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3 Chords & the Truth, Episode #19
At the end of summer, and with Obama's summer reading list as an influence, Johnny and Adam discuss what they read this past summer. From Adam reading Cemetery Dance and Three Cups of Tea to Johnny's Biography of the Elephant Man and World War Z ... all genres are covered.

You'll also notice the intense wind we encountered during the taping. This is no doubt due to our Audio guy (Raoul) leaving early to stand in line for tickets to Julie & Julia. I went through and transcribed the show on the following page.

Adam: Welcome to another...
Johnny: Sorry, are we starting?
Adam: Welcome to another edition of 3 Chords & the Truth. Johnny, Adam, and the dude who just walked past in his underpants. I saw testicles.
Johnny: Not even a speedo. Just full-on underpants.
Adam: They were blue, so you couldn't see the shade. But it was educational.
Johnny: At what point in your life do you just say, "You know what? I'm just going to go down to the dock and walk around in my underpants."
Adam: Yeah, I don't know. It's a whole other thing. We won't have to worry about this any more because it's ... I don't even like to say this ... it's the end of summer.
Johnny: I love it. I hate the summer.
Adam: You're an idiot. Just like I hate when J.Crew breaks out their fall clothes in June.
Johnny: I love 50 degrees and drizzly.
Adam: That's basically your personality. 50 degrees and drizzly.
Johnny: I'd love to retort, but that's pretty much spot on.
Adam: So, CNN just released Obama's reading list while he's on vacation and it was pretty cool.
Johnny: Hyannisport. There was some heavy fiction. There was John Adams on it. I'll try to remember and link to it. So we thought that we would do our reading list for no other reason than we had no other ideas.
Adam: Yep. No, that's true. So last time we did this, you were reading...?
Johnny: I was reading World War Z.
Adam: Right, which I mean to pick up.
Johnny: It was really good. I'll let you borrow it. It was really good. It's really funny. And Max Brooks has another book coming out in October. Another zombie book. I just read that the other day.
Adam: Awesome. And I was reading Cemetery Dance, which is just a thriller kind of thing. Anyway, so what are you reading Johnny?
Johnny: Right now, I usually have two or three going at the same time, so right now I've been going over some Sherlock Holmes short stories, then I have the Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, and I have an Elephant Man biography.
Adam: What's it like growing up without friends Johnny?
Johnny: I swear I really am... It's by - I think her name is Montague - it's out of print and I had to order it on Amazon. That really is what I'm reading right now. A biography of Joseph Merrick ... or John Merrick if you want. Yourself?
Adam: I don't even know how to start. I just finished Everything is Illuminated which is great because my girlfriend actually grew up with the guy who wrote it, so she's like "you have to read it." And it was actually a really good book. Very well done. And currently I'm reading Three Cups of Tea, which is about this mountaineer guy - this climber - who was trying to climb K2 and for one reason or another he went into Pakistan and he started building all these schools for girls in Pakistan. It's an amazing story, I definitely recommend checking it out. It's Greg Mortenson. But it's Three Cups of Tea and it's really well done. Also I'm reading a lot of porn. I read it, I don't watch it.
Johnny: Unless it's German and there are subtitles.
Adam: (Poor German accent) Ah scheizer, you stick it in your ass!
Johnny: Wow. We didn't even go over that in rehearsal.
Adam: Yeah, your mom isn't going to see that.
Johnny: We were talking about this! Look at that. It's a Hemingway shirt.
Adam: The man blew his brains out trying to scratch an itch in the back of his head.
Johnny: I'll give you $25 if you tell me which year he died.
Adam: I'm going to say... 1932?
Johnny: 32?!
Adam: 14? 1914?
Johnny: 1961.
Adam: 61?
Johnny: Yeah. In Ketchum, Idaho. No knowledge.
Adam: Why would you kill yourself in Idaho?
Johnny: Because he was in Idaho.
Adam: Yeah, but I mean... Key West? It's probably a lot better than Idaho.
Johnny: He sold the house.
Adam: Well there you go.
Johnny: Well not really. But he left the house.
Adam: Alright, so Idaho. He's dead. 61.
Johnny: Go to Amazon.com and put in the Elephant Man.
Adam: No. Don't.
Johnny: You're going to have to order it used and you can read about the Elephant Man.
Adam: We have three viewers. Why don't you just send them a copy?
Johnny: Because it's going in the stacks of the J Dub Memorial Library. That's ANOTHER speedo? Son of a ...
Adam: You just pointed at him. He's going to come over here and kick our ass.
Johnny: So many... speedos!
Adam: I don't know why you have such a problem with them. You're the one looking at them. It's easy to avoid the speedo.
Johnny: It's really not.
Adam: Johnny's walking around like, "What's up? What's up buddy? What's up pointy?"
Johnny: It's like not looking at an eclipse. You get a little ... in your periphery and you're like "oh!"
Adam: It hasn't. It hasn't bothered me.
Johnny: Read some books.
Adam: 3 Chords... 3 Cups... 3 Cups of Tea, I keep wanting to call it 3 Chords and the Truth.
Johnny: You were about to say I'm reading 2 Girls 1 Cup. That's what you were about to say.
Adam: I did and it was fun.
Johnny: I've never seen it.
Adam: This has been another edition of 3 Chords & the Truth. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next week.
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said Johnny Wright on September 10, 2009 12:19 PM.

50 degrees and drizzly...Must be a Seattle thing.

I prefer 15 degrees and blizzard conditions, but that's a Michigan thing. We take our misery seriously around here.

said Sheriff Pablo on September 10, 2009 3:32 PM.
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