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Top Ten Lady Liplocks - YouTube Edition

Posted by Scaramouch on November 23, 2006.

As Thanksgiving comes to an end, I took a look back over our most popular posts from the past year, and saw that the Top Ten Lady Liplocks story was still getting quite a number of hits. So I planned to write a YouTube version, with clips of all the big screen kisses we featured before.

But as I dug deeper, it was the amateur clips that actually held my fascination - the drunken sorority girls taking their first taste of forbidden love (sorry, slipped into Fabio novel-speak for a second).

So, without further ado, and with no apologies, here's ten clips of chicks getting it on with each other. Just another thing to be thankful for this holiday season.

There's something about girls in matching pyjamas that appeals to that Freudian "maybe they're sisters" thing we all want to deny.

The description in YouTube on this one is "Two nice girls kissing" but I'm not sure this is what my Mother used to mean when she'd say "oh, she's a nice girl."

Oh those wacky Japanese. Somewhere Alan Funt is turning in his grave, and probably making a knocking sound on the top of his coffin as he does so.

I think Paris Hilton was on to something with the Infra Red camera schtick, because it definitely adds an element of the forbidden.

This is "Yuri Fans Kissing". Of course, I have no idea what or who "Yuri" is, but it hardly seems to matter.

Not my favorite of the bunch, but then I've never been a "piercings" kind of guy.

"Buy me some peanuts and Cracker jack, I don't care if I never get back".

There's a dude with a dog in this one, but don't let that put you off.

You see, if Lonelygirl15 had put some of this stuff into her videos, no-one would have questioned the authenticity.

And here's an object lesson for anyone. Saying "as long as it doesn't end up on the internet" pretty much guarantees just that.

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Reader Comments

This is the true meaning of giving thanks.


A lot.

Posted by Goonz.

Hottt. The first one was by far the best. "Yuri" is the Japanese word for lesbians and or lesbian manga/anime.


Posted by SuperEmoFag.

no way. 4th one with the night vision camera is the best. Girl On The Left is sexy.

Posted by the dude.

the nighscope one with the music really is genious. Somebody figure out a way to download that so youtube doesnt eat it. w o w . . .

Posted by I_now_know_beauty.

Canada says thanx!

Posted by Taylor13.

Yeah #4 is the best but then again arent they all good? Something about two girls making out is just DAMN SEXY!

Posted by RSQUARED.

number 4 is the best. its just...authentic and good. the random landscape makes it all the better.

anyways, the video can be downloaded off the guys site thats posted. i was wondering the same thing lol.

Posted by H4x0rzTrab.

ok, now to start my day. hey, what's this, an e-mail from Jim.......ooooopppppp.........gotta go home and change.

Posted by The Col.

Look for a vid called:

Airi & Meiri kisses

It should be on youtube.

Posted by Freak Show.

Yuri is japanese for Girl on Girl action

Posted by Emi.

I work with the chick in the 8th clip. The chick on the left. She's tedious and annoying, and it makes me queasy to have spotted her liplocking with that feminine looking dude. Yuck!

Posted by Newfers.


Posted by Helderjp.

Every chick is a huge slut, just waiting for the right circumstances to excuse her behavior or the right person to be slutty with that she won't feel guilty or judged around. Whores!

Posted by asdf.

OK, now it's time to see some boys kissing!! Who's first?? Come on, fair is fair!

Posted by katie.

i liked videos 1 2 4 and 8 but i think they should have taken off there clothes.

Posted by sabrina.

i liked videos 1 2 4 and 8 but i think they should have taken off there clothes.

Posted by sabrina.

we want more

Posted by moudounane.

we want more

Posted by moudounane.

Ooh baby, damn hot it is.. We should see what happened after espacialy for the first ;).

Posted by Arnoldo.

Instant b0ner.

Posted by Honest Guy.

i agree with you Arnoldo!!

instand f*ck'n B0ner

Posted by horny!!.

Oh my!

Posted by Citygent.


Posted by sajfdhjk.

it vere hooooooooooooot and sexy

Posted by Recoba.