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Tru Blood - Strange Mail part 2


The next, 2nd part, of the strange mail arrived in my mailbox today.

This one was less ominous, came in a small padded envelope. It contained this note wrapped in a clear plastic tube along with a vial of "blood." Although with the ingredients listed on the side of the "blood" vial, it's obviously note. Tastes like chicken blood actually. No, just kidding, it just tastes like red sugar (heavily sugared) water.
(Damn right I tried it - must not look into the sunlight...NOOOOO!!!)

Cause my scanning sucks, here's what the copy says and more on mystery...


"Tru Blood is pure, a substitute for the real thing. It will forever alter the way we live and interact with the human world. You are one of the first to receive a sample and become a pioneer of this eminent change. We invite you to become willing participants on this journey and tell others of our kind what you think of the product. IT HAS BEGUN."

Guess we know what TB on the logo stands for - Tru Blood. A new vampire series on HBO this fall. I'm not clear on the story lines but I do believe it's about vampires finding an alternative to blood and being able to walk among us. I imagine an X-Men like scenario with good guys trying to gain acceptance with this new synthetic blood and introduce themselves to the world. While bad vampires still kill the old fashion vampire way since there's bound to be vampire hate and fear. It stars Anna Paquin, so I'm game to tune in.

Well the mystery is a bit clearer now. Here's review of Tru Blood.

Update 7/6/08: Now you can drink it up Tru beverage. Jez, HBO's going all out on this show.

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Sounds like a viral ad for some sort of vampire game, whether it be alternate reality game or videowise...

said fubar42o on June 13, 2008 7:48 PM.

Well Fubar, this is part 2 of a viral effort of some sort to promote a show.

It's not every day you get a vile of fake blood in the mail. Pretty sure that's braking some kind of law.

said Baierman on June 13, 2008 9:38 PM.

There is nothing stated in the postal code about sending sugar water....

said Trailwaze on June 13, 2008 10:45 PM.

The google ads for this are kind of interesting. Take the Vampire test to see if you're a 'full-blood' vampire and Meet Local Vampire Singles near you! Good to see the vampire community so well served.

said E on June 13, 2008 10:50 PM.

They're all on my list of persons I do not care to meet. I failed the vamp test. I guess insomnia is unrelated.

I would have been really worried if someone sent me a bottle of TB.

Hello CDCP? I got this strange letter.....

said Trailwaze on June 13, 2008 10:56 PM.

Shit Trailwaze, you're right. STupid me, just drinking something I get from some strange company. For all I know it could be a virus from HBO causing me to go see Sex in the City or demand they put Duets back on TV.

Well guys, if I don't post again for awhile you'll know that I either pulled a Tim Russert or am sick with SCARS.

said Baierman on June 13, 2008 11:41 PM.

Yeah...uh...I hope you'll be OK. You might turn into a vampire.....

View from the Sunny Side:

HBO has Billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$

Law suit. Exotic sports car. Big house. Hell, buy Manhattan. Hot babes to clean your open sores.

They fucked up and sent it to you, now might be your chance to cash in.

said Trailwaze on June 14, 2008 12:33 AM.

They are double damned if they did not include a warning not to drink it....

said Trailwaze on June 14, 2008 12:39 AM.

So I know what will be waiting for me when I get back home Tuesday. I wonder why I am getting this, since I don't have HBO. And my snail mail address isn't associated with my online persona.

said Miss Cellania on June 14, 2008 7:02 AM.


You saved life my life! I got a vial of Tru Blood in the mail yesterday, and was a bit freaked out. Thanks for letting the world know that it's a promotional effort for the new HBO show. I guess being an HBO subsciber and a massive horror-movie viewer/buyer, I fell under their radar some how.

The show sounds great! It's not exactly "The Sopranos", but it's my kind of bloodbath!

You are the greatest!

said IrishLass240 on June 14, 2008 11:51 AM.

Miss C - I just think we are 2 very important persons....There may be some people who get this mail that are HBO subscribers, some who are into horror/sci-fi stuff (magazines) and some who are just freaking cooler than everyone else - the trend-setters like us.

I just keep writing about this hoping it gets me a cameo on Entourage!

said Baierman on June 16, 2008 1:36 PM.

Thanks a lot for the info! Was freaking out at one, at other feeling very special! Not a subscriber of HBO, but to most sci-fi/horror magazines. Kudos to HBO for such a promotion, making everyone who got it nervous, curious and more... Expecting the series to blow my mind!

said Victor on June 17, 2008 9:34 PM.

I'm a little late here, but yeah, I received this package too (plus the first of the four postcards), but a bit too chicken to drink it until y'all do. Heh.

said Eric Rice on June 21, 2008 12:40 AM.

so it's just red sugar in water because i
just kept seeing 100% pure and was a little

said Hell_girl on July 13, 2008 1:32 PM.

Yeah, it's just that Hell_girl. Thank the old FDA for making them have to post the ingredients and contents so we know what's what.

said Baierman on July 13, 2008 9:29 PM.

Is this (Tru Blood) an actual drink an is it in stores? If so, how the hell do we find out how to get a hold of it or if it's sold in our state?

said DarkAngelFire on September 18, 2008 12:43 AM.

Sadly Dark Angel it's not a real drink. Just marketing for the new HBO vampire show.

said Baierman on September 18, 2008 10:10 AM.
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