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A-Rod To Get His Comeuppance
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From The Sports Desk...

Attention Alex Rodriguez! You all around phony and fiend! The bell tolls for thee!

In one of the least shocking and most satisfying sports stories in quite some time, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids and testosterone in 2003. A year that he won the AL MVP.

Pay-Rod's response, you may be wondering? "You'll have to talk to the union. I'm not saying anything." Not exactly a passionate, Clemens-like denial.

Joining Sammy "I Forgot How To Speak English" Sosa, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, finger pointing Raphael Palmeiro and Barry "Holy Crap This Stuff Makes Your Head Huge" Bonds, A-Rods has pissed away his reputation, legacy and hall of fame numbers in a matter of hours.

Justice, kids. Sweet justice.

Alex wants nothing more than to be loved and revered like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. However, his thinly veiled act has always been sniffed out by the astute observer. We weren't buyin' it.

Someone tell the fat lady she's on in five.

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Is it possible that I could actually feel sorry for Yankees fans for being forced to embrace this butthead?

The world may never know.

said Tim on February 8, 2009 11:02 AM.

not a Yankee fan, but I would have gladly embraced him back in the days when he graced the cover of sports illustrated w/o his shirt...

(sorry--you boys can ignore when a model or actress has fake boobs, sometimes we girls ignore the obvious steroid use when it means a buff athlete in photos)

of course, now he has Madgeness on him, so even if he wasn't a steroid case, no going near that one...

said sarcastic one on February 8, 2009 11:52 AM.

Gee willikers! A New York Yankee Doing whatever it takes to make obscene amounts of money at any cost? Golly!! Who Would have ever seen that one coming?

I for one am stunned, shocked, and saddened...

(where did i leave my shovel? i need to dig out fom underneath all that sarcasm)

said Sheriff Pablo on February 8, 2009 1:01 PM.

The specific vitriol of this particular blog and the predictable responses of the comments would be appropriate if this were 2003 when we found out Alex Rodriguez did steroids.

With all the information that keeps coming out month after month implicating star after star is anybody surprised, upset, or happy when a particular name comes out?

Really what percentage of MLB players during the steroid era would you guess tried some form of steroid, HGH or amphetamines. Personally I'm leaning towards the guess that 60% would be a conservative number.

I'm also disappointed that of the whole list of the anonymous steroid test in 2003 that this information came from we only get one very high profile name. I urge whoever leaked that information, Red Sox fan or not, to come out with the entire spreadsheet.

As for me I'm pretty much done with baseball in general.

Also am I the only one that is finding it difficult to sign up a registered name to make non-anonymous comments on this web site?

said Jay Acker on February 8, 2009 1:27 PM.

What I don't get is baseball didn't used to even test for steroids. It seemed like they didn't care. Then at some point they did, after all these records had been broken and Bond's head blew up. What up w/dat?

Viagra is a performance enhancing drug too. No one complains about that.

said E on February 8, 2009 3:39 PM.

Any of you people seen Bigger Stronger Faster?
I recommend it to any sports fan.

said Frank the Tank on February 8, 2009 5:01 PM.

I agree with Jay. I think 60% is a very conservative number as far as figuring out what percentage of MLB players have used a performance-enhancing substance at any point in their careers.

While I'm not surprised by this news, I am saddened by it. A-Rod has nine years left on his contract to prove he can do what he can do clean. And I bet he does it. And I hope he does it. I can't stand the Yankees but A-Rod is among, if not THE most exciting baseball player to watch in, well, my lifetime. As a baseball fan, I do not understand people celebrating this news. He, and maybe a few others, are the only players that keep casual fans interested.

If he is forthright and not too defensive when it comes to defending these charges, and he does well both on the field and in testing, I bet the public forgives him. Maybe not the New York public, no, but when have they ever given this guy a break.

said alexander on February 8, 2009 6:13 PM.

I'm not a jock, my bro-in-law/jock informs me that the taking of the steroids was not illegal at the time, it was the obtaining them illegally, a controlled substance, and administrate them illegally was the point. Did A-Rod do something wrong?

said KayCeeKay on February 8, 2009 7:42 PM.

Not quite right Kaycee. It was not against baseball's rules to take steroids and human growth hormone. (They have since changed that.) However, it was and is illegal to possess them. These were not doctor prescribed drugs. Guys were getting them through shady personal trainers and strength coaches. One of which, the cat that was juicing Barry Bond, is in the clink.

In addition, there is a moral violation to most sports fans, myself included, that don't want to see what we perceive is cheating in the game.

Thanks for reading.


said Johnny Wright on February 8, 2009 8:37 PM.

I'm sorry, but who f*cking cares??!! So some overpaid jackass "cheated". I think the real problem is that people idolize these guys like they are Gods.

That being said, I understand that I'm probably in the minority since it seems like most everybody around me is sports-crazy. I just don't get it.

Okay, back to my snuggie and my Food Network Chocolate Challenge..wonder if any of those guys are shooting up? Probably sniffing buttercream..

said CindylovesScara on February 8, 2009 9:21 PM.

For the record I think that pic is photoshopped. A Rod (nice name btw) never actually used a hypodermic syringe as a bat. Media hype.

said E on February 8, 2009 10:27 PM.

To me, bud selig & douglas fair and all the other owners share a big blame for this. As well as the media.
They knew this was going on and it brought in big bucks and helped the sport overcome the 1994 strike.
They all knew this was going on and let it go on cause it was good for business.

I am not excusing the idiots like a-rod, giambi, sosa, bonds, etc but they wouldn't have been able to do it for so long if management really wanted to clamp down.
In this instance I think we can thank Washington for sticking its nose in baseballs business and making it clean up its act

said Baierman on February 8, 2009 10:30 PM.

LOL Cindy. You took the words out of my mouth. Masterful post.

Fuck those fuckers. Let's get our kids to idolize scientists and engineers so we can finally build time machines and atomic translocators.

said Jimbo on February 9, 2009 6:24 AM.

I love the fact that professional athletes use steroids - it makes the games much more interesting. It is their life and their body - I don't give a flying crap if they want to mess theirs up with the roids.

said Jimbo on February 9, 2009 6:38 AM.

You gotta give him credit. He just fessed up. (Ok, maybe it was a little late.) We should have a truth and reconciliation council set up to address this stuff.

said E on February 9, 2009 4:44 PM.
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