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The Reggie Cleveland All-Stars (Revised Edition)

Posted by aquaman on April 22, 2007.


Almost two years ago, we posted a handful of pictures of Reggie Cleveland All-Stars. Coined by Bill Simmons of ESPN, Reggie Cleveland All-Stars are athletes whose names and ethnicities don't match; guys who made you say, "Wow, he's white?" [NOTE: It doesn't only apply to white players. Consider former UCLA standouts Ed & Charles O'Bannon.]

Thanks to everyone who left nominations in the comments section, we're able to update the roster.


From left to right: Jarrod Washburn, Khalil Greene, Lew Ford and Marcus Giles


Rulon Jones, Willie Mitchell and Aubrey Huff


Mack Brown, Jackie Earle Haley and Karim Garcia


Ty Wigginton, Darius Songalia and A.W. "Moonlight" Graham


Howie Kendrick, Patrick O'Bryant, Jeff Blake and Jacob Brumfield

Let me know who we missed, and we'll do this again one day.

Reader Comments

I know it's golf so the term athlete is debateable but what about Curtis Strange. sure had me fooled.

Posted by Golfstar.

Aubrey Huff is white?????
Holy crap.

Posted by Aubrey WTF.