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Top 10 Albums You've Never Heard


You might know a guy who knows a guy who has a bootleg; you might have downloaded some low-quality mp3s; you might have actually dreamed that you heard these but these are 10 albums that never got released so trust me: You Never Heard Them.

There are generally three reasons why albums like these never get released. Either the artists are not sure what to do (read: too high) to follow up their last big hit like Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys with Smile. Or studio execs get cold feet about an album that may be unmarketable like The Dave Matthews Band with "The Lillywhite Sessions". Or sometimes a band just decides to go in a different direction or even break up like The Beatles with Get Back. Sometimes all three happen.

I didn't included the above examples in my top 10 because they are three of the most famous lost albums of all time and they're not so lost anymore so you've probably heard them by now in some form or another. Here are 10 albums that never came to be:

10. Homegrown - Neil Young


Neil Young is no stranger to the lost album. For a while, fans sought after "The Missing 6" and this isn't even one of them. Young recorded Homegrown, even had the cover artwork created, but at the very last moment he decided it was too depressing and overly personal so instead he released the depressing and overly personal Tonight's The Night which itself was an unreleased album he recorded a few years earlier. Most of the tracks from Homegrown eventually found homes on other albums though. And as for "The Missing 6", I think they're down to the Missing 2 now.

9. Cigarettes and Valentines - Green Day


Meant to be the follow-up to 2002's Shenanigans, the entire project was scratched when the master tracks were stolen from the studio. Rather than re-record, Green Day instead started over and ended up recording what would become the award-winning album American Idiot. According to many involved, what had been recorded as Cigarettes and Valentines was far inferior to American Idiot and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong called the theft a "blessing in disguise."

Strangely, many believe that the album actually has been released but under the name Money Money 2020 by a band named The Network who may or may not be Green Day in disguise.

8. Electric Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen


Springsteen's critically acclaimed 1982 album, Nebraska, with its spare and haunting acoustic sound was actually the demo for the album recorded by Springsteen at home with a 4-track cassette recorder. A second version of the album was recorded with the full E Street Band but Springsteen and his producers felt that the demo worked much better so they released that instead. The full band version, nicknamed "Electric Nebraska" has never been released in any form and probably never will be.

Not a whole lot of people out there are clamoring for this one as many probably take The Boss' word for it that the right version was released.

7. Songs From The Black Hole - Weezer


To follow-up their successful self-titled "blue album" in 1994, Rivers Cuomo and his band Weezer planned on doing a concept album/'space opera'. The story included a large cast of characters with different parts that would be sung by Cuomo, then-bassist Matt Sharp, Rachel Haden of that dog and Joan Wasser of The Dambuilders (though she actually never knew at the time that Cuomo planned on using her for this). The plot involved robots and the Star Corps Academy and a boy named Jonas and... ugh, I don't know but even Cuomo eventually lost interest in this after going off to Harvard for a while and rewrote some of the songs to put on their great 1996 album Pinkerton.

6. Power of the Dollar - 50 Cent


Nothing scares studio execs like an attempted hit. After rapper 50 Cent was shot nine times in an incident in 2000 supposedly in reaction to a song on his upcoming album Power of the Dollar, Columbia Records decided not to release it. On the album 50 namedrops hip hop industry moguls and street hustlers from his hood alike. Oh, and there's also a song called "How to Rob an Industry Nigga" that explains how 50 would rob at gunpoint various real life industry people. Listen it's one thing when RCA gets nervous about a Dave Matthews album not being radio-friendly but it's another thing when the fallout of releasing an album could lead to a cap in the ass. You can't be too hard on Columbia Records in this situation.

Unlike others on this list, this album can actually be heard pretty readily. It has become very popular as a bootleg and one single, "Thug Love", featuring Destiny's Child was even released before the album got killed.

5. Lifehouse - The Who


After their success with the rock opera, Tommy, Pete Townshend and The Who planned on a new concept album that was so complicated no one but Townshend could understand it. At the time he was getting deep into Indian spirituality and science fiction and was hell bent on developing a computerized instrument that would play an individualized music theme based on a person's biographical data and then using it to play large interactive concerts in which The Who would be directing audience members to participate in the music.


