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10 recent movies Hollywood should remake. Again.


Some were bombs. Some were hits.
Some are icons of pop culture.

But all of these movies should be done over.

We suggest how and why.

1. Robin Hood -

When Hollywood has a hunk that needs a movie - and no buddy cop film is suitable - the executives reach to resurrect Robin Hood. Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Cary Elwes, and now Russell Crowe have all played Sir Robin. Once the Ridley Scott Hood opens this Summer, I think it's time an animation studio took a shot at another remake.

Disney made a RH in 1973, so maybe they should put Pixar to the test. Graphics are better these days and Pixar has the sense of humor to make fun of the Scott/Crowe version, which I'm sure would be add a Star to any review.

So come on Mickey, update the man in tights. Instead of a Fox, make him an endangered forest creature (Bear, Panther, Crane) and fire up the projector. Heck, get the cast of Twilight to be the voices.

2 When in Rome / Leap Year -

It's admirable that Hollywood is trying to make Amy Adams and Kristen Bell into the next Sandra Bullock. Young Sandra's in waiting if you will. But, disillusioned romantic comedies aren't really successful unless Sandra plays the lead. She's done boat loads of these movies and the plot is always the same but somehow people flock to see them. So when Sandra's done filming The Proposal 2 or Kiss & Tango, roll film and re-shoot.

3 Saw -

How many sequels does this franchise get before they admit they just need remake the first one? Saw #1, the original, was the best, scariest after all. So hire Rob Zombie, cast some teen starlets and kick start the vicious Saw cycle all over again.

4 Bratz -

This kids doll movie could be remade as a documentary starring the Kardashin sisters. Bratz grown up. Socialite bratz.

5 Dances with Wolves -
Image via: Adamthinks.com

Recent movie? No, but stick with me. Here's what should be done: Make Dances futuristic. A sci-fi fantasy. In 3D. Coax James Cameron to write and direct.

It'd make billions. Oh, wait...

6 Jennifer's Body -

Megan Fox is yesterdays news. Start this flick over fresh with Hollywood's latest hot body, Emmanuelle Chriqui or Olivia Wilde. The movie still might suck, but the trailer would be worth it.

7. Hulk -

Eric Bana and Ang Lee failed. So did Ed Norton. Why?
I blame the computer artists and the two-story Hulk. Just so unrealistic. But maybe third time is a charm to not fuck up this comic monstrosity.

This time they can screw the excessive CGI. Just hire a steroid-fueled Lou Ferrigno type and make Hulk a bit more believable.

8. Ransom -

Ron Howard and Mel Gibson teamed up in 1996 to remake this 1956 film. Fast forward to 2010, Mel is out now with Edge of Darkness.

From what I've seen and read about Edge, it seems just like Ransom. Except Mel is older and the story has him finding his daughters killer. That's like Ransom part 2.
Or, if they had thought ahead, a remake of Ransom. The screenplay twist in this 2011 version would have the ransom exchange gone wrong and Mel having to track down the killer.

9. GI Joe -

This time use puppets and call it Team America. And have Tre and Matt pen the screenplay. And the music numbers.
It's bound to be a more interesting film than the GI Joe bomb was. Or hire the guys from Robot Chicken and use those 80s GI Joe toys as actors.

10 Breakfast Club -

Okay, 1985 is not recent, but BK's pop culture popularity gets it on this list.

Time might be right for a remake of this John Hughes classic, especially given all the young brats populating Tinsel Town with stalled careers. Call it "The Next Breakfast Club" or the "Double Latte Club", or something.
NooZeez even has the potential cast right, Lindsey Lohan could be Claire, Michael Cera as Brian, and Tom Welling as Andrew. Throw in Dakota Fanning as Allison and Bill Hader as Principal Vernon and the cast is almost set.

I'm not saying I'd see it, but it might be interesting for today's tweens and teens.

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