ornate line
Oh, how the Hootie have Fallen.


I'm probably the 2,000th person to use that title.

You guys may know about this already. I just saw the new BK TenderCrisp spot, and my first thought, along with thousands of others was...Is that Hootie?!?

I went online and found dozens of posts, one mentioning it had a David LaCapelle quality to it (agreed). Really funny, and the milk maids with milk dripping down their chests...how the hell does Crispin get this shit approved?

Here's a link to the spot. Enjoy.

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It is indeed directed by David LaChapelle. One of the milkmaids at the end is Brooke Burke.

Original, old timey drunken lout lyrics here:


said DaniMc on March 13, 2005 8:59 AM.

"Milk dripping down their chests"? I think you're imagining things there; no such thing happens in any version of the spot. There is a bit with the milkmaids sloshing big containers of ranch dressing suggestively, but it doesn't touch their bodies.

said CT on March 13, 2005 2:22 PM.

In his dreams maybe.

I was judging the Art Director's Club awards on Friday and had dinner next to one of the creative guys from Crispin Bogusky. I should have asked him about Hootie. We spent most of our time talking Chicken (Subserviant, not grilled).

said Scaramouch on March 13, 2005 5:53 PM.

oops. down their chests...flying out of buckets. tomato, tomaato..how do they get these approved?

said Jellio on March 14, 2005 4:50 AM.
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