The story of Lifehouse takes place in a 21st century, polluted post-rock-and-roll Britain where people wear Lifesuits that simulate a better life and the main character is named "The Hacker" (sound familiar Wachowski bros.?)

Eventually Townshend brought it all back to earth and dumped a lot of the songs he wrote into Who's Next and Who Are You. He revisited the concept years later on his own in a six disc box set called The Lifehouse Chronicles that no one has probably ever listened to.

4. Dream Factory/Camille/Crystal Ball /Black Album - Prince


Prince is a prolific artist and, like my dad used to say, there's something kind of funny about him so it's not surprising that he has a number of lost albums that got scrapped either by himself or by frightened studio executives. Trying to follow the chronology of these recordings gets kind of messy but it seems to start with Dream Factory in 1985 which reached the mastering stage before personal conflicts within his band, The Revolution, led to the the dissolution of both the band and the album.

Then things started getting weird.

Experimenting with sped-up vocals, Prince decided to release an album under the pseudonym Camille just to see how people would react to it. Some actually think that the personality of "Camille" took over Prince for a time. Again this album reached the mastering stage but Prince felt it wasn't enough and needed to go the double album (no wait! Triple album!) route with what would almost become Crystal Ball. Warner Bros. had no idea how they'd sell a 3 album set so Crystal Ball eventually became his masterpiece Sign O The Times.

Then things started getting really dark.

To follow up Sign O The Times, Prince decided to get nasty and gritty, recording dark and violent songs about sexual depravity. Word has it that Prince had been corrupted by the "Spooky Electric" and once he broke free of it's grasp he recalled The Black Album just after it's release and worked fast to release the happier Lovesexy instead. Many feel this is right about where his career began to plummet.

3. Household Objects - Pink Floyd

pink floyd 1.JPG

A great example of the old "What the hell do I do next?" predicament. To follow up the already legendary Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, Pink Floyd decided to record an album using only homemade instruments made of things like rubber bands and cardboard boxes and glasses of water. Before long the band began to wonder what the hell they were doing and abandoned the project. None of it has ever been heard.

2. The New My Bloody Valentine Album


Shoegazers like me suddenly look up really quick when we hear the words "The New My Bloody Valentine Album" but just forget about it, never going to happen. Not quite sure how to follow up the influential 1991 album Loveless, MBV leader Kevin Shields has had a number of aborted attempts but nothing that will ever likely get released. About 5 years ago Island Records finally released MBV from their contract, under which they never actually produced a record. All the other band members have moved on to other things but Shields is said to be working on some remastered reissues of a few unreleased tracks.

1. Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses


Wait, why is this one on here? This is coming out soon isn't it? God I hope not. About 15 years late and $13 million in the hole, this follow up to 1991's Use Your Illustion is far more entertaining in limbo then it will ever be if it sees the light of day. Having lost every other member of the original group during the lead up to this album (and gaining some odd collaborators like Shaquille O'Neal who rapped on a track that is not planned for release...ever) Axl Rose has been plugging away on this album for years and claims that it will be released in May 2007. He had better hurry up because in the last few years three bands have released their own albums called Chinese Democracy, not including the band Offspring who threatened to name their 2003 album Splinter after Axl's long stagnating project just to mess with him but changed the name at the last minute.

There are a lot more lost, unreleased albums out there. Feel free to comment below with others you might know of.

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Very cool to see Crystal Ball on this list because it is certainly an album that many people have not listened to let alone even heard of and while it's got some crap on it, there are gems as well.

I think we all have to realize that Chinese Democracy is never going to live up the hype after all these years. If there is one solid song on it I'll be surprised.

said C.C. Chapman on January 5, 2007 9:40 AM.

Toadies - "Feeler"

The story is simple. After going platinum with "Rubberneck" on the strength on the single "Possum Kingdom," Toadies hit the studio and recorded what would be called "Feeler." The album was scheduled for release in late 97, early 98. When the Interscope suits heard the album, they hated it and wanted the band to go back into the studio. Four years later, eight since the release of "Rubberneck," Toadies released "Hell Below, Stars Above." Only a few tracks from the "Feeler" sessions made it on the new album.
The band has since broken up, citing the industry as a main reason. Their disdain stemming mostly from the rejection of "Feeler." The band planned on releasing "Feeler" on their own for the fans but when they went to retrieve the original recordings from Intercope, they were told the tapes were missing.

said Chris on January 5, 2007 9:49 AM.

