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The Conspiracies Behind Denver International Airport
We love conspiracy theories at YesButNoButYes. More to the point, we love the crazies who believe too fully in them. And sure, in many cases, where there's smoke there's fire. But most of them are just rumors that have spun wildly out of control.

For example, there are many conspiracy floating around the Denver International Airport. So many theories, in fact, that literally hundreds of websites have been devoted to exposing them. And, because we love jumping on the bandwagon, I thought it would be best to consolidate all the theories in one place. So read on, and discover the secrets your government (or the New World Order) doesn't want you to know ... or maybe not.

Denver International is, by land size at 53 square miles, the largest international airport in the United States, and the third largest international airport in the world after King Fahd International Airport and Montreal-Mirabel International Airport. Runway 16R/34L is the longest public use runway in the United States. In 2008, Denver International Airport was the tenth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic with 51,245,334 passengers. It was also the fifth-busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements with 625,884 movements.

The airport is located in extreme northeastern Denver, Colorado, and is operated by the City and County of Denver. Denver International Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the United States without non-stop service to and from Asia, although the airport is actively seeking such flights. DIA was voted the 2005 Best Airport in North America by readers of Business Traveler Magazine and was named "America's Best Run Airport" by Time Magazine in 2002.

Pushed back due to construction delays, the airport opened in 1994. Since then, rumors and theories about its construction and it's real purpose have spread wildly across the internet.

The Swastika
denver_runways.jpgThe image of the swastika is a constant reminder of one of humanity's darkest hours. Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period. It occurs mainly in the modern day culture of India, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol. It remains widely used in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. However, it's most prominent and most remembered use was Hitler's Nazi party. And, because it's such a noticeable symbol, people tend to "see" it everywhere. For example, in the layout of Denver's runways.

A noticeable study will reveal that the runways don't form a true swastika. The runways don't emanate from a central point, and many have more than one angle. Further, several arms contain two runways. I will admit, however, that at quick glance it does have the general appearance of that. However, I highly doubt the planners of the airport would purposefully choose such a distinct and negative symbol when putting the airport together. Especially if the layout was only visible (at the time, at least) by pilots and satellites. Further, it's highly suspect that they'd spend millions of dollars in order to create a huge anti-Semitic symbol in the middle of Colorado. My guess is the runway layout was economical and allowed for the use of all cardinal points on the compass, thus allowing for multiple planes to take off and land simultaneously.

The phrase "DZIT DIT GAII" appears on the floor in the airport. It does. Many claim it's German for "Black Sun" which it isn't. In fact, it's Navajo for "White Mountain."

Using many different contracting companies, the secret agency (some say "The New World Order") was able to hide what they were actually building. Using many sub-contractors with specialized work allowed for no one to know exactly the true nature of the site. There are claims that these contractors were then ushered off the site once their tasks were completed. However, this is normally the case with all large construction projects, especially those for government work. There is no single company capable of building a project of this magnitude solo. The work needed to be split up. And the dismissing of workers may have had more to do with liabilities than hiding a secret underground bunker.

The Secret Underground Bunker
According to NewsFlavor:
Phil Schneider was an ex-governmental geologist who turned whistleblower on many covert operations. During a series of high profile lectures, he revealed that in the last year of DIA construction, the underground levels of the airport were connected to a vast eight level deep underground base.

Phil Schneider also made comment in regard to an unusual and high level of electro-magnetic energy which he personally experienced within the underground tunnels.

These revelations led to much speculation about the usage of the underground facility - I have come across a number of speculations, including, the base will be an "ark" - used in the event of a cataclysmic planetary event, others believe that it is a secret military base, a test ground for secret experimental technology or weaponry. There is even speculation that the base could be used as a concentration camp.
OK, so the New World Order is building an ark underneath an airport in Colorado which will allow for the rich and powerful to repopulate the world once the apocalypse has occurred. I like this story, but I liked it better in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. At least that movie had robots. Any spread-out structure will have underground tunnels. Just look at Disney World. It makes it easier for staff to get around, and, in the case of an airport, to transport large items quickly.

The Queen
Thumbnail image for queen-elizabeth-II.jpgQueen Elizabeth. She looks so innocent. So matronly. But she won't while you're burning alive in apocalyptic fire and brimstone and she's in her protected Ark of Humanity (just coined that phrase, feel free to give me credit upon usage.) Rumor has it she's been buying land around the airport. Lots of land. Some claim it's to be closer to the underground bunker, though I like to think she's interested in opening several McDonald's franchises. It's hard to verify if the House of Windsor is buying land around the airport. But new airports tend to bring an increase in commerce and traffic, so it's a smart business investment to snatch up land near one. Also, who doesn't like falling asleep to four jet turbines screaming over your roof at three in the morning?

The Mustang
Thumbnail image for mustang_den.jpgNothing says "Welcome to Colorado" like a giant blue horse with red glowing eyes. And yet, that's exactly what you'll see while at the airport. The artwork by Luis Jimenez, who, coincidentally was killed during it's creation when a part of the structure fell on him, severing an artery in his leg, stands on the airport grounds and has been full of controversy since it's unveiling. Some call it the "Horse of the Apocalypse" and insist it must refer to the underground bunker on the airport site. Others claim it's possessed by Satan and curses all who look at it. (With 51 million passengers, that's a lot of cursing.)

