to a person she's never met after basically being in hiding for those same thirty years. All this from a woman who most people agree is dead. Hmmm... bet all this gave a nice boost to your site.


said Rob on December 18, 2008 10:09 PM.

Sure, the google adsense ads on this story have probably brought me $50 bucks or maybe even SIXTY from this story over the years, so very well worth all the effort I put in to fake it. Now I can retire to the Antipodes....

Jesus H Christ, some of you people need to just stop being so damn suspicious. It is what it is - I have no idea if it was really her or not, but I sure have better things to do with my time than invent crap...

said Scaramouch on December 18, 2008 10:46 PM.

Bloody hell! Bambi's half of the dialogue sounds partly British.

said JDaniel on January 5, 2009 1:29 AM.

I don't think anyone's accusing you of making it up, Scaramouch, but that someone's pulling your leg. The whole thing just seems pretty nonsensical. It's like if one day the Zodiac Killer came forth and gave an interview to an angelfire-hosted site.

said Charlie on January 19, 2009 12:30 AM.

I am pretty sure Bambi Woods' real name is Esther Morrison. I am almost positive. Unless she's married now and changed it.

said Suz on February 21, 2009 7:50 PM.

This is off topic, except that I live in Dallas, but the comments are closed for the "Where are they now, groupies of the 70's".

Pamela DesBarres was not the inspiration for the Kate Hudson character, Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous.

Pennie Lane was the inspiration. I thought it was Pamela too and was shocked to find out during an interview with Cameron Crowe on Charlie Rose, which can be found on youtube, that it was Pennie Lane.

This is her website...



said Patty on March 13, 2009 4:08 PM.

One of the girls in the shower scene looks like Lisa Kudrow.
Wonder who she is ;-)

said tony on March 19, 2009 3:11 PM.

I just saw the interview segment she mentioned a couple of days ago. She looks much thinner and has short brown hair. But it's definitely her. It's a segment from a cable show called "Late Late Blue" and the interviewer is not Al Goldstein. She does look a little strung out. The whole piece is about 10 minutes long and, given I now know she's so mysterious, is quite interesting.

said mick on May 22, 2009 5:32 AM.

NOT BAMBI WOODS, and the PROOF is in the FACTS.

She states she ONLY MADE Debbie Does Dallas and Debbie Does Dallas 2, she commented about never making Debbie Does Dallas 3, but anyone watching hta movie, she talks about it and when she mentions the name of the film, Debbie Does.... It's dubbed and the voice, NOT Hers, says Dallas Part 3.

BUT, here's where the FAKER ERRED.

Swedish Erotica 12 is NOT a movie. Swedish Erotica Volumes are loops, originally 8mm loops transfered to Beta and VHS and later Laserdisc.

Bambi Woods appears au natural, Brunette, in Swedish Erotica 12, for those who have seen the Interview on Youtube, go out and BUY Swedish Erotica 12, you will see the Brunette Bambi Woods, in Swedish Erotica 12.

You asked the ONE question that ONLY the REAL BAMBI WOODS COULD ANSWER, and this person couldn't answer it.

BAMBI WOODS IS IN SWEDISH EROTICA 12, as her natural brunette self.

Bambi Woods is said to have died of a Drug Overdose in 1986, and I have so far seen nothing to convince me otherwise.

Ask her how many scenes she did as a brunette in her porn days.

Better Yet, get a copy of SE 12 and ask her questions like, did you ever work with this person? Did you ever do this as a brunette?

said ortmanentprz on November 14, 2009 12:29 AM.

Seriously, some of the comments on here are just so stupid!

"Lou" says Desiree is dead, aw how do you know that Lou? or should we just take your word for it because you are called Lou? because we know nothing else about you.

To "Rob", no-one implied Debbie got all chatty about her movie to someone in Australia. He recognised her and approached her, what is so hard to believe about that? She then did an interview and offered to do an audio interview in person! for a donation to charity. Small tip Rob, hoaxsters don't offer to meet someone in person. If you don't think it's her put your money where your mouth is and take up her offer. Prediction, you won't.

And my personal favourite by "ortmanentprz " who makes a complete fool of himself by stating what he calls "facts". His fact number 1 is something to do with Swedish Erotica 12. That is the name given to a compilation video put together years after the loops were shot. How could she possibly know what a compilation video was going to be called and even more to the point that some little sex scene she shot was even going to be in it? She probably didn't even remember shooting it. He then states she died in 1986 and he believes it. Okay then where are your facts that she's dead? Oh, you don't have to provide them but Bambi has to predict in her interview what you want answered. If you are so sure of yourself take her up on her offer to be interviewed in person because when you meet her and it's not her you won't have to pay anything will you? Prediction, you won't.

said nia on December 26, 2009 6:35 AM.

This is very strange - this interview is fake. You don't even have to know her to know that this is a complete fake. But, anyways, Bambi is alive. Her name starts with a C...

She had a really difficult time during and after the DDD movies. I know her father died in like 1985, and that was really hard on her.

This interview is all wrong: "Bambi" only had one kid, so her "kids" couldn't have played w/ Desiree's; she did run away; etc.

