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A couple of years ago, someone here said they were going to do a post on tramp stamps. I thought, OK, I'll help them out, since I have a few weird tattoo pictures in my files. Then time went by and nothing happened, and I can't even remember who it was now, or whether he is still a contributor. But I kept collecting. And since I obviously can't wait forever to post something on YBNBY, here are some tramp stamps that will make you ponder the state of the human race.

Simple, direct, meaningless.


Simple, direct, self-referential, still meaningless.trampliterelly.jpg

It's slightly funnier as a visual pun.tramppostagestamp.jpg

A visual pun featuring an obscure and outdated cultural reference is interesting, but may backfire on you (backfire, huh huh) for the rest of your life. This was called "Hitler stamp" when I found it. In case you didn't figure it out, it's supposed to be Charlie Chaplin as his character The Little Tramp. Oh, now you get it! tramplittlepostagestamp.jpg

And another obsolete or soon-to-be-obsolete cultural reference.trampray-romano.jpg

Why draw you underwear on when it's so much more comfortable to just put on a pair? Is this sexy? Couldn't they have tattooed just a bit of lace on it?trampstampwhaletail.jpg

Because we want to think about you on the toilet. Right.exitonly.jpg

Aren't there supposed to be seven dwarves? Did one fall in?7dwarvestattoo.jpg

Then we find an entire category of tramp stamps that appear to be useful only during sex. These are too often worn with clothing that will show it off in inappropriate situations, such as when someone has a camera to record your trampiness.trampstamphandlebar-tattoo_small.jpg

If you're going to sell it, make sure you price it right.trampinsert-coin.jpg

Pink skirt? Must be a girl, ya think? I wonder if anyone has explained to her that this makes no sense at all placed on her back. Then again, that might be the only place where there was room for it.trampmoustacherides.jpg

Oh yeah, funny for the moment, then just depressing. Imagine seeing this on your wife for years on end. Or your mother, even if just once.trampkelly.jpg

Mood killer #1.


Mood killer #2.


Mood killer #3.


Mood killer #4. Run away! Run away!


This one looks useful, if it can be believed. You have to wonder if was her parents' idea. If she was a minor when the tat was done, they would have to be aware, right? If she was an adult, she may very well have shaved a few years off. Even if she did, it will eventually catch up with her. When she's 55 and tries to tell someone she's 40, they can see that she's labeled as 50. Think ahead, people!trampstamp_rich.jpg

Is your first thought "zodiac" or "disease"? I thought so.trampcancer.jpg

A lovely passage from the Bible that belongs ...anywhere but here. Can you find the error?tramp-stampcorinthians.jpg

When it's on your back, everyone will see the error in grammar ...but you.trampstampgrammar.jpg

Some spelling errors are more egregious than others. trampstamppee.jpg

It's a beautiful butterfly! No, wait...trampbutterfly2.jpg

I had a few others, but they weren't particularly funny, just badly executed, so I will let them go. This has been an edition of "cleaning out the files" as we get ready to close up shop here at YBNBY.


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These make me sad to be a human.

said Johnny Wright on May 19, 2010 11:52 AM.

These make me sad to be female.

said heather.epp on May 19, 2010 5:59 PM.

Makes me proud to be an American.

said E on May 19, 2010 6:03 PM.
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