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A Look at Modern Underwear


While I wasn't paying attention, modern engineering has been busy addressing the problems of undergarments. Various body types and outwear fashions call for extraordinary measures, but designers are up to the task. Continue reading to take a tour of some innovations in underthings.

Trend de la Creme takes a look at five different styles of backless bras. Some of these almost scare me. I've never been too fashion conscious; maybe because I never could afford to be, or maybe because I'm a child of the 70s and would just as soon go braless most of the time. These bras are designed to address different clothing dilemmas. Are you going to show your back, or try to disguise back fat? Would you prefer something that sticks to the skin or a magical feat of engineering that requires extra time and an owners manual to put it on?

bra_faveo.JPGFaveo Freedom Bra

The Faveo Freedom Bra is both backless and strapless and has a five minute video instructing you how to wear it. OK, I can understand why this could be a breakthrough for certain women who have to dress in a certain way (and look good doing it), but I am much too lazy.

brasolar.jpgSolar Bra

It's a green bra, in more ways than one. Triumph International Japan Ltd. launched their solar bra with much fanfare (of course) as a show of support for solar energy and green technology. Good publicity, too. You can use this bra to carry around enough power to charge your iPod or cell phone. Reusable drink containers (fun bags) attach to the cups to hold your liquid refreshment or enhance your attributes. The obvious questions is: since a solar generator has to be exposed to the sun, how is this garment considered underwear? It's PR, folks.

biniki.jpgBiniki Butt Bra

Bras aren't only for boobs anymore. The Biniki Butt Bra looks like a jock strap. It's supposed to lift a sagging butt, although it hasn't done much for the model. In fairness, I believe it's a mannekin. The product site has a video showing how to put this contraption on.

backless.jpgBackless Panties

No more whale tail! No more wedgies! Backless panties are... well, they seem to be like wearing skimpy drawers that have migrated down in your jeans. At least to me. But they are said to be comfortable. I don't know, seems it would be easier to just go without.

buttpadss.pngBottoms Up Butt Pads for Men

When I first encountered the name, I thought it would be a fart filter or leakage protection. No, this is a "shaper". For a man's butt. Is anyone going to be fooled by this? Sure, it looks great on the model, but anything would look great on him. That's why he's a model. As far as everyday consumers, I think not. If a guy is physically fit, his butt looks fine. Maybe not fantastic, but fine. If he's not in good shape, padding will either make him look fat or just plain weird. Women look at the male body as a whole, for the most part. Yeah, the package can stand out in our memories, but not just a butt.

bubblebuns.jpgBubble Buns Padded Boyshorts

Once again, a misleading name if you don't know what you're looking for. Boyshorts are a style of underwear for women. And considering how men look at specific body parts, padded panties make sense for a skinny woman. These drawers have removable butt pads to give you a bit of a bubble. Too bad so many of us already have plenty. The pads are also nice to sit on when you're pregnant, they say.

All in all, these new ideas in underwear lead you to realize you cannot believe all that you see. But modern technology is still used in old-fashioned ways for underwear, like making it really really silly. For example, the mooing cow thong for men.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a photo gallery of edible bras.

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Miss Cellania I can't believe you didn't bring up the new wedgie free Hanes underpants. They work! I have them on now! They don't even wedgie when I'm on my friends Fat Boy for a full days worth of riding.

said Jeni Gump on June 29, 2008 11:55 AM.

Hey up,
I've got a Freedom Bra, and everything looks great again once you put your top back on! It lifts, supports and secures me in all the right places.

said MinaV on August 11, 2008 5:33 AM.
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