The Masonic Capstone
capstone_ybnby.jpgThe Masons exist! And if you've read any Dan Brown novels lately, they have been involved in many construction projects over the years. So it's really no surprise that they had their hand in Denver's construction. And, I'll admit, they're a shady organization. They like their secrets, and people like to fill in the blanks. So they've become a sort of catch-all for all sinister things happening across the company. The capstone makes reference to "The New World Airport Commission" which, of course, brings up theories about this entire place being square one for the New World Order. Or... it could have just been the name of the committee put together to oversee the funding and construction of the site. (The commission no longer exists.)

The Murals
denver_murals.jpgThis is definitely a messed up mural. But it's really strange that it happens to be in the Denver Airport. (This is one of several) Other murals feature children lying dead in coffins, and swords wrapped in various countries' flags. The murals were painted by artist Leo Tanguma in 1995. There are claims that the murals promote peace, and, some actually feature school children surrounding a dead Nazi while doves surround them. And while I tend to agree that this is, most likely, pure artistic expression, I think there's a good chance these murals would scare the crap out of my kids. This is why I force their nanny to fly in coach, on a separate plane, with them while I'm getting drunk on champagne and hitting on flight attendants in business class.

Strange Occurrences
Airplane windshields shouldn't crack. These things travel at speeds of 400-500mph and cracked windshields would seriously ruin your trip to the Caymans. But 14 planes experienced cracked windshields during 50mph wind guests while at the airport. The NTSB ruled out flying debris, however it was later stated that "the cracking was due to fine particles of foreign debris causing deep pitting which lead to cracking."

Also, according (again) to NewsFlavor:
In December 2008, a plane skidded off the runway (veering 2000 feet off course) during takeoff, the plane then inexplicably burst into flames. Forty passengers were injured in the accident.

Reporters noted "A crack encircled much of the fuselage near the trailing edge of the wings"

The Gargoyles
den_garg.jpgGargoyles belong on churches or in poorly-conceived children's television programming. Not in my damn airport! Actually, I could really give a crap where they are. In fact, my folks have one sitting on their door step. But the Denver International Airport has several (like the one pictured to the right) overlooking the main hall of the airport.

There are a ton of sites on the Denver International Airport and its supposed conspiracies. Most are a fun read. Some get a bit crazy, and others are heavily religious. I've flown in and out of Denver International several times, all with little incident, and without noticing the crazy happenings that exist throughout the complex. But, knowing me, I was rocking the combo of Xanax and alcohol so I wouldn't have noticed if you'd taken a shit on my back and rode me around like a bronco for three hours.
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Damn! Thanks for the info Echo. I didn't know any of this. Except about that blue horse thingy.

Supposedly we have a lot of cattle mutiliations here in CO too. So were doing our bit to make the world more like the X-Files. (How cool are we?!)

The top pic was nice too. Colorful.

said E on February 25, 2010 5:33 PM.

Did you know that pic is a "grotesque" and not a "gargoyle". A gargoyle is a specific grotesque that has a spout used to convey water. I didn't know that myself until I watched an episode of QI recently. :-)

said CFreddy on February 26, 2010 8:50 AM.

I believe the gargoyles (or grotesques, whatever) are good places for security cameras, especially those with face recognition software.
For they so eye catching, no one passing by can help giving a glance. And even if you don't look straight at all of them, at least one will catch your attention and bingo, you're identified, checked, searched through illegal immigrants lists, terrorist lists and other possible black lists.
And before you can spell "ay caramba" you're being grabbed by your arms by two Schwarzenegger-size fine dressed men inviting you to have a private conversation in the lower levels rooms.

Two story below, you'll find your self in a dark room, with caped men asking you questions about Mona Lisa's smile, complex codex, talking goats, sang royal and why the hell are you planning to do right now.

After the questioning, if you're to be let go--instead of rot till death on the airport's dungeons--, you'll take a ride on the blue horse, the nickname of a cargo plane, which departs in the wee hours, and will drop you miles and miles away from home, in pleasant places like the very middle of the Sahara desert, Amazon rain forest or maybe even Siberia. If you're lucky they'll send you to Antarctica. I heard they'll drop you right near that alien facility that Scully and Mulder discovered in the south pole. Hot spot to visit!

said Leonardo Carvalho on February 26, 2010 10:08 AM.

>> They like their secrets, and people like to fill in the blanks. So they've become a sort of catch-all for all sinister things happening across the company.

Company? Freudian slip or confirmation of the corporate oligarchy that rules us?

said davelog on February 26, 2010 6:43 PM.

I think Echowood was drinking while writing this one :P
Interesting though.

said Evangeline on February 27, 2010 8:40 PM.

It's true, I was drunk. Also, I was drunk.

said Echowood on February 28, 2010 11:13 AM.
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