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Official: Women get prettier over time (and how to pitch a story to YBNBY)


I hesitated on whether or not I should post this today, given the nature of some of the articles we've already posted, but seeing as we've got your attention, why break a winning streak?

Apparently, women are becoming ever more beautiful, due to evolution, according to a study by the University of Helsinki. They conducted what seems to be an academic-funded version of "Am I Hot or Not" using old yearbook photos, and discovered that natural selection doesn't need millions of years to work after all. Just a few decades can weed out the beauties from the paper baggers as potential breeding stock for your average White Male (like our writers).

In fact, I've noticed this effect can also be experienced over the single stretch of one evening, if positioned in the right bar with the right amount of alcohol.

Now, having told you all that, I should also tell you why I'm telling you...

As a blog editor, I get 20 to 30 email outreaches every day, most of which I just ignore. It's not spite, or apathy, I really just don't have the time. The best way to catch my eye is to do the following:

  • be relevant
  • be concise
  • be funny
  • be transparent about who you represent
  • offer me something that makes YBNBY a better read for it's regulars

That last one is a bit difficult to define - it could be free T shirts to give away (we don't have a budget for prizes) or free trips (we don't have a budget for location assignments). Don't mistake that for a bribe - we'd never write a review for cash, but we'd do a free giveaway (with the resulting publicity) of just about anything, and our readers get something cool in the process.


Which leads me to the "BEST BLOG PITCH EVER", because the above story about girls getting hotter as the years go by was sent to me by Rick's Cabaret. a "Nasdaq Listed" (no, seriously) entertainment establishment, with a "NY Roof Deck and Smoking Lounge, along with over 100 showgirls nightly! 3 floors of luxury! 2nd floor Steakhouse open until 3am!" End quote.

Relevant? Check. Concise and funny? Check. Transparent? Check. These guys knew their target, and found a smart way to give me a relevant fact around which to write a little story. Joe from Rick's - great job. Rick's has the YBNBY seal of approval, and we can recommend no finer place in which to test the Helsinki study for validity.


Which leads us to the final bullet point, and this offer from the team at Rick's: "P.P.S. I'd be happy to arrange a visit for you and your editorial colleagues to Rick's Cabaret New York." See? Now that's the way to end a blog pitch. May I say to the team at Ricks, we'd be honored to take you up on the offer, as long as we can give our readers the exclusive behind the scenes look at what a Nasdaq-listed Gentlemen's club has to offer.

Even Axe never pitched us anything quite that good.
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And as long as you can bring your wife, too.. :)

said Cindy on August 6, 2009 10:40 PM.

dear joe from ricks. if i lived in your part of the world i would check out your establishment based soley on scara's post here.

i would truly enjoy reading about behind the scenes of a nasdq listed gentlemens club.

said phatlard on August 6, 2009 11:32 PM.

"Bringing my wife" was really high on my list, unfortunately I organized it on a night all our babysitters are busy (I already double checked)

said Scaramouch on August 7, 2009 1:26 AM.

Editorial colleagues? Hope Miss C will have fun.

said Jason on August 7, 2009 11:14 AM.
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