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Where Are They Now -Requested Porn Stars

Posted by Miss Cellania on March 13, 2007.

The article on Golden Age Porn Stars last week had a terrific response, and plenty of requests to find specific stars. I am working my way through the comments, so if you asked for someone who is not listed here, they are still on the list. But I caught up with another dozen!

Vanessa del Rio was the first Hispanic porn star. She made over 200 movies between 1974 and 1986, when she retired from film, partly because of the AIDS issue. She now runs an internet porn site. She was canonized by the Church of the Subgenius as St. Vanessa del Rio, with December 29th as her feast day. A biography is scheduled for release this spring from German art book publisher Taschen. Visit Vanessa’s MySpace page.

Raquel Darrian (Kelly Jackson) started her adult movie career in lesbian-only scenes in 1988. When she moved to hetero films, her costar was Derrick Lane, whom she married in 1994 and later divorced. Her last film on Imdb is listed in 2004. Darrien has also been a featured dancer in Las Vegas. She has a website.

Traci Lords became a media sensation in 1986 when it was revealed that all but one of the adult films she made were illegal because she was underage. That one movie, Traci, I Love You was shot the day after she turned 18. It is also the only one owned by Lords. When all her previous movies were ordered destroyed, Traci, I Love You became a gold mine. Lords became a pariah in the porn industry because of the trouble, but she moved on to legitimate movies, television, and even video games. Lords had acted in seventy movies since leaving porn, and wrote and directed Sweet Pea in 2005. Two of her movies are schedule for release in 2007: Angels There Attend, and Your Name Here. A Flower in Brazil is scheduled for 2008.

Tori Welles was not only an adult movie star, but a writer, director, and producer of porn fims as well. She dropped out of school to become a stripper and went on to adult movies in 1988. She retired from the busines in the mid 90s, and returned in 1997. Imdb lists her latest film as The Great White North in 2005.

Nina Hartley has been in almost 500 adult movies, beginning her career as a college student in 1984. Hartley is an outspoken advocate for the porn industry, appearing on news shows and even once on Oprah Winfrey. She also produced and directed a video how-to series on sex. She is still going strong, and is currently filming for a company called Get It On Digital. According to her website, Hartley just celebrated her 48th birthday this past Sunday.

Victoria Paris was a mud wrestler in Hollywood and a nude model before she began appearing in adult movies in 1988. Before that, she earned a degree in nutrition from Montana State University. She made almost 200 adult films, the last being The Great White North in 2005. Now she concentrates on her official website, but is willing to do an occasional lesbian scene for film.

Savannah (Shannon Michelle Wilsey Longoria) was a California groupie before entering the adult movie business in 1994. She boasted of trysts with Billy Idol, Axl Rose, Slash, and Greg Allman, among others. She had a long-term relationship with Pauly Shore. By age 24, Savannah was deep in debt and addicted to drugs and alcohol. On July 11, 1994, after an automobile accident in which she broke her nose and cut her face, she called her manager, who arrived at her home to find Savannah had shot herself in the head. She died several hours later in a hospital.

Hyapatia Lee (Victoria Lynch) made over 70 adult movies between 1983 and 1991. Before moving into film, she won several nude beauty contests, including Miss Nude Galaxy in 1979. She was also a singer and songwriter for the bands W4IK and Vision Quest. Reports of her death in 1988 turned out to be fake when she was discovered living in Caifornia. Lee’s retirement tn 1991 was due to the AIDS scare. She now wants nothing to do with the porn industry.

Rocco Siffredi is an Italian porn star who filmed his first adult movie in France. He also produces and directs, and has won nearly 40 Adult Video Network (AVN) Awards for both performinging and directing. He also has some mainstream movies and TV shows to his credit. Siffredi announced his retirement in 2004, but continues to produce adult films. He has been married to porn actress and a former Miss Hungary Rosa Caracciolo since 1991. His website is available in several languages.

