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The YesBut Interview - Naked Cow People - Part II


Yesterday we found out more things about the cowboy than any of us really needs to know. And today (despite what Johnny Chicago thinks) we bring you the conclusion of our almost fascinating interview with the naked ones.

Thoughts on the new Times Square, using their bodies to sell products, even a candid discussion on male pattern baldness. (Oh, and porn) It's all here, after the jump.

And if you missed Part One yesterday, you can either click here, or scroll down a bit. (it was a slow day)

Jellio: This one's for either of the Cow folks. Do we like the new, Disney-fied Times Square? Or would you like it to go back to the good old porn, rough around the edges days?

Cowboy: Again, I don't agree with the labels. I know there's a classification of knowledge that says this used to be a seedy area, and now it's a clean area. And oh boy, using the word Disneyfication is just another one of those samples of someone, you know, whatever. Come up with some fancy word that ties some new idea, tries to bring new prospects to the area. Every man, woman and child that walks through Times Square has the devil and Jesus Christ in 'em. You can cover it up, the outside, and I guess it might have been more seedier, if you want to use that word. That whole thing, that's juvenile. (wearing a diaper in traffic...that's mature) I don't believe any of it. It's always been what it is.


Jellio: A lot of people are using their bodies to sell advertising. Either of you up for that?

Cowboy: Sell outs! (So much for the ad blogs linking to us) Myself, personally, I have many offers. I know it might sound ridiculous, but to me, that's tacky. And to me, also, and take anything I would say as good advice for the Naked Cowgirl to use. And it's Naked Cowgirl,not The Naked Cowgirl...Just remember that. (that's pretty funny) Writing on the body, and all that stuff, you're in your underwear, boots and hat,in Times Square. The entire world is looking at you. You've already been accepted as that position. Which will be the second most primary vehicle in the entire world, you don't need to tacky it up, (Did he just say he didn't want to turn wearing underwear into something tacky?) if you will, by putting ink on you. That's my opinion.

Cowgirl: Yeah, exactly.

Jellio: So you think being naked in pretty much just a g-string and a cowboy hat...adding a logo brings it to a less than tasteless place?

Cowboy: Yeah. And again, every single thing that's in Times Square, in terms of being a global capital for pop culture and all that stuff. I mean, this is a culture of commercialism where everybody's just trying to say, "Look at this!" It's all about product. Naked Cowboy wasn't about being a product. It was about just being a man in the world and accepting bare, honest, naked. Look, I want to be everything, I want to go to a world where I can just be everything. So it's not about, again, just trying to create a brand. Persistence of a man being honest becomes branding more than anything else. (whoa) And that's the opportunity I see as her. It's like, sell all these things, this and that, if you can just be yourself, and play the role, you'll rise above anything else that's out there. (pay attention kids...good advice from a naked guy in a funny hat)

Jellio: Cowgirl, you're getting a lot of good naked advice here. You taking any of this down?

Cowgirl: Yes, I am, actually.

Cowboy: And you mentioned my quote-unquote agent. No one can agent you, (No one's jumped on 10% of the Cowboy empire?) and no one can manage you. You are the ruler of your life, making your decisions based on what you want. And I would be calling all today and saying, look, anything that you can do to help me, I'll gladly bring you a little bit of the revenue for your efforts. But it's got to suit me 100% and I'm in total control. (Don't ask me. I understand about 25% of what this guy says.)
Jellio: The Mrs. Naked helps you out, doesn't she? You do take some advice now and again.

Cowboy: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If Naked Cowgirl is to look at this as a career, and consider herself a commodity instead of a person, then you get into management, and these people making all your decisions. Again, you can probably go ten times further, or not ten times further, ten times faster to the top because people who know how will market and orchestrate you better. But I think you'll lose the greatest quality you have, your own ethics, by putting management between you and what you want to do.

Cowgirl: Right. Basically, this girl invited me to come out to New York, and said, You should do this. And I said great. What she's really done for me is help me get set up. You know, get me familiar with this city. Help me get my feet on the ground. Which I fully appreciate. She's not even a professional agent. She's just a friend.

Jellio: Everyone needs that when they first move to New York.

Cowboy: Exactly. I would just say be careful.

Cowgirl: Watch how I label it, yeah. (now she's doing it.)

Jellio: Cowgirl, we heard Cowboy's take on commercialism. How about you? You willing to put a logo on your body?

Cowgirl: I think I just want to stick to being Naked Cowgirl.

Jellio: Naked and singing.

Cowgirl: That's big enough of a logo. I don't know if there's anything I'd want to represent.

Cowboy: Even on top of that, you know, people want me to change my underwear and put their logo on my underwear. In the beginning, I thought I wanted that. The point is, as yourself, you are already an established brand entity. Putting something on you...it's like McDonalds turning the M upside-down. (Yeah, it's just like that) It's no longer recognizable as what it is. If you take anything that detracts from that image. But even then I'm contradicting myself, because everyone recognized me as this long haired, you know, just because the hair itself became so attributable to me. I cut it just because I wanted to divorce that idea. Or to universalize it. (what?) I don't know. Hey look, if I had all the answers, I wouldn't be standing out in my underwear in Times Square.


