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Yet Even More Japanese Commericials
I was completely unaware of this, but it appears the Japanese make some crazy-ass commercials. If anyone out there speaks Japanese and wants to translate these for us, we'd be grateful.

There are plenty more after the jump.

Funny, the last time my uncle hugged me, something popped up too.

Turns out the Japanese word for nipple is "beach."

What the hell are the Japanese putting in their ice cream?

In the eyes of the Japanese, all Americans hang out in diners with late 80's rock star hairstyles.

This isn't so much funny as it is insanely creepy.

When you have to pay off those debts...
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Since I love this site and needed some Japanese practice, here goes:
Commercial 1:
The first commercial: Introducing Anabukin (company name)'s campaign girl, the good kid that everybody knows, Anabukin-chan! The forest's animals have come too! Happily call out to everyone! 1..2..Anabukinchan! Yes? Then some song about dreams.

On the huge raccoon ball subject (wikipedia-tanuki-raccoon in Japanese):In metalworking, tanuki skins were often used for thinning gold. As a result, tanuki became associated with precious metals and metalwork. Small tanuki statues were marketed as front yard decoration and good luck charm for bringing in prosperity. Also, this is why tanuki is described as having large kintama (金玉 lit. gold ball, meaning testicles in casual Japanese).

As to the company and what they are selling...no clue.

Commercial 2 is for Mitsuya Lemon. Sprite, basically. Japanese people love disarmingly cute mascots, and this is just another example of this practice.

Commercial 3 baffles me. No clue. It's for ANA airlines...but as to nipples being tangentially related to peaches? No clue. Nipple is "Chikubi" in Japanese.

Commercial 4 just repeats "Happy Pineapple" then says "When you eat it, you'll become happy!" Equal parts eyecatching and equal parts nonsensical.

Commercial 5: I think Luigi asks "I wonder what kind of faces are they making?"...Can't catch the end. If you want to see an interesting portrayal of American stereotypes in Japan, check out the "Mr. James" series of commercials that McDonald's is currently running. Pretty interesting.

Commercial 6 made no sense...when the dog put the doll head on, the sign says, "I this me?". I'm pretty sure in the history of mankind never before and never again will the previous sentence be typed. Pretty sure.

Commercial 7, while oddball as hell, is for Pachinko, which is pretty similar to a slot machine, albeit a little more action packed. The reference to three is the same as seeing three '7's, or 3 bells in slots in the US.

Hope that cleared something...anything up. The Japanese take ad creation very seriously as is evident in these clips. For some reason, constant one-upsmanship in the Japanese market has led to uberADHD commercials being the norm. I'm scared of what comes next. Terrified. Viral videos have nothing on Japanese commercials. You can't wash 'em off.

Anyway, hope that helped!

said Devin on November 13, 2009 4:05 PM.

If you want some more amazing Japanese commercials, youtube "mameshiba". These are adorable trivia-revealing dog-faced beans whose sole purpose is to ruin your meal.

said browncowwow on November 13, 2009 5:15 PM.

Oh heck yeah. Those are horrifying. I caught a loop of like twelve in a department store called "The Loft".

said Devin on November 13, 2009 5:30 PM.

Devin - You've earned "Commenter of the Week" status. Thanks!

said Ivo Shandor on November 13, 2009 5:31 PM.

Sweet. Years of following this site have finally paid off! Great name choice by the way.

said Devin on November 13, 2009 6:25 PM.

easy there devin. there isn't any prize money for commenter of the week. that goose egg goes to the caption competition winner.

thanks for the chikubi!

said phatlard on November 14, 2009 2:23 AM.

re: #6 the dog ad...kid was sad, dog tried to cheer him with disguises and antic behavior, kid paid no attention cause he found a new girlfriend, dog was saddened by rejection, cheered himself up with snack.

re: #5 Mario...all parts are played by very famous Japanese TV comic Okamura Takashi, co star of comedy team "Ninty-Nine", whose style is essentially rapid-fire improv.

re: #3 Beach...the performers are translating Japanese into English and stating they're in Okinawa, which has a very large English speaking population due to the Navy Base. the airline sponsering the ad says to travel to Okinawa and enjoy a slice of US living, complete with rock concerts, beach fun and cute babes.

said G on November 16, 2009 5:42 AM.

No fair day goose? This is an outrage!

said Evangeline on November 16, 2009 10:33 AM.
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