Jeanna Fine made 50 adult movies between 1986 and 1989. After relationships with porn stars Sikki Nixx and Savannah, she married Jim Bernstein in 1993. Fine stayed away from filming for several years to raise her son, then came out of retirement in 1998 and has over 250 movies listed in her name so far. She now lives in Honolulu and has a website.

Randy West.png
Randy West aspired to play professional baseball at one time, then made a living singing for several rock bands. Since 1975, he has appeared in over 1300 films, including Indecent Proposal as Robert Redford’s body double. West became a producer of adult films in 1993, and is proud to have discovered Jenna Jamison as well as dozens of other current porn stars. He was a website and a MySpace page.

Kay Parker became a porn sensation in 1977. She made 68 movies before retiring in 1998. Her most famous film was Taboo; she also starred in the movie’s many sequels. She also has a bit part in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Parker now works as a New Age metaphysical counselor and lecturer. Her 2001 autobiography is entitled TABOO: Sacred, Don't Touch (An Autobiographical Journey Spanning Six-Thousand Years).

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Reader Comments

How about part three with Erica Boyer and Honey Wilder.

Posted by miche.

How about Sandra Scream?

Posted by blav.

Samantha Strong?

Posted by stone.

what about Quisha

Posted by msslau.

Jamie Summers, Barbara Dare, Ashlyn Gere?

Posted by Nevermore.

Jamie Summers, Barbara Dare, Ashlyn Gere?

Posted by Nevermore.

How about:
Kaitlyn Ashley
Nikki Dial
Crystal Waters
Mike Horner
Kelly O'Dell

Posted by Vincent.

1 name......Amber Lynn

Posted by h.b.

Still no Chessie Moore...

Posted by Me.

Barbara Dare...she was hot!

Posted by br.

christie canyon

Posted by just me.

christy canyon????????

Posted by youknowwho.

Hey guys, Christy Canyon was on last week's post.

Posted by Miss Cellania.

Debbie Diamond was wild!!!!

Posted by Rhode Kill.

What about Bunny Bleu or Joanna Storm?

Posted by memoryMan.

Wasnt Raquel subsequently in another married to another porn star who died young?

Think it was Jon Dough
Or Titi Boy

I swear I'm not putting you on, they're real porn actors and 1 was in a relationship with her b4 dying.

Posted by elChupacabra.

What, no Loni Sanders? Kascha? Solange?

Posted by Scotty.

Micky Hill
Sarah Young
Debbi Diamond
Nici Sterling

theres one other cant for the life of me think of her name .. shame ... she rocked too :)

Posted by iamthehunter.

How about Angela Barron? She was the hottest thing ever to cum out of Germany, especially after the implants.

Posted by pornRULES!!!!!!!!.

How about Supremacy( former African American porn star)?

Posted by Ant.

You can't leave out Barbara Dare, the most gorgeous woman in porn of any period.

Posted by Stranger.

Oh yes, before I forget...there were a few additional models that I would like to know as to whatever became of them.

1. "Sierra". This cute heavy-chested Black model had appeared in quite a few periodicals, and I think she had made a couple of movies but she's disappeared. She was supposed to be from Detroit.

2. I think that this cute Black sister was billed as "Kim Eternity" or something like that, she had the words "Dark An Lovely" tattooed on her left breast, she too was heavy-chested. I wonder where she is?

3. Jeannie Peppers. Where is she today? She also was a busty and fine Black lady.


Posted by Zach S.


Posted by mdrayan.

I would love to hear about Marlene Willoughby, one of the best porn stars of all time.

Posted by Steve D.

What about jesie st james, and raven, and gloria leonard

Posted by $$$.

& janey robbins

Posted by $$$.

Chessie Moore has a myspace page. She lives in Caneyville Ky. and has a webpage also.

Posted by Ed.

Please Please Please
Danielle (Martin)

Posted by Rob.