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Saturday Night at the Movies: 'Buddha Style


After an admittedly not-so-brief absence due to twinsy baby madness, we return to Saturday Night Movie Madness with all the aplomb and bearing of a hobo with a head wound. Let's begin!

  • Have you wondered what exactly the writers of "Lost" are smoking? Olde English has the answer!
  • US Comedy and Arts Fest winners Summer of Tears gives us an inside look at the American Recording sessions with Rick Rubin and Johnny Cash
  • More Johnny Cash fun by way of Sad Kermit, who turns in this rousing cover of Cash covering NIN's 'Hurt'
  • Brad Neely's Professor Brothers give us one seriously messed up look at US History (also on SuperDeluxe)
  • And finally, the Evolution Scare is put to rest by none other than a jar of delicious new-life free peanut butter, thus proving the adage that Creationist Science is indistinguishable from Creationist Parody!
  • There you have it, kids! One week worth of Internet goodness compressed into a tasty five bite sandwich! See you next week!

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    Saturday Night at the Movies: 'Buddha Style


    Another week and another digital bounty of media goodness offered up like a fatted calf filled with crotch hits and emo bloggers. Truly, tis a wondrous age we live in.

  • Normally this kind of thing wouldn't be my bag, but compressing 16 hours of work into 3 minutes is pretty cool. Especially if it's showing the transformation of Air Canada Centre's floor going from ice to hardwood
  • Love beatboxing but don't know where to start? Everything you need to know is within Beardyman's Kitchen Diaries
  • As the titular kingpin of an online empire, Net Neutrality means a great deal to me. It should mean a lot to you, the discerning internet surfer, as well. Folks, it's time to Save the Internet
  • My utter hatred of Project Greenlight is offset by my deep and devoted love of all things Ray Wise, so there's no shame in me pimping Hellhole, the Internet series by the winners of Project Greenlight 2. It's creepy, funny, and bizarre all at once.
  • I'm a huge fan of Satoshi Kon, so it's with no small level of glee that I present to you the trailer for his newest film, Paprika. All of Kon's films deal heavily with the idea of a subjective reality, and this looks to be no exception.
  • It's been 4 years since Ryan and Dorkman threw down jedi-style in a science lab, and now they're back whupping even more lightsaber ass. Prepare yourselves for the nerdy awesomeness that is Ryan vs. Dorkman 2
  • Well, we've attempted to save the internet, learned to beatbox, and seen the best 7 minute lightsaber battle ever filmed in a tortilla factory. I'd say that's a pretty good week, wouldn't you?

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    Saturday Night at the Movies: 'Buddha Style


    Greetings, all! Alphamonkey from here to round up some of the best visual love and ocular delights from this week's generous Internet helpings. Let's get started, shall we?

  • SXSW's Grind House Trailer Contest results in the greatest movie title of all time: Hobo With a Shotgun.
  • Remember Matrix Ping Pong? So do the Scissor Sisters, if their new clip for 'She's My Man' is to judge.
  • Not the best exactly, but this music video atrocity is a perfect example of a bad idea taken to it's logical (if terrible) conclusion. Behold the power of What What!
  • Who says stripping isn't an art? Not Skip n' Dale, that's for sure.
  • Sure, maybe the Christmas boat has sailed, but it's never too late for a little holiday cheer.
  • And finally, if you're not following Brad Neely's Professor Brother series, you're missing out on some of the finest 'net comedy going (not to mention the some of the most creative uses of profanity outside of a Tourette's Camp).
  • Some fun, eh? I'll see you next week at the movies. We'll, maybe not see, so much as silently stalk from a couple rows back. You know what I mean.

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    Saturday Night at the Movies

    After a prolonged absence, a brief return for Saturday Night at the Movies. i took my kids to see Over the Hedge today, and every single coming attraction was for an upcoming CGI animation, some of which I'd never heard of before, and all of which looked interesting. With Ice Age 2 and Hoodwinked already behind us, I think 2006 is going to be the banner year for animation, so let's take a look at some trailers:

  • The one you must all have heard about, Pixar's Cars, which didn't really get me excited until the most recent trailer.
  • Discover the hidden world at the bottom of your toilet (!) with Flushed Away.
  • An all star cast and a trailer that looks spookily real, happy penguins means Happy Feet.
  • The juries still out on Ant Bully - seems to be retreading familar Antz territory.
  • Whereas Open Season looks like it might be injecting a surrealist “edge” to their anthropomorphic comedy.
  • Playing on every paranoid fear we humans have, Barnyard shows the truth behind the animal conspiracy.
  • Of them all, this is one I'm really looking forward too - from Spielberg & Zemeckis comes Monster House.
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    Saturday Night at the Movies: iPod Edition

    This week's SNatM is brought to you by our sister site, Podguide.TV - the guide to the best video content for your iPod. But if you haven't yet bought into the cult of Steve Jobs, that's ok, because they can all be watched on your computer too.

  • Channel Fredorator is now on it's third episode of animation shorts
  • 29fragiledays have a beautiful selection of eclectic mini-documentaries
  • Could Josh Leo be the next Morgan Spurlock? Check out his piece on Gerald Ford
  • Brian at pays pennance for past VBlog sins by shaving his head
  • The Four Eyed Monsters video podcast gives an inside view on indie filmmaking.
  • And what better to watch on your commute than someone else on their commute in Drivetime
  • This selection brought to you by:

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    And the rest...