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An Open Letter to Gary Brolsma from yesbutnobutyes


Hey Gary

My wife just emailed me the link to this article in The New York Times. Apparently the fame that has so recently descended on you from your iconic dance that we featured on these very pages, is a harsh mistress.

Gary, believe us when we tell you, you have nothing to hide or be ashamed from. You should be revelling in being, frankly, one of the coolest guys in America. Hell, they showed your video on The Today Show. You've made it. You've arrived.

The honest abandon with which you parody this song is of a time, a moment, that will live with us for many years. You are no Star Wars kid, no geeky internet guy - you are our hero.

And we're not the only ones - America loves you. The world loves you. Don't believe us? Then take a look at this.

Stand up, be proud, SALUT!

Yours Truly, The YesButNoButYes Editorial team - big, BIG fans.

(Ps The article in the NY Times say that Gary works for Staples in NJ. Last summer, the ad agency where I work pitched (but didn't win) the Staples advertising account. What a wasted chance! Whichever ad agency now handles Staples, listen very closely - pay this guy a SHITLOAD of money to appear in a TV ad that goes out next week. Show the guy wanting to be an overnight celebrity while he works there during the day, show him buying a computer and webcam from Staples, taking it home and...then show the clip with "Staples - That Was Easy". I tell you, you'd win AWARDS!!!!)

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Awesome...awesome...awesome. Miya Hee, Miya Hoo

said Jellio on February 27, 2005 10:56 AM.

The post by Scaramouch is Right On!! Gary seems to be passing up a chance of a lifetime but don't you do the same thing Staples!! Let me repeat Scaramouch. Pay Gary a shitload of money and do a commercial with him. It's only smart.

said Butterfinger on March 2, 2005 9:02 PM.

Butterfinger here again. Who's Scaramouch? My mistake. It's the YesButNoButYesBut,etc. Editorial Team that encourages the ad by Staples, not Scaramouch. Sorry.

said Butterfinger on March 2, 2005 9:05 PM.

Hey Scara... You and I both know that your excellent idea of signing this dufus up and putting him on TV next week is beyond impossible.
The agencies, let alone the clients that we both work for do not operate at these kinds of warp speeds. Next week may as well be next year...
4,000 MBA's and scum sucking suits have to sign off on something they cannot see as a career threatening move. Which means, nothing timely ever, ever, fucking happens. But, hey, what the hell. Take the money.
Your devoted fan... AdScam.

said AdScam on March 5, 2005 6:31 PM.

Seems like a good time to mention 'Why Business People Speak Like Idiots' again, now available from Amazon.com.


said aquaman on March 7, 2005 7:06 AM.

I would just like to sympathetically add something here, on this young mans behalf.
In the face of his precious honesty of the moment while simply and purely enjoying himself on a level we all should aspire too, gary is probably an introvert. It sounds as though he has intellegence and wit to spare, but the overwhelming sudden attention he inadvertantly created for himself can be intimidating for even the most eager for fame. Fame has ruined many a people. I encourage him to get back his normalcy, some routine that comforts him with safety, and then to look from that place upon his situation with the intelligence and wisdom (and sense of humor!) that God has gifted him with. I encourage the rest of us to simply enjoy the purity and honesty of his moment of fun through the clip, strive for that kind of honesty ourselves, and, well, leave the poor guy alone for now!
...peace that passeth understanding and joy unspeakable...

said bj on March 23, 2005 1:29 PM.

what makes this video so cool is that the guy was not trying to be famous or make loads of money. why do you americans must kill anything that is spontaneous by trying to turn it into one more boring, predictable business strategy? thank god this kid is hiding from the media and the sharks that would leave him a few dollars richer but creatively much poorer. business people, particularly ad people have the midas touch in reverse: every piece of genuin gold they touch turns into shit.

said lizard on March 23, 2005 10:17 PM.

Gary I loved the video soo much that I just had to figure out WHO is this guy? I'd love to figure out who so I could tell him how cool he is. This is the best I can do. Obviously you intended to maked someone laugh with this video, and I'm glad I can take part in laughing with you. Infact I think I ave your little dance down, and I do it with the video a couple times a week, I might lose weight doing it, but it sure makes me smile.

You are as funny as they come and as cute as a bug!! Come back and don't be sad.

said Cheree on May 11, 2005 1:50 AM.
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