If you check out the movie, "An evening with Kevin Smith," he talks about shooting a documentary for Prince at his place in MN (which will never see the light of day). Apparently there have been music videos that will never be released that were shot for songs on albums you will never hear. The rumor is that Prince has enough more produced, unreleased material in his "vault" than material he has released.

In fact, just go watch the two evening with kevin smith movies, they're awesome.

said Yurko on January 5, 2007 9:56 AM.

Crystal Ball did come out in one form as a 3 CD cllection of songs from his vault, just after he left Warners.

My version came with an amazing extra cd called "The Truth" which is Prince's "acoustic" album -- it's a remarkable cd and puzzling as to why it was released as a bonus CD to Crystal Ball.

said TheMuggler on January 5, 2007 10:10 AM.

The Terrorist by Zack De La Rocha

This one has been in limbo for years and after he was working with Trent Reznor.

said Kurtz on January 5, 2007 1:26 PM.

I love how as soon as I saw this list, I was like Chinese Democracy will be #1. I'm a huge Guns 'n Roses fan, but fuck this shit. If it doesn't come out soon, I may just have to wait another 15 years.

said Colin on January 5, 2007 1:33 PM.

What about Eddie and the Cruisers? That was supposed to be a groundbreaking album.

said Pat on January 5, 2007 2:10 PM.

What about Eddie and the Cruisers? That was supposed to be a groundbreaking album that disappeared with Eddie's alleged death.

said Pat on January 5, 2007 2:11 PM.

Actually, one part of the Pink Floyd "household objects" experiment was released. It's heard on the very beginning of Shine On You Crazy Diamond from the Wish You Were Here Album.
That sound you hear is from the old parlour trick of filling wine glasses with different levels of water and running a wet finger around the rims to make harmonics.


said Darryl on January 5, 2007 2:16 PM.

Money Money 2020 is not the same material as the lost Green Day album. It is common knowledge that The Network was a side project of Green Day with the other two members of the group being former members of Devo. Also, the sound is drastically different from normal Green Day, and Billie Joe Only sings on aobut half the songs.

said Oober_Dave on January 5, 2007 2:29 PM.

well thats too funny .. becuz i have the power of the dollar album on my computer ... by 50 cent . in fact .. i kno all the words to like 2 songs on it haha funny how confident they were about us never hearin any of this .. i got the friggin album! haha

said Chris on January 5, 2007 2:38 PM.

actually, pink, the sound at the beginning of the floyd song is a guy playing a water-organ (called something else). it rotates and water flows over it and you play it by placing your hands on different places. look it up its pretty neat

said shazbot on January 5, 2007 3:06 PM.

Probably the biggest oversight that I noticed on the list is a more recent one, but was hyped breifly to be the most anticipaed and most incredible experimental metal/industrial album (n)ever made. Referenced in interviews with Trent Reznor, a live recording of APC by Maynard and splattered across the web "The Tapeworm Project" was to be a multiple collaboration with Danny Lohner and Reznor at the helm. Multiple fake songs and even entire albums popped up on napster and Kazaa.

From wikipedia (Trent Reznor):
Tapeworm, a collaboration with Danny Lohner, Maynard James Keenan of Tool, and Atticus Ross of 12 Rounds, was in production for almost ten years, but an update on the official Nine Inch Nails website declared that the project had been terminated. The only known performance of any Tapeworm material was when Keenan's other band A Perfect Circle performed the song "Vacant" on tour in 2001. "Vacant" appears on A Perfect Circle's third album eMOTIVe, reworked and retitled "Passive".

said AK on January 5, 2007 3:08 PM.

well thats too funny .. becuz i have the power of the dollar album on my computer ... by 50 cent . in fact .. i kno all the words to like 2 songs on it haha funny how confident they were about us never hearin any of this .. i got the friggin album! haha

said Chris on January 5, 2007 3:32 PM.

