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If you are an advertiser or marketing company thinking of spending some of your budget to help support YesButNoButYes, here's a handy FAQ.


YesButNoButYes started in January 2005, and has grown to become one of the leading pop culture blogs. We post several stories a day, have a loyal following, and regularly attract up to 20,000 readers a day (and sometimes much more). Our stats can be viewed at both Sitemeter and Quantcast. Our home page has a Google Pagerank of 6, we're in the top 5k of blogs on Technorati, and we were recently a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards.

Our elevator pitch reads as follows:

YesButNoButYes covers cutting-edge entertainment wrapped in ascerbic wit. Our team features award-winning writers from across the entertainment, advertising and publishing industries, and we receive frequent mentions in the mainstream press, as well as on countless websites and crappy blogs. We deliver those sensory-deprived 18-34 year olds that have more money than sense - think of us as the fluff in Esquire's navel, the stickiness between Maxim's pages.


Banner Ads

If you are strictly looking for regular an ad banner buy, we run them in all flavors, primarily a leaderboard at the top of every page, and a square banner directly below that. In any given month, we serve at least half a million impressions of each type, so we can offer a good inventory for your requirements.

If you want to buy ads directly from us, you can, although doing so requires a a buyout of our inventory for a specific period at a fixed price. We'd only suggest you pursue this if you have a budget for us in excess of $1000.

Alternatively you can buy ads on our site by using the ad networks we partner with. In the case of the top leaderboard or square ad, contact Break or Six Apart.

All our pages also contain Blogads, which can be very cost effective, and can be created and purchased directly online. This is the ideal option for those with smaller budgets who want to try us out.

Of course, what you see isn't necessarily all that you can get. We're happy to discuss more exotic forms of display advertising, such as page takeovers, gutter ads, video units, and so on. The YesButNoButYes template is pretty flexible, and we can usually accommodate special requests given enough lead time.


We have several regular features that advertisers can sponsor and own - Caption Competitions, Top Ten Lists, Comic Reviews, Movie Reviews, etc. If this is something you would be interested in, let us know.


We LOVE to give away free stuff, and our meagre operating budget doesn't allow for a lot of goodies. So if you can provide stuff that we can give away to our readers, we're always happy to run a fun competition.

Editorial Content

If (like me) you are kind of dubious as to whether anyone really pays attention to banner ads anymore, it's time to think about working with blogs more closely to become part of your marketing campaign. That might mean creating us creating original video content for you, or running a series of stories, or seeding clues in some kind of mystery or ARG. The owner of YesButNoButYes also runs The Advance Guard, a marketing consultancy that has worked with HBO, Warner Brothers, American Eagle, Coke and Verizon on these type of programs, so we speak that language completely. If you are interested in exploring utilizing YesButNoButYes for Conversation Marketing, email us directly.


"I've advertised on over 50 blogs, and YesButNoButYes provides some of the best results of any of them. As we like to say in the business, YBNBY 'gives good traffic' : Phenomenal CPC, great demographics, and smart readers. And it's a damn good site, to boot."
Dustin, pajiba.com

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