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KC Armstrong Interview - Part One


As reported, today we begin our three-part series - the KC Armstrong interview.

For those not familiar with the former Howard Stern show regular, read this. And for the Stern fans, you know what we really wanted to find out...

  • Why did you leave the show?

  • Are the rumors true?

  • Did you work a deal with Golden Palace behind Howard's back?

  • Or was it something else?

Today we ask what KC's up to these days, including his stand-up and his new dvd - Die Laughing. In part two we hear some memories from the show. And in the final chapter - Why did KC leave the show. Enjoy!

Jellio: How long has it been since you left the Stern show?

KC: I haven’t been with the show since October. I’m out of New York; I’m in California. I’m doing stand-up. I got a show every Monday – The Nasty Show. It’s basically the filthiest comics around.

Jellio: So you’re doing comedy in LA.

KC: Yeah, I’m just working my ass off man. I do the stand-up, then also, this DVD. Which has become my biggest enemy. It’s so much fucking work. I had no idea it was going to be this much work. But, you know what, I’m happy with the way it turned out. My mind and my body hate me for it. Shit, man, I was putting in 20 hour days. When you have an obsession and an addictive personality, I guess work can be good. But at the same time, you become obsessed with it.

(KC...in a reflective moment)

Jellio: Now explain to us what are we going to find on the DVD.

KC: I didn’t want to talk like about where I’ve been, and what happened, stuff like that, and I wasn’t gonna. Cause it’s boring to me, frankly. And you know, I’d rather just forget about it. But these people had sent me such nice, thoughtful, really, really touching letters of support. And they want to know what happened. So, it’s for that that I’m going to include, you know…I tell everything in it. It’s pretty much what happened. What I like in it, is it’s all – You know, I’m an ass hole.

Jellio: OK. Aren’t we all?

KC: Yes. I know Aquaman is.

Jellio: Awesome.

KC: I refuse to get older. And I refuse to grow up. And I’m still the same ass hole I was in third grade. And I still think the same things are funny that I thought were funny in third grade. You know, doody, farts, burps. So basically, it’s annoying people with those things. There are quite the amount of boobies. Like a retarded Girls Gone Wild. It’s really funny. It’s the life of stand-up comics: Jim Florentine, Reverend Bob Levy, Scott Demo, Sean Sexton, Artie Lange are some of the guys that are in it. And it’s in the hotel rooms. Backstage. You know, Sexton takes a dump and automatically you bring it to Levy’s room. And you know, he gets mad.

(Bob, Jim, Artie and KC)

Jellio: So this is a lot of behind the scenes stuff when you guys are doing your comedy.

KC: Exactly. Exactly. And the back-drop is me losing everything I had, including the job and money with that Golden Palace thing. Basically, one man’s quest to self-destruct.

Jellio: Wow, so it’s really autobiographical. You telling the KC story?

KC: You know what? I really hope it’s not. But I guess that is. I mean, who would find that interesting? That’s why I put a lot of tits in it.

Jellio: Right. Well, obviously the Stern fans are going to find it interesting. And there’s millions of them.

KC: Yeah, that’s true too, but you know what it is, man? I’ll give you a little taste of this thing. What I did was, because I thought it was boring, and I didn’t want to talk about me, I had a special guest come and play me. And her name is Rita G.

Jellio: Her name?

KC: Yes. I got all hot chicks playing different… Like, my brother is a hot blonde from out here in California. It’s totally absurd. But you get the information, and you get to see hot chicks. There you go.

Jellio: And Artie, Bob Levy, Jim Florentine…they’re all on it as well?

KC: Yes. They’re in pretty much like every scene. Jim Florentine has the worst smelling farts. And he lets them rip everywhere. There’s a scene where he’s ripping ‘em in a taxicab, and then the cab driver starts to choke. See, we do this stuff without even videotaping. We would do it anyway. So I took a video camera on the road for, shit, the last four years or something like there and just taped stuff because it’s funny to watch later. And now, I just complied a lot of it and told my story as the backdrop.

I just hope people enjoy it and it’s for sick people. And if they’re sick like me they will like it and that will make me happy.

Aquaman: Will there be enough child molester jokes to satisfy some of your hard core fans?

