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YesButNoButYes Beginners Guide

Posted by aquaman on October 26, 2005.


If you're new here, you probably have lots of questions. Who are you guys? What are your aspirations? Whatever happened to the kids from Fame?

YesButNoButYes started humbly, a handful of bored co-workers talking to each other. As time went by, more and more people were listening. And commenting. And now 750,000 entertainment-seeking readers stop by each month.

Over the years -- as of January 22, 2007, we'll be 2 -- our writing staff has expanded, expectations increased. Can we handle the bigger stage? We claim to be up to the challenge, but this may be the kind of resolution that fades quietly into oblivion by early Feb.

Let's review some of our greatest hits.

• Here are our Top Ten Stories of 2005 and 2006.

• After Deep Throat was unmasked, the world was hungry for answers to more age-old questions. Like, what happened to the cast of The White Shadow? What (or who) has Debbie done since Dallas? Did Rudy Huxtable grow up to be hot? The Where Are They Now? series continues to fill this gaping void.

• You can count on Jellio's Lunch Hour Veg to get you through the day.

• One of the more popular/disturbing features is The Grindhouse. In the words of TheMuggler, "It's like Oprah's Book Club, but with a lot more nudity, sex, and violence."

• YesButNoButYes doesn't just comment shallowly on emerging media (though to be clear, we do do that quite often). Scaramouch was the definitive video podcast critic for a good chunk of 2006, with YesBut sister site His alter ego, Gideon Television, is the first gonzo journalist in Second Life, earning a spot in the Big Brother house (Things didn't end well.) And Razen's all over the mashup scene.

• We live at the intersection of Google and boredom. For example, take a look at our Top Ten Female Streakers, and list of history's Famous Virgins. We've also belatedly recognized celebrity deaths (like Mr. Belvedere's 2001 passing) in our Retro-bituary series.

• We've done our share of pseudo-celebrity interviews. I say "pseudo" because our subjects don't really qualify as celebrities, and our interview style shows no evidence of journalistic training or integrity. But we were the first to report on K.C. Armstrong's whereabouts, and were rewarded with some coveted Page Six ink. We also sat down with Naked Cowboy & Naked Cowgirl. And we had some fun at the expense of the Degree In-Action Hero campaign and its poor copywriter.

• We thought PageSix was the ceiling. Then Star Magazine reported on Jellio's TomKat t-shirt collection.

• At YesButNoButYes, Wednesday is New Comics Day. We've also brought you the Ugly Animal Kingdom, flirted with Porn Creep, reviewed some motion pictures, ridiculed People's Mailbag, and offered up a shitload of weekend plans. Miss Cellania continues to bring you random hilarity. And don't miss one man's journey in Commuting Suicide.

• Chief Contradictor Scaramouch has joined the ranks of the paparazzi-elite with his YesButMoblog. Our biggest scoop? His exclusive coverage of National Underwear Day. Deserves a Pulitzer (there's a Pulitzer category for this sort of thing, right?) His other entries range from cute and cuddly to downright creepy. I think it's obvious where George Lopez falls on that spectrum.



• And, of course, we post anything we find even remotely interesting. The greatest pop culture blog on the planet. Or maybe not. It's hit or miss. YesButNoButYes. Enjoy!

P.S. -- After hopping on the bandwagon, you'll probably want to pick up some merchandise to show your love and affection. T-shirts and more are available in our store.