This is seriously a joke.

said Colleen on September 18, 2010 11:24 PM.

Colleen, every word in the interview is true, as far as I know. Until another "Bambi" steps forward and it proves herself with more concrete evidence, I stand by the story 100%.

said Scaramouch on September 19, 2010 12:44 PM.

I am sure you are under the impression that it is true - but I am coming from the perspective of someone who knew her, so am 100% positive it's not true. I am impressed with the candor and realistic terseness of whoever made up this interview - but what they say is untrue. She was never in Australia or married to a software developer - she was married to an ex-cop.

said Colleen on September 19, 2010 7:50 PM.

Ahh, but here's the problem Colleen. Look through all these interviews and count how many people claim they, and only they, know the truth about her. A lot, and all of them are 100% certain their story is true, even though a lot of them conflict with each other. And, one thing they all have in common - not one of them will give their real name, or identity, or offer solid proof that their claim is genuine.

Here, I'll do it myself.

"This is all bullshit. I can prove this is false because I KNEW her. I worked in the deli where they shot that scene (it's a deli in a fashionable part of New York, still standing if you know where to look). And here name DID start with a C, but it wasn't Colleen, it was a Gaelic name with an unusual spelling. After the third film, she got money from one of her boyfriends to go live in Belgium where she still works as a children's teacher. She's very happy and would frankly laugh at this interview"

You see what I did there?

The fact is, YBNBY stands here - with an open web address, with named writers with findable email addresses - and offer you the story as we see it. Everyone else - including yourself - is just an anonymous commenter, unwilling to offer proof or identity, just another "but only I know the truth" snake oil salesman.

There are possible three truths here. 1) We told the truth, and the story is true. In which case, 100% of the commenters here are liars. or 2) We told the truth, but were lied to ourselves, in which case one of the commenters MAY know the truth, but would have to offer proof beyond heresay. or 3) We lied about the interview, and it never happened. Which still leaves the onus on the commenters to prove their claim.

I will still tell you, we told the truth, and I've seen no evidence AT ALL that we were lied to, beyond more tall tales in comments. So, frankly, until the woman herself steps forward, much like Howard Hughes did with Clifford Irving - this story is still the most likely one you'll read.

said Scaramouch on September 21, 2010 8:17 PM.

I actually believe everyone on here who says they know/knew her is telling the truth (except for that Belgium one - huh?).

I am really impressed though by how people have not said anything about her real identity. I just tried googling her birth name (initials CM) and nothing came up. I tried googling her married name (CH) and not much came up.

And if you cannot trust an anonymous person who claims to have known her, which is normal and fine for you to do that, then you equally cannot trust an anonymous person who emails you claiming to be her.

said Colleen on September 22, 2010 11:08 AM.

Colleen- my boyfriend and I recently watched "Debbie Does Dallas", and when I learned that "Bambi Woods" just up and disappeared in 1986, it really piqued my interest. If you would like to email me, the address is gjarpie@yahoo.com. I am sincerely interested in this and would love to know that she is still alive somewhere, enjoying life.

said Grace on September 22, 2010 6:48 PM.

We also created a page on Facebook- Where are you, Bambi Woods? Would love for people to join and share stories and anecdotes, and any thing that would help us in finding out her true situation.

said Grace on September 22, 2010 7:09 PM.

Colleen, Grace and I are the couple who started the group on facebook dedicated to finding out what became of Bambi Woods. We are just really curious to if she is in fact alive to this day, and we are not doing this to be intrusive. You seem to be pretty convincing in knowing Bambi and i too believe this interview is a hoax based on a interview from a magazine that i found on the internet. That interview was from 1980 and there are so many inconsistencies between that interview and the new one. I believe what is in the older interview. Would you be able to confirm a piece of information from that interview, that Bambi attended an all-girls Catholic high school on Long Island?

said Vincent on September 24, 2010 6:44 PM.

The Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Syosset, Long Island. Class of '72.

How's that?

said Scaramouch on September 30, 2010 12:38 PM.

(Just to point out the fallacy of your argument about what you need to "prove" the article is fake)

said Scaramouch on September 30, 2010 12:44 PM.

Scaramouch, we aren't saying anything against you. I can understand from your stand point especially if she gave you more information than you put in the article. Its just i found a interview with Bambi from a magazine in 1980 and a lot of the information just doesn't match up. I just want to know if she is REALLY alive to this day or not. You have a lot of people claiming to know her and no body spilling any beans at all. She has fans out there and its 30 years down the road, its like why not just say "Hey, im alive and well" and "here is a picture of me now". I mean come on, for god sake someone wrote a really awesome song about her. Bottom line is i am wondering what happended to her since the middle part of the 1980's and i have my doubts about the authenticity of the person you interviewed. Thats all.

said Vincent on September 30, 2010 3:19 PM.

Colleen, If you are out there somewhere I just have a whole ton of questions for you. I have found some evidence that makes me believe you really know the person we call "Bambi Woods".

said Vincent on October 2, 2010 11:19 AM.
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