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Some People V

Posted by aquaman on August 02, 2005.

I'm pissed. While waiting for my eyes to dilate the other day (in my eye doctor's office, not just for kicks), I read the perfect Some People letter about American Idols Bo & Carrie. To paraphrase: "I'm sick and tired of all the hype the media showers on Bo and Carrie. When will you realize the real reason American Idol is so successful is Constantine Maroulis?"

Post-dilation, vision impaired, I forgot to tear out that week's People MailBag. Oh well.

This is the best I could do for this version of Some People:

"I want to wish the best to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They've made me believe in love again. Those smiling faces and their happiness will always make me a fan of both actors."
Weymouth, Massachusetts

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