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Obama and the Unicorn

YBtitleunicorn.jpgJulian implied the other day that I wouldn't make fun of Barack Obama. I have to say that there are very few things in this world that I won't make fun of, and Obama ain't on that list. Sure, I'm a fan, but I have a job, too. The truth is that it's hard to find a way to make fun of the man. I like to poke the sore spots of politicians when they do something hypocritical or stupid, and so far, Obama has a pretty clean record. During the campaign, the opposition tried to find scandals in his past, but nothing gained any traction. They tried to paint him as a black man, or a Muslim, or an Arab, but the majority of the electorate said, "So what?" The worst criticism they found to throw at Obama is that he's too perfect. Well, that I can latch onto! This "too good to be true" image of Obama came to be represented by a unicorn, which Obama rides, throwing rainbows to and fro, alluding to the fantasy of a peaceful and prosperous world he aspires to. If that's the best mud they can sling, I can go along with it.

I first noticed this meme in July, when JibJab used the imagery in the song It's Time For Some Campaignin', although they were far from the first.

As early as January of 2007, Urban Dictionary had the term "Demicorn", a cross between a democrat donkey and a unicorn. The only definition has a positive slant.YBdemicorn.png

Dan Lacey painted this nude Obama on a unicorn during the primary season.Laceyunicorn.jpg

The right wing hammered the point home, painting Obama as the candidate with his head in the clouds, who promised more than he could deliver. PUMA bloggers used it, also. The left wing willingly joined in the fun. As I said, if this is the best they can do to hurt him, bring it on. Creative Loafing used this image in their 2008 Voter's Guide. YBunicorncreativeloafing.jpg

Los Angeles CityBeat painted Obama with a unicorn in the Garden of Eden for their October 29th issue.YBlacitybeat.gif

No one is sure how this came about, found in a window in Portland, surrounded by normal Obama posters.

It didn't take long for the unicorn to show up on t-shirts. This is the one I would wear, if I could afford it.YBunicornobamashirt.jpg

There's a painting for sale on eBay right now featuring nude Obama on a unicorn taking the controls of U.S. Air Flight 1549. It's called Hudson River Miracle Painting. It might be by the same artist who painted Obama and his unicorn attacking a Wall Street bear.YBplanelanding.JPG

Stephen Colbert articulated this view of Obama pretty well after the inauguration. His heart is about to burst because it's full of rainbows.

He didn't have to even mention the unicorn, because everyone already had the image.

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Normally, I would be the first to point out when I think something is photoshopped. After detailed examination, however, I find these photos to all be legit, except that I believe the yellow coloring has been enhanced on that field of wildflowers.

said Tim on January 23, 2009 11:34 AM.

You know, a naked Obama is not something I really wanted to think about.

The question is when will Tom Cruise come and save Obama from Tim Curry?

said LostInDaJungle on January 23, 2009 12:09 PM.

Someone has hacked into Miss C's account.
This is MOST unlike her.
If anything, SHE's too perfect.
Even though it's unrequited, I STILL love her.

said Julian Meteor on January 23, 2009 12:31 PM.

Barack Obama jokes:

Why does Barack Obama want change?

Because the dollars belong to Pelosi.

Why won't Barack Obama tell Obama jokes?

Because that would be racist.

Why doesn't Barack Obama have an original birth certificate?

They didn't have a form to indicate virgin birth.

What's the proof that Obama is divine?

He raised voters from the dead.

Why does Obama stutter so much without a teleprompter?

Because he is a cyborg sent from the future to kill us all.



said Don't Swayze Bro on January 23, 2009 6:01 PM.

What did Obama say last Saturday?


pa da bum!
I'll be here the whoooooole week, folks.
Don't forget to try the bacon.

said Leonardo Carvalho on January 26, 2009 7:00 AM.

I noticed how you guys conveniently forget about his flip-flop on telecom immunity bill. He initially said he will vote against it, but when he realized how big these corporations are, he changed his tune. He voted for it, granting immunity to Att and others; pretty much ignoring the US Constitution. Make no mistake...Having lived in a police state for the first part of my life, this is how it all begins - they take away your rights bit by bit...

And yeah there are also unicorns... good catch...

said Aaron on January 28, 2009 11:48 AM.
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