Wasn't there a cd with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube called Helter Skelter? I saw it in a magazine or on a cd cover ages ago, still to this day I haven't heard or seen it anywhere.

said CMJ on January 5, 2007 4:10 PM.

what about John Eddie's Long lost Elektra Album?

Or the mythical lost Beatles album?

Or U2's lost album

Bruce Springsteen's Hip hop Album?

said Faithful on January 5, 2007 5:01 PM.

What about Ryan Adams lost follow ups to his Heartbreaker Album - The Suicide Handbook and others rumoured to be written entirely about Winona Ryder and the breakdown of their relationship- all were canned by the record companies after they complained that these records were too depressing for a mainstream audience - Ryan Adams is possibly the new Prince when it comes to dearth of material

said ashley jones on January 5, 2007 5:40 PM.

I own a copy of The Lifehouse Chronicles.

said Scott on January 5, 2007 6:31 PM.

There is no "lost" beatles album, all 4 Beatles and George Martin have stated that

said iamthewalrus on January 5, 2007 7:06 PM.

The word "dearth" is the exact wrong word. Ryan Adams released three albums (one of them a double album) last year.

I agree though, some of the material on those albums is fantastic (e.g., Dreaming's Free and Hey There Mrs. Lovely).

said Bob on January 5, 2007 7:48 PM.

Can't forget U2 by Negativland!

said ERic on January 5, 2007 8:30 PM.

He could have been referring to the lost Beatles Album "Get Back", which would later be released as "Let it Be". The original "Get Back" album had a couple different tracks and most of the tracks were different mixes. Most hardcore Beatles fans consider the original "Get Back" album to be superior to "Let it Be". This is the closest thing to a true "lost" Beatles album that there is, though the material has been widely bootlegged.

There was also the lost Beatles album "Sessions" that was intended to be an Anthology type compilation but was cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately, all this material was eventually released on the various anthologies.

said monkspider on January 5, 2007 10:16 PM.

I can think of at least 5 or 6 Ryan Adams "albums" that are "available" but never released, the least of which are not the Pinkhearts sessions, both of which rawk...Not holding my breath for the actual release, but you haven't lived until you've heard "Blowin' the Coug" and "Candy Doll" at full volume....

said AJ on January 5, 2007 10:18 PM.

AFD from Powerman 5000. Anyone For Doomsday was the followup to Stars Revolt, but Spider backed out 2 weeks before release. It did get released on their website a few years later, but again it is unavailable commercially but is on ebay. I bought it from them, and it has a little story about it from Spider.

said Jaunt on January 5, 2007 11:02 PM.

Guns will release that record whenever the fuck they feel like it. I'll bet Axl's really worried about what The Offspring thinks-who were they, exactly? GnR been selling out shows around the world for the past year and are BETTER than they were with the old junkies who don't want to be in the band anymore. Go listen to your faggoty Bloody Valentine c.d. and don't worry about what the grown ups do.

said MD on January 6, 2007 2:24 AM.

How about that new Neutral Milk Hotel album?

said Griffin on January 6, 2007 3:06 AM.

Fiona Apple's 'Extraordinary Machine' album was 'kind of' unreleased. The original version was recorded and kept in limbo for years until she went and re-recorded all but two tracks and released a new one under the same name.

The final version is available in stores, and the original version can be found on the internet, but the two are quite different.

said p.van on January 6, 2007 4:13 AM.

Usher's "8701" album was actually a completely new album recorded after his follow-up to "My Way" was pirated and shared across Napster. A few forgettable tracks that I think told him if he's going to put out an album, it should be good.

And then 3 years later, he put out "Confessions" which sold over a million copies its first week - a feat unmatched in 5 years.

said deafgeoff on January 6, 2007 11:35 AM.

That biographical-inspired instrument that was to be the feature during The Who's performances of "Lifehouse" sounds an awful lot like the story surrounding "Baba O'Reilly", the Who's most popular tune. Apparently the electronica beginning to that song is exactly what Lifehouse strove to be: a musical interpretation of their friend Baba.

said Micah on January 6, 2007 12:24 PM.

