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Where Are They Now: The Kids From Fame

Posted by Scaramouch on October 03, 2005.


Did they live forever? Did they learn how to fly? One thing I'll say for Alan Parker - he certainly knows how to pick a great cast, because virtually all the Fame alumni have either gone on to a long professional career in the entertainment world. Or they've already “made it heaven” a tad early (or both).

And so, YBNBY answers the question you didn't even know you wanted answering - Fame: Where Are They Now? Baby, remember their names.

Cara1-1 Cara2
Irene Cara - Coco Hernandez
While her vocal performance in Fame was to gain a grammy nomination, it was three years later that Cara was to achieve her greatest success, with Grammy, Oscar & Golden Globe for the song she wrote and performed- Flashdance: What a Feeling. However, things went downhill from there, amidst acrimonious legal wrangles with her management. Still single, she lives in Florida and fronts the all-girl R&B band Hot Caramel.

Laura1 Laura2
Laura Dean - Lisa Monroe
Laura, a former dancer, followed up her smash hit Fame with the somewhat less successful Cannibal Apocalypse (presumably NOT singing Hot Lunch Jam while munching on a clavicle). She also had a recurring role in Friends as Rachel's co-worker, Sophie. She is now a stay-at-home mom with two daughters, doing voice work for animated movies (such as My Little Pony & The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers). She also sang on the soundtrack to the film Chicago.

Bruno1-2 Bruno2-2
Lee Curreri - Bruno Martelli
Married to Laura Dean's sister Sherry, Curreri still works as a musician, composer & producer. He has worked on albums for Natalie Cole & Kid Creole & The Coconuts, and numerous scores for television shows, including Chicago Hope & Dangerous Minds. He also seems to have grown into a doppelganger of Ron Jeremy, and it looks like he wrote his own mini-biography over on IMDB. Dork.

Antonia1 Antonia2
Antonia Franceschi - Hilary van Doren
Fame was Antonia's second brush with Hollywood - she also appeared as a dancer in Grease. On the final day of photography for Fame, Antonia was accepted as an apprentice at the NY City Ballet, and has made her career as a dancer and choreographer ever since, working with some of the world's top ballet companies. She now lives in London where she also teaches.

Boyd1 Boyd2
Boyd Gaines - Michael
While Boyd has continued to make appearances in film & TV, his main success has been on Broadway, having won three Tonys, and appeared in Cabaret, Contact and The Heidi Chronicles amonst others. His most recent role was as Juror #8 in the stage version of Twelve Angry Men (2004). He also has a roaring sideline in reading audiobooks.

Monty1 Monty2
Paul McCrane - Montgomery MacNeil
One of the most visible alumni of Fame, Paul scored a major role as the evil Doctor Robert “Rocket” Romano in ER. Can you believe he used to have that much hair?

Ralph1 Ralph2
Barry Miller - Ralph Garcey
Barry came to Fame with some seven years acting experience, including a major role in Saturday Night Fever, so it's no surprise that - post Fame - he has continued to be succesful in stage and screen, winning a Tony for his role in Biloxi Blues. and appearing in many movies & TV shows (The Last Temptation of Christ, Flawless, The Practice, Ally Mcbeal to name a few).

Leroy1 Leroy2
Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy Johnson
After Fame the movie, he was one of the few castmembers to graduate to Fame the TV show, which then spawned The Kids from Fame live show that toured England. But other than that, it seems this real life rebel with no professional dance training but a lot of pizazz found professional work hard to find. He lived for several years in Italy before returning to the US. Gene's last onscreen appearance (see picture above) was for a BBC documentary on Fame taped in April 2003. At that time, he was HIV-Positive. Two months later, he suffered a stroke and died soon after. RIP Leroy.

Doris1 Doris2-1
Maureen Teefy - Doris Finsecker
Maureen parlayed her Fame fame into roles in Grease 2 & Supergirl. Lately she has had a much lower profile, appearing in local theater in her home, Santa Monica. She has also written a play based on the life of Clara Bow. IMDB breathlessly tells us she has a dog named Lambchop and drives a white Volvo Stationwagon!!! As I said, low profile.

Hague1 Hague2
Albert Hague - Benjamin Shorofsky
After the movie, Hague went on to recreate his role as Shorofsky in the TV version of Fame for a further five years. A gifted composer as well as actor, in his later years he performed in a succesful cabaret act with his wife Renee Orin Hague. Albert succumbed to cancer in 2005 at the age of 81

Meara1 Meara2
Anne Meara - Mrs. Sherwood
The wife of comedian Jerry Stiller, and mother of Ben Stiller. In 2000 she was named Queen of Brooklyn. Not sure if that means Brooklyn is now a monarchy or not. Oh, and she also has a couple hundred screen credits.

Merlin1 Merlin2
Joanna Merlin - Miss Berg
Joanna, a former student of Michael Chekhov, now teaches at a variety of acting schools including the American Conservatory and The Actors Center, as well as being on the faculty at NYU. She has worked as a casting director on several big budget movies, her book “Auditioning: An Actor Friendly Guide” is now in it's sixth printing, and she had a recurring role on Law & Order: SVU as Judge Lena Petrovsky.

Debbie1 Debbie2
Debbie Allen - Lydia Grant
The Simon Cowell of her day, Debbie auditioned over 3000 young performers when Fame transferred to TV. In fact, her phrase from the opening titles of the series 'Fame costs, and right here is where you start paying - in sweat“ is one of the enduring legacies of the Fame franchise. She continues to work both in front and behind the camera, hosting the recent NBC reality show, Fame, as well as fulfilling a lifelong dream to produce the movie Amistad.

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