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June 09, 2006

The Grindhouse - She Freak

In 1967, David F. Friedman shat out a highly inferior update on Todd Browning's classic horror film Freaks. If it were released today, they would call it a "re-imagining."

Fantastic footage of a real carnival and some nice shots of classic sideshow banners are appealing, but for me the highlight is a scene about 90 seconds in that demonstrates how to woo a woman.

If the trailer leaves you wanting more, pick up She Freak on DVD from Something Weird Video.

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Today's NY Post

For those of you not in New York, here's what passes for journalism in our fair city these days. I'm just speechless.

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I have to say, several trailers in, and I wish i was digging Pixar's Cars more than I am. Hopefully, the movie will exceed my expectations. However, the trailer for their NEXT movie, Ratatouille, is much more interesting.

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Breakfast Links


- I just read construction on the Freedom Tower begins Monday...with Blasting! Yeah, the explosive kind!
- Remember Mike Tyson's Punchout? This clip takes you through every match from Glass Joe to Iron Mike, himself.
- What's the deal lately with Diet Coke and Mentos experiments? Just imagine what they're doing to your insides.
- Dog Bites Man is Comedy Central's take on investigative journalism. First episode is free on iTunes. It was pretty good.
- And it appears Net Neutrality just took a huge hit in the House of Representatives. This is not good.

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