Colin and Pat above asked about "Eddie and the Cruisers." Since they seemed to ask the question sincerely, I'll assume their question wasn't a joke.

There was no real band "Eddie and the Cruisers" that was simply a plot element for a fictional story made into a movie about a rock star who disappeared. Not a real band, not a real story. Just a movie with a soundtrack.

said barchester on January 6, 2007 1:10 PM.

About half of Frank Zappa's lifetime recordings. The guy's been dead for thirteen years last month, and in that time, about a dozen albums of unreleased material, recorded during a career in which, in the space of 27 years, he released about 60 albums, have themselves been released. It's obvious this guy never slept, because he had to have been writing every single minute he wasn't recording or performing on stage. And, in that time, he also fathered four children. No wonder he died just before turning 53. The guy needed a nap.

said Alex Stockwell on January 6, 2007 5:45 PM.

Chris and Pink-

I think the instrument you are referring to is called the glass Armonica. I saw it on Mr. Rogers once.

said Wayland on January 6, 2007 7:29 PM.

Pete Townsend had a solo album called Who Came First.He plays all instruments in a self described
ego explosion.There are some elements from the Lifehouse project repeated on it.Interesting to
hear early takes and lyrics that did become Who's
Next.'Pure and Easy' comes to mind.
Some of the best song writing by any artist isn't
done in one take, but gradually comes to fruition.
John Lennon took some 24 takes on Strawberry Fields,for instance.
Although alot of it should be shelved.For good.
Like A(sshole)xl and his debacle.

said Drunkanuk on January 7, 2007 9:05 AM.

The hypothetical fifth Marillion album with Fish as the lead vocalist. Singer Steve Hogarth is awesome on his 1989 Marillion debut "Seasons End", but there were sessions in 1988 with original singer Fish that are fascinating. Some demos show the music being similar to what came on "Seasons End", but instead with lyrics that would later appear on Fish's solo albums in the early-1990's. Apparently, once Fish left, the music stayed with Marillion and the lyrics were kept by Fish.

said Veircove on January 7, 2007 5:44 PM.

what about the unreleased album kenny rogers made n the early 80's called "meat curtains"? i heard on one of the tracks he talks about shaving dolly partons snatch and had another track where he talked about glory holes at a truck stop.

said kenny rogers pubic hair on January 7, 2007 5:49 PM.

what about the unreleased album kenny rogers made n the early 80's called "meat curtains"? i heard on one of the tracks he talks about shaving dolly partons snatch and had another track where he talked about glory holes at a truck stop.

said kenny rogers pubic hair on January 7, 2007 5:49 PM.

Those tracks by Kenny Rogers were actually released years later on his first album with his band The Roasters called "It's The Wood That Makes It Good".

said Evil Richard on January 7, 2007 6:01 PM.

Nice list. By the way, "Jaunt", Guns 'N' Poses will never mean crap to real music fans the way MBV did and still do. And check your stats about selling out venues. On this tour(and the last) they've cancelled more shows than they have sold out. Axl is an idiot. The only great musician he's worked with recently is Buckethead, and he left over a year ago.

said antistar on January 7, 2007 8:22 PM.

"don't worry about what the grown ups do" you're probably like 12, the fact that you know enough about the offspring to know they suck only shows how young you are

said jaunt's dad on January 7, 2007 10:09 PM.

"don't worry about what the grown ups do" you're probably like 12, the fact that you know enough about the offspring to know they suck only shows how young you are... also, axl's talent ran out long time ago, his fans are what made him what he is and he treats his fans like shit

said jaunt's dad on January 7, 2007 10:10 PM.


said bzxxxxxx on January 7, 2007 10:12 PM.

Good thing they were lost, because every one of those artists blow sack.

said Killa on January 7, 2007 11:04 PM.

From the sound of the leaked demos and live performances, Chinese Democracy will be a fantastic record, if you're into that style, which is far from the hard rock/blues style of slash and izzy. It's time to move on from old guns n' roses and accept NewGNR for what they are which is an entirely different band, also in my opinnion an entirely kick arse band. I am a massive guns n' roses fan (both new and old) and im VERY excited about what i've heard so far.