KC: Oh, dude. I’ve got a whole special feature. And guess what – see, a lot of guys won’t do this – I put it in there when I’m bombing. I put in a set where I’m bombing, where people are appalled. I don’t give a fuck. Women are like Oh my god!’ And, you know, some of the guys are like, ‘Yeah,’ they start yelling and shit like that. You know what? It’s not a big deal. I didn’t fuck any kids. If you want to get mad at somebody, go to your local church.

Jellio: Right. I’m going off topic, but do you ever still talk to Buckethead?

KC: Buckethead. You know, Buckethead, last I heard, he was living out in the country, got married, and has kids. Can you believe that shit?

(KC and Buckethead - The Early Years)

Jellio: Not from the way you talked about him on the show.

KC: No. This is a guy who, when people were sleeping, used to jam wiffle ball bats in their ass. Try to wake them up that way. Would walk around campus naked. And then, when people take dumps in the public restroom, he would take chicken wing bones and throw them at them. And now he’s got kids.

Jellio: He’s got children. That’s good.

KC: Well I hope those kids are throwing chicken wing bones at people.

Jellio: They probably are. Maybe the same ones.

KC: Yeah right.

Jellio: You’re out in LA now – ever talk to Stuttering John?

KC: I talked to him as soon as I got out here. But I guess – you see, I don’t live in LA. I live, probably about 45 minutes south. I think we spoke maybe once or twice. But he’s got his thing going there and he’s real busy. And I’m doing my thing and we just haven’t gotten together.

(The Stuttering Man)

Jellio: Is the stand-up, like, a weekly thing?

KC: Oh yeah, when the DVDs done it’s back to every night. That’s what I was doing when I got out here. And I had to pretty much start over again. Doing the shitty clubs, and getting time wherever I can get it. Some good things happened – I got my own show down there at the Ha-Ha, and actually next weekend I’ll be at The Comedy Store in La Jolla. So, it’s going good. I’m back on track. But it took me a while to get back there, though.

(Death4Told movie poster)

Jellio: You’ve actually taken on a little acting – there was a movie called Death4Told.

KC: Oh, yeah, yeah, that was cool, man. You know what was cool about it? They hired this broad who was in college to hang out with me all day and to run lines with me. She was smoking. People like, bringing me shit, and saying do you want this and do you want that. And I’m like, all right, get me a six-pack of Heineken. She went and got it. Brought it back. I felt like I was fucking cock of the walk. It was the easiest, fucking most pleasant thing I’ve ever done. Besides some fat chicks.

Read the next part of this interview here

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    KC is lame. Read your interview, listened to the Stern show today where KC called in and I just don't get it. This guy isn't funny at all. Maybe he was back in his prime when he started on Stern but what the f'? If he faked a laugh one more time on Stern today or said "nice" once more, I was going to puke. No talent mother as far as I can tell. Regardless, hope he straightens himself out...don't need another pumped up drug addict out here in SoCal. Sounds like his DVD sucks ass too from what I can tell of it. Is this a case of a guy who got laid a lot, lucked his way onto a big time show like Stern's and somehow thinks that he is the shit? Go join Stuttering John and especially Jackie in that exclusive lounge of losers that could never really get that Howard is the draw.

    said dline on July 1, 2005 3:18 PM.

    Anyone know if Stern or anyone on the show mentioned this site on the air?

    said Evil Richard on July 1, 2005 3:27 PM.

    Nope. Actually, KC went a little nuts on the show. I guess he's been holidng it back for a while, but he went off on Tom (general manager), saying he fired him over the phone because he didn't have the guts to do it in person. Everyone in the studio was pretty stunned. I don't think we were the first thing on KC's mind

    said Jellio on July 1, 2005 4:23 PM.

    where do you buy the k.c. dvd?

    said donnie on July 26, 2005 3:21 PM.


    said Jellio on July 26, 2005 7:22 PM.

    KC was great to me when I came up to the studio.
    People normally disappear when they are afraid
    to confront some issues.KC in my opinion found solace in drugs and alcohol.When he went for treatment..they probably put him on some experimental depression pills that he probably does not need.He needs to go to to AA

    said Pinocchio on August 18, 2005 7:42 PM.

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