Jellio: It seems like you've thought a lot of this through.

Cowboy: Well, I thought things through. And as soon as you think things through you realize you're as wrong as you can be.

Jellio: You're a lot more thought out than you'd think a guy singing naked in Times Square would be. That's going to be impressive for a lot of our readers. Next question...don't take offense to this. We asked our readers to write in questions, and we got this one. (lie) Is porn in anyone's future?

Cowgirl: No, because think about it. Why would you have to do that? Being the Naked Cowgirl, you don't have to get in to that. You don't have to. I feel like it's degrading. I would never get in to it. I'm like a wholesome cowgirl.

Jellio: That's what most people have said. It's just one person who wrote in that question. (lie) We didn't think it was appropriate, but we told him we'd ask.

Cowgirl: And there's a million girls who do that. (May God bless each one) That's just not my thing. I respect everybody, and you do what you do and that's great. But for me, personally, I don't want to get into it.

Cowboy: I can answer too. You can see me in Playgirl, September 1998. So I have nothing against it. I believe the body is a tool of communication, and anybody that does it is obviously making a choice that is right for them. When I did Playgirl, I thought it was a big thing. I thought it was cool. And I still saw it as an artistic expression. The point being, first we want to communicate. And the next thing is to find a way to influence others, and communicate in a way that's most beneficial to the greatest number of people. My only reservation is that when you're doing that, you can greatly diminish your ability to influence more people later on if you get too seedy, because it narrows you down by way of other people's irrational judgments. If that makes sense (sure...advertising bad, porn bad, maybe. Got it.)

Jellio: Last few questions. Cowboy, you wear a hat all the time...you going bald under there?

Cowboy: I don't believe in male pattern baldness in any way, shape or form.

Jellio: Did you say you don't believe in baldness?

Cowboy: No. And, I also believe that no matter what happens, it would serve me. So it wouldn't be an issue. Anyone in the audience (all three of you) who is male and thinks he's going bald, and is fearing it. Just don't fear it.

Jellio: You wouldn't go with the plugs?

Cowboy: Plugs? I would go with nothing unnatural.

Jellio: Lunch breaks. Clothes, or full nakedness?

Cowgirl: I just throw a dress on over. Most establishments wouldn't appreciate me walking in there like that. I respect that and put a dress on.

Jellio: Cowboy?

Cowboy: One of my sponsors is Icon Parking, (great...product placment. There goes the integrity of the interview) and there's one right in Times Square. So I literally come in with shorts, t-shirt, hat like I always wear...take two seconds.

Jellio: Next...War in Iraq? For or against?

Cowboy: I don't have enough facts on which to base an opinion.

Jellio: Ok. Cowgirl?

Cowgirl: It is what it is.

Jellio: OK, guys, anything else in the works right now?

Cowboy: My new reality show is coming out called Naked Cowboy for Spike TV. And they're also gonna have it on VH-1.

Jellio: You're kidding?

Cowboy: Nah. It'll all be modern day philosophy, breaking down Emerson, Nitschke, all the greats. Anybody who's ever thought. Everything's in the works. But they're getting ready to start filming. The guy who shot the first Naked Cowboy documentary (the first one?) is gonna be doing this.

Jellio: Very nice. We'll be on the lookout for that...The Naked Cowboy Series on SpikeTV. Cowgirl?

Cowgirl: I just started a website. And I'm open to any opportunities that come my way.

Jellio: What is your website?

Cowgirl: NakedCowgirlNYC.com

Jellio: OK, last question. Looking 25 years down the road. Are we all going to be naked senior citizens in Times Square?

Cowboy: I will be a naked hero (cue the music), exactly as I am now, setting the standard for that chronological age, and the standard every other way physically, financially, socially, emotionally, it won't make no difference whatsoever.

Jellio: Nice. And Cowgirl? In other words, do you still plan to do this 25 years from now?

Cowgirl: 25 years? 20 years? Traveling, having fun, living life.

Jellio: All right guys, that was awesome.

For alot more pictures of The Naked Cowgirl, click starting here.

Oh, and to find out even more about these two, you can go to the Naked Cowboy site, or the Naked Cowgirl site. Enjoy.

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OK, OK, I take part of it back...

The Cow-guy sounds just incoherent enough to be good for a booking somewhere, I don't know where though.

The girl? Pull the f'n plug. Glomming off of people is an American tradition (where ARE the indigenous Indians at, anyway?), but her?

This is like a monkey at the zoo, after realizing it can get more peanuts trown at it if he stands on it's head, then seeing a girl-chimp copying HIM to get peanuts as well???

I say - bleah, and feh, to that.

No sir, I don't like it.

said Johnny Chicago on October 14, 2005 7:49 AM.

I'm bitter.

So there.

said Johnny Chicago on October 15, 2005 9:41 AM.
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