"Go listen to your faggoty Bloody Valentine c.d. and don't worry about what the grown ups do." - this guy gives guns n roses fans a bad name, on the whole we arent closed minded and love all kinds of music!

said Max on January 8, 2007 12:56 AM.

bullet for my valentine were a pretty decent support act for GN'R last summer. if they work hard GN'R will probably keep them on the next tour too.

Even if its not released, Chinese Democracy is already better than anything released lately. There reasons are 6 :

2)there was a time
4)the blues
6)Chinese Democracy

said vag on January 8, 2007 3:43 AM.

there most likely will NEVER be another Neutral Milk Hotel album. There are lots of old one-offs and live recording, dozens of songs to be found online. We have to make do with what's out there: there wont be any more.

said danielkills on January 9, 2007 6:17 PM.

there most likely will NEVER be another Neutral Milk Hotel album. There are lots of old one-offs and live recording, dozens of songs to be found online. We have to make do with what's out there: there wont be any more.

said danielkills on January 9, 2007 6:17 PM.

Vain- All Those Strangers

In the late 80's the dark-glam band Vain released what many hard rock fans feel is among the best best albums of the genre with their debut cd No Respect. When the band turned in the follow-up cd All Those Strangers, the label felt it was "too similiar" to the previous cd (meaning they probably thought they wouldn't make any cash) and dropped the band. The cd has been widely bootlegged and about half the songs ended up on other cds. It's an underground hard rock classic and is even better than their debut.

said Lazer Tron on January 10, 2007 3:35 AM.

Stone Gossard/Doug Pinnick

Pearl jam has long openly admitted that grunge took its cue from the Katy, TX hard rock band King's X, a band many musicians respect immensely, but the public generally ignored. During Pearl Jams height of fame Stone Gossard said that he was working on a piano project with King's X singer Doug Pinnick. Years later Doug stated that the project was still being worked on as time permitted. NO alnum has ever been released and neither have mentioned it at all in quite some time.

said Lazer Tron on January 10, 2007 3:37 AM.

Violet's Demise

After one album with former Dokken guitarist George Lynch's band Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan quit to form a new band with former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson. A label bidding war ensued and after the deal was signed and the album recorded...the label chose not to release it. The band broke up. Crappy bootlegs are available to those who search for them.

said Lazer Tron on January 10, 2007 3:39 AM.

Temple Of The Dog/Chris Cornell

I stumbled across a bootleg of unreleased songs by temple Of the Dog and new acoustic songs by Chris Cornell. the only songs from that bootleg that ever got released were a much shorter version of "Reach Down" which was on the Temple Of The Dog cd, and a rerecorded and far inferior version of "Flutter Girl" on Cornells solo album.

said Lazer Tron on January 10, 2007 3:43 AM.

"Wasn't there a cd with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube called Helter Skelter? I saw it in a magazine or on a cd cover ages ago, still to this day I haven't heard or seen it anywhere."

Yeah, there was a song called "Natural Born Killaz" on the old Murder Was The Case soundtrack that was supposed to be the first single from that album. Never happened.

said Train on January 10, 2007 4:27 PM.

Some of those King's X/PJ songs did find their way onto Napster back in the day. Then there's the rumour of a third Wingtip Sloat record. And if you're looking for 'supposed' new NM Hotel stuff, fire up "Domineering Skeptical Blight" on your favorite file sharing program.

said Beachfront on January 12, 2007 4:56 PM.

Don't know ahy you refer to "Power of the dollar" and "Crystal Ball" as unreleased. I own both of them as original pressed CDs.

said Got It on January 14, 2007 6:11 AM.

As I remember hearing, there was also a solo Dr. Dre album that he scrapped, noting that he's no rapper and will be sticking to production duties from there on end.

Jamiroquai also recorded a whole album of material, but as Jay Kay wasn't happy with it, he decided to bin the masters and compose all new songs that (I think) ended up being A Funk Odyssey.

All in all, good stuff, but Mr Richard (or is it Evil?) really needs to work on his grammar.

said Slobodan Chutzpah on January 17, 2007 8:36 PM.

