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The Swap-O-Matic not only supports the function of an automated, self-contained system for swapping, but also frames the interaction in the problematic cultural context which it comments, insinuating notions of the immediacy, instant-gratification, and convenience, values often associated with vending machines. And you can get free shit!


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Preaching Politics from the Pulpit
Now we're going to get nailed by someone in blue for being Jesus bashers... No,
sarcastic one

Caption This....Winner
They still have one up on the Prez....and because the camera would not focus on
sarcastic one

The Great Schlep
Tim, come join Mr.Wright and me on the Unaffiliated fence...it's nice up here...
sarcastic one

Caption This....Winner
The good they look, the empty their heads are... trust me.
Leonardo Carvalho

Preaching Politics from the Pulpit
Well, we face this kind of things here too... The Evangelics throw candidates e
Leonardo Carvalho

Preaching Politics from the Pulpit
Whooo Boy, politics and religion in one post? You tread dangerous waters B. An
Senor Pablo

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