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Top Ten YBNBY Stories of the Year

As we come to the end of the year, I've spent time looking over our server logs for the last 12 months, and discovered the Top Ten stories that we ran during the year, based on number of times each one was read.

When I started to do this, I thought that the older stories might feature strongly as they have had more time to register hits, but our traffic has exploded so much lately that any advantage the early runners had was counterbalanced completely by the influx of new readers in the last couple of months.

So come with us now, as we look back over our first year, and find out which were our ten most popular stories of 2005, counting down from #10 to the most popular.

#10. Where are they now: Pussy Galore - 30k readers
Proof that there's life in the Bond franchise yet, this story focussed on the Bond Girls from the Connery years. Maybe I should get around to writing a Roger Moore version. (See who linked to this story).

#9. Ten Pioneers of Striptease - 44k readers
A story featuring profiles of ten burlesque dancers from the early years of striptease. One of the least safe for work stories we ran, due to copious pictures of boobies, but it would have been hard to do a story on strippers without that. A pretty popular story with the college crowd, and a number of adult blogs (see who linked to this story).

#8. Famous Virgins - 46k readers
Inspired by the Steve Carrell movie, and one of the early “Top Ten” lists - you can see we were still working through this as the list actually contains 11 virgins. Also one of the first stories we ran that was picked up by Gorillamask (who supplied an awful lot of our traffic this year). (See who linked to this story)

outrageous tv
#7. Outrageous Firsts in Television History - 70k readers
Considering this post is only a couple of weeks old, it did very well to make the list - Jellio examines classic moments from TV History, including the first emergence of John Ritter's John Thomas. (see who linked to this story)

#6. Ten Great Hollywood Orgasms - 100k readers
Another fairly recent post, this one filled the traditional lull over the Christmas period - for every person spending time with their family, I guess there's another lonely one at the computer looking for “inspiration”. Dear to my heart as it got featured in Britain's “The Sun”. (See who linked to this story)

child stars
#5. Where are they now & did they get hot? - 116k readers
It's enough to give you a slightly icky feeling as we catch up with all those child stars of yesteryear and see if they turned into the sexbombs you always hoped they would. (See who linked to this story)

Debbie Does Dallas
#4. Where are they now: Debbie Does Dallas - 126k readers
I probably put more research into this damn story than any other I've written, and was pretty disappointed when very few other blogs picked it up back in August. However, as if to prove old stories never really die, it's recently made the rounds again, getting 121k readers in December alone. (See who linked to this story)

#3. Top Ten Violent Death Scenes - 135k readers
After we'd concentrated so much on sex, it seemed natural to also cover violence, and Jellio's post really touched a nerve. This one has got to be the YBNBY story with the most reader comments ever. (See who linked to this post)

lady liplocks
#2. Top Ten Lady Liplocks - 261k readers
Yes, there's nothing more fascinating than two girls kissing, as we found out when this story made the front page of Fark and our server nearly drowned. Half the credit should go to Jellio who came up with this idea, but just couldn't lower himself to actually write it. I, of course, had no such qualms. (See who linked to this story)

#1. Top Ten Female Streakers - 633k readers
It's the post that never dies, as more and more sites continue to stumble across our rundown of the ten best naked ladies to ever run across sporting pitches. This was huge in Japan and Eastern Europe, proving that nudity is indeed an international calling card for over 600,000 readers!! Unbelievable. (See who linked here)

So there it is - if you have a favorite story we left off, leave a comment to let others know. And stick around, loyal reader, because we will (very unoriginally) bringing you more of exactly the same kind of crap in the coming year.

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