What about Dr. Dre's Detox? Also, I read an interview just this month where Kevin Shields says that there will be a new MBV album. Take it with a grain of salt of course, but it's something. I'd also like to hear the version of John Wesley Harding with The Band playing over all the tracks.

said Matt on January 19, 2007 1:43 AM.

I saw guns on Dec. 6, '06. They played about 5 Democracy songs. They were excellent. Am I pissed about the wait? Of course. Does Axl owe it to anyone to put the album out at all? No....

What is the matter with people? He's not taking our money. He entertained us for years. The other albums are great. Just appreciate the stuff that is there. When Democracy comes out, buy it or don't. None of us are relegated to involuntary servitude. So why should anyone force that same principle on Axl.

Regardless of all the bitching people are doing, I just looked for the hell of it to see 14 million people have visited the gnr website. 14 million.... If you think this album is irrelevant, you are an old fan, not a new one. The concert on Dec. 6 was loaded with teenagers. My nephews and nieces are bigger fans than I. You see, whether you care or not, the album is going to be sucessful. Sorry.

Stop bitching. U2 and Metallica are releasing/released their latest albums out of 50. So, what do you want. 50 shitty albums or 6 great ones??????????????????

"Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people." Refreshments

Bye, bye whiners....

said scttt on January 29, 2007 8:26 PM.

"Ornament and Crime" by sElf. Not only is it Matt Mahaffey's best (and most accessible to the general listening public) work, but the album is downright GREAT from any rock standpoint. The album was recorded for Dreamworks, then they got bought, and the current label is just sitting on the rights to the album. It's a shame...

said ill on April 3, 2007 1:28 PM.

AUTHOR: Zmajraw
EMAIL: Zmajrkagql@gmail.com
DATE: 06/07/2007 02:42:45 AM

said Zmajraw on June 7, 2007 2:42 AM.

AUTHOR: Zmajraw
EMAIL: Zmajrkagql@gmail.com
DATE: 06/07/2007 02:42:54 AM

said Zmajraw on June 7, 2007 2:42 AM.

A new My Bloody Valentine Album. ah. it's truly happening

said Josh on November 19, 2007 10:05 PM.

Whoever does not acknowledge that "My Bloody Valentine" are an amazing band is either an ignoramus who thinks Creed are "heavy metal", or hasn't listened to Loveless enough.

Damnmit, Loveless is the best album ever made. Ever. In the entire universe. It makes Jimi Hendrix sound boring.

said C. on February 18, 2008 12:38 PM.

what about SMiLE by The Beach Boys?

said Benjamin Ferrell on June 17, 2008 8:35 AM.

seriously..how can "Smile" by The Beach Boys not be on here?

I mean..sure Brian Wilson released HIS version of it in 2004..but that doesn't even compare to the original bootlegs that circle the internet...even though it waaaas amazing

said taylor on July 28, 2008 11:08 PM.

taylor's right. The Beach Boys' "Smile" is probably the most famous unreleased album, second only to The Who's "Lifehouse." I was lucky to find nearly all of the original Smile on the Internet. And I was able to reconstruct "Lifehouse" as it was most likely supposed to be if it had been released in '71. Another unreleased album not on this list is "Chrome Dreams" by Neil Young. Oddly, he released "Chrome Dreams II" in 2007 without releasing the first one.

said Scott on October 17, 2008 1:18 PM.

Prince did eventually release The Black Album in 1994, so it's no longer "lost."

said Shadrach on December 9, 2008 10:50 AM.


said Nickolas on July 1, 2009 11:59 PM.

(top 5 )
6.new MBV album
5. New Neutral Milk Hotel album
4. Chrome Dreams
3. Lifehouse
2. Homegrown
1. Smile

said Alex on August 26, 2010 1:49 AM.
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blog on the
maybe not.

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Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

Where the Streets have Sexual Names
Lets not leave out Climax, Saskatchewan :)

Where are they now? Serial Killers
another true fact on Jeffry Dahlmer, sick puppy he is ..one book at library sai

Where Are They Now - The Griswold Kids
dana hill passed away now

Where Are They Now - The Griswold Kids
dana hill passed away now

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