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29 products that may be illegal or banned one day

There was a time when heroin was legal, cigarettes were prescribed for breathing issues and BPA was a cure all for plastics. Heck, even LSD was used on mental patients.

Now these products are banned or severely regulated.

As part of the YBNBY American Apothecary drug t-shirt giveaway, we asked for suggestions on things that could be made illegal in the future.

Here are your contenders...


28 products that may be illegal or banned one day

There's something unnatural about how good Splenda tastes and how it's not bad for you. Seems suspicious to me.

I think will be banned. it is the drug that is used in diet versions of products - an artificial sweetener.

Stacker 5 hour Energy
Shouldn't someone investigate why it works so well for so long?

Don't be in denial, you know it's gonna happen. (Note: they tried this in the old testament. Didn't work.)

Gives you dark think eyelashes. OR gives you side-effects such as: may change your eye color to brown, infection in the cornea, inflamed red eyes, darkened skin on eyelids, and the growth of hair in areas of the body other than the lash area.

What other product elevates your mood, has antioxidants, is addictive, and is a multi-billion dollar industry? Well, yeah, red wine that does those things too, but no one would shut down wine production... That's just sour grapes.

A final death nail for cigarettes?

Cell Phones
All those waves and signals going straight to your head and body, at all times of the day. Can't be good. Only time will tell....

Someone will OD and his jimmy will explode.

Kids are crushing and snorting these. That's spells big trouble in Candyland.

They'll be banned from environment and health standpoints. CFC are bad. Bye, bye Lysol!

Axe Hair Products
Due to the skyrocketing birth rate in Echowood's general locale.

VH1 Reality Shows
Eventually, the world will be filled with too many offspring of 80's hip-hop artists, and we'll have to put a stop to it.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
You know what they say about that stuff.....

Where the heck did that new wonder drug come from? I've been smuggling it into Canada for years (up until a few months ago). Even then it's locked up when a pharmacist isn't present. What's in that stuff?

It's probably gonna have a lot of people hating on it someday. It was used like Lobotomy's were back in the 30's. Here's a drug that'll make kids better students. Hey! We all want that!

CT scans
There's no need for these high doses of radiation with all the advances in non-radiometric imaging.

Gas powered cars
Putt-putt. Poof!

Much to the dismay of thrill seekers, sex addicts and sports stars.

Scary meat-like things
You know bologna and hot dogs and stuff. I wish I didn't eat an Oscar-Meyer Weiner.

They've already put it behind the pharmacy counter and take your license out when you want some.

At least 3 people above have named sugar substitutes; no one has pinned the obvious direction in which this is headed -- outlaw sugar!

The Fair Balance Drugs
I think they will be banning any drug that has so many side effects it takes longer to mention them at the end of the commercial than it does to explain the benefits. (That's the "Fair Balance") Especially the ones that warn you to call your doctor if you're having thoughts of suicide or increase your risk for heart attack, kidney failure, gambling, etc.

It might not get banned, but I imagine that they will regulate it a lot more than it currently is. That shit is bad for you, and people pop them like skittles.

Lady Gaga
Because she is really just too much man for anyone to handle.

Canned air.
This is too easily accessed, gives an incredible high, and 50% of people who try it suffocate to death their first time. The cons outweigh the pros on this item. The thought of bacon and chocolate being banned is just wrong, what a cold and bleak life future generations have. Also, the previous comment about Lady Gaga is so, so true.

Genetically engineered and radiated food
It's scary what they're doing in the name of food safety and preservation. Instead of making industrial plants cleaner and keeping the machines bacteria-free, they leave it up to radiation at the end. That can't be good.

Haute Couture
Hopefully in the furture, overpriced t-shirts that cost 10x more than their material value will be banned.

Free Speech

Congratulations to our giveaway winners: Philip Gallia and Evangeline. Look for emails from me shortly.

Everyone else, thanks for playing. Feel free to check out A-Apothecary for more drug related, fashion forward gear.

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What is Spenda vs. Splenda?

said Stavros on March 19, 2010 2:37 PM.

Interesting list. Splenda is on here twice? And ibuprofen? Not that bad for you. Aspirin is what will kill you. And if you're right about bacon, I'm seceding and starting my own country...

said lightbringr on March 19, 2010 10:32 PM.

Meant to be Splenda.

said Baierman on March 19, 2010 11:36 PM.

Yo! You made Interesting Pile, a cool site. Placed thusly:

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said E on March 21, 2010 11:02 PM.

Thanks for the heads up E. Always happy to hear about a new site, especially when it comes via a link to us!

said Baierman on March 22, 2010 10:03 AM.
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