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Movies sexiest cheerleaders, a top 10


Over the years there has been a lot of memorable movies featuring cheerleaders and cheer like themes.

Here we pay tribute to 10 of the best, looking.

Search "Cheerleader" on any one of those movie database sites and you'll come up with a lot of results.

But based an quick non-official polling of folks around the office, a few hints from Scaramouch and the help of Google & youtube, these films jumped to the top of the short list.

Lets cheer it for...

10. But I'm a Cheerleader


It's a comedy, about a cheerleader discovering she's a lesbian.

Rent it, you'll laugh.

9. American Beauty


Mena Survari looks great.
Swimming in roses or not.

8. Varsity Blues


Ali Larter. So that's why you're famous.
Now I realize why they keep you around on Heroes.

7. Starsky & Hutch (Remake)


Here's they only reason the Stiller/Wilson remake was better than the original.

6. Bring it on


For sheer dancing ability and lots of alluring gyrations.
If you have the stomach for that type of thing.

5. Not another teen movie


Bring it on you loose cause you didn't have Jamie Presley.

Yeah, It's already be broughten.

4. The Replacements


Replacement players and replacement cheerleaders who were strippers.
That's pretty damn hard to beat.

3. Ninja Cheerleaders



Why is this 2008 film near the top of the list?
First cause of the title.
Second, click to about 1:55 seconds in on the video.

2. Sugar & Spice


Cheerleaders by day.
Thieves by night.
Sounds like the ingredients to a hit movie to me.

1. Debbie Does Dallas


Nuff said.
This site owes a lot to Debbie and Bambi.
So we have to give it the top spot.

Lastly, lets give an honorable mention to the Goldie Hawn classic Wildcats.

U.G.L.Y. - Best Cheer. Hands down.

Second honorable mention to Man of the House (Thanks for the heads up)


For perhaps one of the best movie premises ever...."When five perky cheerleaders witness the murder of a drug bust informant, they require 'round-the-clock surveillance to keep from being the next victims..."
Sign us up!

Thanks for viewing. Keep up the suggestions.

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Nice. I vote for the American Beauty chic.

said E on October 23, 2008 11:34 AM.

That pic submitted with the post is one of the finest ever submitted here at YBNBY. I don't recognize the pic.

Details, we must have details.

said Tim on October 23, 2008 11:34 AM.

which photo are you referring to Tim?

said Baierman on October 23, 2008 1:23 PM.

I think Tim's referring to the opening photo....

I kept wondering too... Taking a look at the pattern printed on their clothes(?), I do believe they are Scotch girls cheering for William Wallace, in Brave Heart... May not be the same pattern he wore, but maybe it's a specific one that the olde Scotch Battlefield Cheerleaders wore to be distinct and not get hit during a battle?

said Leonardo Carvalho on October 23, 2008 2:49 PM.

Good one, Leo.

Baier - Leo is spot on. I am referring to the pic with the 12 beauties.

said Tim on October 23, 2008 3:26 PM.

haha... I'm curious about those girls too.

said Leonardo Carvalho on October 23, 2008 3:33 PM.

USC trojans cheerleaders.

From the movie "Baierman searches google for photos of cheerleaders."

said Baierman on October 23, 2008 3:40 PM.

What?!?! USC cheerleaders?? Well slap my face and call me Robin Givens!!!

*ahem*... uh... Tim? You there?

Tim, are you sorry you asked for details now? I wonder if those same chicks were there on October 11th while the Sun Devils were getting a heavy dose of prison-love that day. Wow. I still can't get over that one. Did they owe the Trojans money or something? Were they getting jumped into a gang or something? Oh well. I know you're glad that's all behind you, huh? It's really crappy when right when you think that horrible memory is over, something creeps back and re-opens that wound, right?!! I know man. I know.


b-bye now.

(Baireman - you're brilliant)

said ConservaLiberCrat_08 on October 23, 2008 4:44 PM.

CLC - Not at all. I know a group of sluts when I see 'em. Delicious.

Hell, that pic is practically scratch-n-sniff!

said Tim on October 23, 2008 4:54 PM.

You forgot Man Of The House w/ Tommy Lee Jones.. I Mean, come on..you had girls like Christina Milian, Paula Garcés and Vanessa Ferlito walking around the house in their underwear and you don't include them on the list.. shame on you D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1jJjasvijI (on a side note, there's Love Don't Cost A Thing..shitty movie, but, the cheerleader scene was hot.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96rsdmtihe4 )

said SinzOfTheFallen on October 23, 2008 5:27 PM.

Sniz. We can always change it to a top 12.

Thanks for the suggestions.

said Baierman on October 23, 2008 6:24 PM.

Scratch-n-sniff!!! Tim, you rule!

And DDD has my vote. She's the reason I discovered YBNBY in the first place. Divine intervention? You be the judge.

said Vicky on October 24, 2008 12:36 AM.

I know it stung a little Tim. I know man. I'm impressed with your Scratch-N-Sniff comeback though. My keyboard suffered slightly (I was drinking water instead of coffee this time). I expected the 'sluts'. I too have been called a slut, bitch, lesbian, and tramp whenever I inadvertently deflate a guy's ego. I still love you with all my Trojan heart.

said ConservaLiberCrat_08 on October 24, 2008 8:35 AM.

I had to have a Heimlich Maneuver after I read that... Scratch-n-sniff.. Damn Tim, you're a master.

I had figured your monkey face happily sniffing your monitor after scrathing the pic. Damn, I have this problem... I'm like that Bobby from Bobby's world... sometimes as I read something here, a picture starts forming in front of my eyes--sometimes a motion picture--and I just can't help it.

Thanks to YBNBY and to the fact that I always have a beverage or some kind of snack around when I'm on my PC, now I have to surf the webs through a glass shield, like those the self-serve restaurants use to prevent their customers from spitting in their food. Oh, and of course, I have to keep windex and a dry cloth around to clean it from times to times.
Now I just need to buy me an automatic-Heimlich-maneuverer chair, and my YBNBY safety kit will be complete.

said Leonardo Carvalho on October 24, 2008 8:57 AM.

CLC - Right back 'atcha babe. Keep the fire burning.

Vicky, Leo - Thank you. Don't forget to disinfect your finger and nosetip afterwords.

And you are welcome!

said Tim on October 24, 2008 12:02 PM.

Q: Why do so many beautiful blondes apply to attend USC?
A: To save money. They heard the Trojans are already there.

said Tim on October 24, 2008 12:09 PM.

True indeed, the Trojans are already there - and you should thank them for practicing safe sex when they ran that train on the Sun Devils.

said ConservaLiberCrat_08 on October 24, 2008 12:20 PM.


said slobzs on October 24, 2008 12:23 PM.

CLC - I saw pictures of the train, but the Sun Devils were already in flight. Must have been a post-game celebration.

said Tim on October 24, 2008 12:24 PM.

USC: 28
ASU: 0

Oh they were there all right!

said ConservaLiberCrat_08 on October 24, 2008 1:24 PM.

Number 5 is back. Sorry, there were 2 #4's.

Man of the house is added thanks Sniz

said Baierman on October 24, 2008 1:26 PM.
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