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Another Moment Of Anger with B.D. (Doctor Edition)


Fuck them!  Fuck doctors!  Ok...so maybe not all doctors (my regular doc is cool as shit) but the ones called "specialists" that feel like they deserve the $30 fucking co-pay that insurance companies make you shell out to see them.  Fuck them all!  Excuse me if you went to medical school for 2 more years than a general practitioner so you can fulfil your foot fetish and charge more than a regular guy.  Alright....maybe I should tell you what prompted this shit.

I've run into issues with my foot recently so I ended up going to see a podiatrist at Not A Gamecock Athelete=We'll Give You Shitty Service (contact me if you want the name) in Columbia, SC.  The first visit went fine and dandy.  The doc felt up my foot, made it hurt more, scheduled blood tests, gave me an air cast for mobility and prescribed meds to help me live with it.  That was fine and all.  Sooooo...we scheduled a followup in a week to discuss the blood test results, see how things are going and move on from there.  Simple enough....

Enter today....I show up a few minutes late due to traffic, no big deal as I have to wait.  They get my $30 fucking co-pay and end up taking me back eventually.  Once in the exam room, all seems normal as I sit and wait....and wait....and wait....and finally see the nurse first.  She tells me that they have not received the blood test results (mind you the tests were done on 3/26) which I found odd (red flag #1).  I gave the nurse the phone # for my regular doc to call and see if they have results and she walks out....I wait again for another 10 min....finally the doc and nurse BOTH walk in and tell me they tried twice to get a hold of someone but had no answer (mind you my regular doc is open until 5pm....Red flag #2!!!). 

The guy then proceeds to put my foot suspiciously close to his nuts, feel up the big toe for about 5 minutes, tells me that since it seems to be getting better then we can schedule a "just in case" appointment 3 weeks out if things aren't hunky dory and then sends me on my way. 

Grand total: probably 10 min. of face time for him to molest my foot, tell me he'll call me with the results and then fuck my wallet of $30.  I spoke with the Office Manager about getting my co-pay back and she said she spoke with him (the doc) and he charged me a regular office visit.....for 10 FUCKING MINUTES since it was considered a follow-up.  I pointed out in slightly restrained words that he DIDN'T DO SHIT as I came there with expectations that were not met.  If it was any other business, they would have been happy to refund my money but since it's a doc, you get a big FUCK YOU for not going to med school.....ONLY those who work in the sex industry can charge $30 for 10 min. BUT at least the customer walks away satisfied.  My wife ended up calling my regular doctor about the results, got a hold of someone and had them fax the shit over in less time than I was there at the "specialists" office.

Fuck you Not A Gamecock Athelete=We'll Give You Shitty Service....fuck you freaky foot fetish foot doc....fuck the "specialists" term unless you make me pay for a regular doctor visit and not the specialist vist (then you're cool with me).  I think because I'm not a Gamecock Athelete then I'm not "special enough" for assistance.  Fuck 'em as this is the last you'll see B.D. as I'll take care of the shit with someone I know and respect more.  Damn asshats.....

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As a salute to you, Bigus, I'm going to spend the remainder of the weekend working the term 'Gamecock Athelete' into any and all conversation.

Game-cock Ath-a-leat!
Game-cock Ath-a-leat!
Game-cock Ath-a-leat!

Should go well with the Hallelujah Chorus during Easter Service this Sunday.

said Tim on April 1, 2010 10:20 PM.

Uh, Bigus, the bill was a LOT more than $30 for ten minutes. That's just what YOU paid, thanks to health insurance.

The last time I went to a doctor was to treat a painful infection. Two office visits on two consecutive days. The first day, I didn't even see the doc, but only his assistant. The bill? $200. Plus medications.

Then guess what? The infection never went away. My husband suggested I go back, but why should I spend another $200 when they don't know how to fix it?

said Miss Cellania on April 1, 2010 11:18 PM.

I'm going through something similar. Have an aircast on right now after nearly collapsing my arch. Thank gawd I'm not as whiney as you are. Yep, hurts like hell. Yep, visits to the doctor's office are often inconveinient. What's the point in writing about this?

Awwww, he felt up your foot and made it hurt more, how the hell do you expect him to find the problem? Finding soft-tissue damage is a lot harder than finding bone fractures. Feet are a mess of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Injuries to them are hard to sort out.

I betcha a game-cock-athlete might not have to wait as long as you but he would never cry about his foot hurting when the doctor felt it up. Neither would JC, you should take his photo down. Using an image of a baddass' outrage to illustrate your bitchfest is a disgrace.

said Bob Lablaw on April 2, 2010 2:19 PM.

I hear you Miss C. Last couple of times I've gone to get a physical, which my insurance supposedly covers, I ended up paying myself - 300 bucks.

It was pretty good service though. Blood tests for like 40 things. An EEG (or whatever). Checking for cancerous tumours. Etc. Thorough job. My Dr. is good.

It was funny though. We were chatting about insurance as I left and he went into a spiel about how insurance companies had a liscence to rip people off as far as he was concerned.

said E on April 2, 2010 11:50 PM.
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