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Where Are They Now? Cast of Night Court


From January 1984 until May 1992 (193 or so episodes), the 9:30pm slot of Must See TV night on NBC was owned by Night Court.

The setting for this comedy was the night shift of a Manhattan court. It was presided over by the magic and Mel Torme loving, slightly unorthodox Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone and his staff of misfit characters.

Here's where they are, now.


Harry Anderson - Judge Harry T. Stone


Magician Harry Anderson starred as Judge Harry T. Stone. The quirky, trustworthy, Mel Torme loving judge of the night.

You probably first remember Harry from his role on Cheers. As Harry 'The Hat' Gittes, he got noticed and this led to an audition for Night Court. (Incidentally, Night Court followed Cheers at 9:30 for many years.) He also had a role on the less than memorable show "Park Lewis Can't Lose."

After he hung up his prop robe, Harry starred in Dave's World, The new Adventures of Superman, and who can forget his own magic special Harry Anderson: The Tricks of His Trade.

After his life in show biz was over, Harry moved and now lives in New Orleans with his wife. He opened Oswald's Speakeasy and has helped in the rebuilding of that city after Hurricane Katrina.

His love for magic continues. Read the story here.

John Larroquette - DA Dan Fielding


Emmy-award winner John Larroquette starred as the womanizing dolt, Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding for the shows full run.
He's got winged statues and Emmy nominations for Night Court as well as other roles over the years.

Afterward, Larroquette starred in lots of McBride episodes, The West Wing and lets not forget his namesake show The John Larroquette Show. John also won an Emmy playing the convincing psycho on "The Practice," then appeared as another character on its reincarnation "Boston Legal."
He's also done some voiceover work for cartoons like The Batman and Green Lantern: First Flight, and as narrator in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.
If you don't blink, you'll see him star as a Klingon in Star Trek III.
He's currently scheduled to appear in My Ex-Life which is due in 2011.

If you're curious what Larroquette means, check this clip out.

Markie Post - Christine Sullivan


Since her run as the noble public defender ended on Night Court, Markie's keep busy.
Lots of bit parts in movies and TV shows including Something about Mary, Cook Off, Scrubs, The District, and Ghost Whisperer. Plus a few commentator spots on E! True Hollywood Story, Hollywood Squares and, just last year, a 30 Rock episode where she reunited with Harry and Charles for a few minutes of fame.

See here...

Charles Robinson - Mac Robinson


Charles was a familiar TV character actor prior to his big turn on Night Court. He was on Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, and White Shadow to name a few.
"Mac" joined the cast in season 2 and spent 182 episodes playing the nice guy court clerk who'd help anyone except Dan Felding.

After his night in the court ended, Charles has kept busy. Including a reoccurring role in Home Improvement. Then roles in Touched by an Angel, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, Charmed, Big Love and Yes, dear.
Among others.
He's also been on the big screen in Antwone Fisher. As of today, Charles Robinson's slated to be in a movie called Sweet Kandy and the Kelsey Grammer directed TV movie Alligator Point.

Karen Austin - Clerk Lana Wagner


Before Charles Robinson, Karen starred in the first season of Night Court as Court Clerk Lana Wagner. After she left the court, she's been a regular on TV in many shows and films. Including St. Elsewhere, LA Law, Jake and the Fatman, Colombo, NYPD Blue, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and much more.
If you're a fan of CSI: Miami, you may remember Karen this season as Judge Gloria Stets.
She is currently slated to appear next year in The Rum Diary.

Richard Moll - Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon


If he was 10 years younger, Richard Moll probably would have starred as a heavy in James Bond movies.
Luckily the 6 feet, 8.5 inches Moll chose comedy and created the Bull Shannon character.

Other than Night Court, you may remember seeing Richard in guest appearances in the pilot episode of Highlander: The Series,Babylon 5, and in 1999's indie film, But I'm a Cheerleader.
But it's Mulls voice that is most famous these days. He often plays the villain for animated series like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and others.
Currently filming a movie called Serpent Rising starring Jillian Lee and Sean Young.

Let us not forget his game show appearances.

Marsha Warfield - Roz!


Marha portrayed the courts smart mouth, tough talking bailiff.
In the 1980s, Marsha had roles in DC Cab and Mask, and bit parts in Mad about You, Moesha, Living Single and Veronica's Closet. She was a regular on the comedy club circuit in between.
Marsha's last noted appearance was in 2003 on the quickly canceled Star Dates, which paired celebrities and people who wanted to be celebrities.

Selma Diamond - Bailiff Selma Hacker


She played the gruff court clerk for the first season. Then she passed on.
Anyone who has watched Night Court, knows this. But prior to her untimely death, Selma was an Emmy-award nominated actress.
You may have seen her in Trapper John, MD, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and yeah, the Milton Berle Show. She penned a book too, Nose Jobs for Peace/

Here's an old clip just for fun.

Gail Strickland - Sheila Corinth


Gail was on the pilot episode as the hot public defender. The role Markie Post took over.

Don't worry, Gail's been busy since the Night Court pilot. She's had roles on loads of TV shows from Dallas to Spencer for Hire to Deep Space Nine to Seinfeld, Melrose Place and ER.
Gail was last seen in the 2008 show Quality Time.

Oh and one last thing... The Night Court Theme.

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The court of E finds the defendant, Marky Post, guilty of being h4wt.

said E on July 27, 2009 6:50 PM.

I'm more a Selma Diamond man, myself.

What's scary is that I remember the pilot very vividly, from the first airing. I was a Night Court junkie from '84 until '88. I fell off a bit in '89 (you know why: Simpsons and Quantum Leap started up then), but I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode that aired in syndication.

said Don't Swayze Bro on July 28, 2009 10:38 AM.

Marsha Warfield clip NSFW.

Unless you watch it with the sound off ... which some people around here might do.

said Tim on July 28, 2009 11:33 AM.


You forgot Florence Halop, she was between Selma and Roz!

She was a real beauty in her younger years.

said VikingBerserker on July 28, 2009 10:14 PM.

What about Ellen Foley? She was the public defender/love interest on the second season.

said Mike from S.A. on July 30, 2009 9:49 AM.

"What about Ellen Foley? She was the public defender/love interest on the second season."

She was also a great rock singer and took on the momentous task of grinding up the vinyl with Meat Loaf, singing THE greatest story-driven songs of rock and roll EVER: the 1977 blue-ball classic "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," written by the greatest rock anthem god of them all, Jim Steinman.

She also fronted Steinman's side band/project Pandora's Box in 1989, and the album "Original Sin" has TONS of songs that were remade into (now) classics, covered by Celine Dion, Meat Loaf and Taylor Dayne.

I know way too much about Jim Steinman to have referenced THAT all in one thought bubble.

said Johnny Chicago on July 30, 2009 12:06 PM.

Any chance of the following as candidates for Where are they Now??

...the cast of Pink Flamingos
...the cast of Pee Wee's Big House
...French Porn Stars (one's apparantly a member of Congress)
...the original cast of Sesame Street

said G on May 3, 2010 6:51 AM.
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blog on the
maybe not.

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